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Unico 20º 87º Riviera Maya

Installation Spotlight

As a newly constructed and opened luxury property, the Unico 20º 87º Riviera Maya seeks to provide each guest with only the highest level of service and satisfaction. Based in Mexico and while offering stunning views of the Riviera Maya coastline, hotel leadership nonetheless understood the critical influence that providing amenities capable of meeting today’s guest needs could have on reputation and revenue. Few areas have demonstrated this aspect more than the evolution of guest expectations when it comes to in-room entertainment. With mainstream consumer technology accustoming guests to the benefits of online streaming and noting that video-on-demand services were being left to the wayside in properties around the world, Unico 20º 87º leadership recognized a need to implement a solution capable of drawing individuals back to guestroom televisions while providing an opportunity for increased revenue…

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Lexington Inn & Suites

Installation Spotlight

Located only a short distance from downtown Sacramento, CA, the recently branded Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento has undergone considerable renovation since coming under new ownership. Top of the list due to its critical importance in providing satisfaction to today’s tech savvy guests, has been the goal of implementing a fast, streamlined and uninterrupted online experience. With so many travelers taking the view of Wi-Fi connectivity being as essential as running water, hotel management fully understood the need to guarantee such a service if they wanted to safeguard their reputation. Yet as an older property, management quickly realized that their existing internet infrastructure was considerably dated and hardly up to the task, with weak signal strength and lagging speed prevailing as a troublesome issue throughout the property. Wanting to correct the problem before it had a chance to significantly impact booking revenue, Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento began the task of searching for a cost-effective method of bringing their Wi-Fi network up to standard.

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Sheraton Pasadena

“After experiencing troubleshooting issues on a near constant basis, finding and implementing HIS Wi-Fi was a tremendous source of relief for both ourselves and our guests. With HIS, we were able to develop a network that would free us from having to spend hours each day troubleshooting to determine why guests were not receiving Wi-Fi, something that was in fact caused by either underpowered or overpowered APs providing an inconsistent and unworkable signal. Unlike past providers who simply considered the problem to be an issue in need of more bandwidth, HIS actually came out, thoroughly analyzed the situation and recommended a solution that fully addressed our specific needs.”

Craig Carlson, Director of Operations at the Sheraton Pasadena.

Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento

“When purchasing the property, and beginning renovations, we instantly recognized that updating our Wi-Fi services was an absolute priority due to its vital importance to so many guests. In working with Hotel Internet Services, we are extremely pleased in obtaining an end result that not only fully addresses guest concerns, but was cost effective and minimally disruptive during installation. We look forward to participating in an evolving relationship with HIS that can also cater to future needs, such as our potential interest in offering an enhanced version of Wi-Fi to guests willing to pay a fee for additional bandwidth.”

Dan Su, Asset Manager at the Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento

Keating Hotel

“The installation was seamless. We didn’t experience any outages in the process of rolling over to the new wireless networks. Our guests had no clue we were transitioning wireless networks. The entire process was quick and painless. And with the HIS support, we don’t have to worry about fixing the network if it ever goes down or guests experience any sign-in issues.”

Keating Hotel General Manager Shane Pappas

“It’s a night and day difference from our previous network solution. We no longer have areas where Wi-Fi isn’t accessible, and thanks to the easy integration with our property management system, guest authentication is a breeze. The solution was affordable and turnkey. Since we don’t have to hire a full IT team to manage the network, we can allocate our budget and our staff to truly deliver a high-touch guest experience.

 “Hotel Internet Services’ technology has redefined our guest’s Wi-Fi experience and at the end of the day it brings true credibility to the hotel. We went out and got the Ferrari of Wi-Fi and that makes a big difference in the unique experience we provide to our guests.”

Keating Hotel Marketing Manager Steven Manners