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Expert Source Available for Hotel Internet / Data Breach / Network Security Related Articles and News Features

 As data breaches within the hotel and hospitality industry continue to occur at an alarming rate, having extremely detrimental effects on the market, hoteliers worldwide are looking for effective solutions to safeguard their properties and organizations against this growing threat to both their reputation and their profitability. Although these breaches have been covered extensively in major media outlets (see examples on next page), no solutions have been offered to the hotel market in the coverage to date.

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As you over these stories, please be aware that expert sources are available to offer tips on maximizing data security and prevention of future breaches. Hotel Internet Services is a leading provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services, IPTV VOD Systems and convention services to the hospitality industry, and offers proven data security protocol that protects clients against current and future data threats. Members of their senior management team, listed below, all have extensive experience and expertise in the cyber-security sector.

As the hospitality industry’s established go-to source for insight on Internet and data security, HIS dedicates a vast amount of resources to recognizing the latest threats in Internet access security, and providing solutions and protocol for loss prevention. This expertise places the company in the position of being able to discuss the latest trends in Internet and data security in great detail, while providing useful information on how hospitality organizations can ensure the safety of guests’ sensitive online data. Adding credibility is the fact that HIS’ FUSION Gateway solution provided hotel customers with total protection against 2014’s Heartbleed data theft scandal, as well as the more recent Hyatt security breach.

For any upcoming features on data security or related topics, please feel free to request more information on HIS or schedule an interview with an expert source by emailing or call +1-407-905-0608.


Sources available:

 Gary Patrick- President

Rafael van den Berg – Operations Director

Trevor Dowswell – CIO

Examples of media coverage on hotel data security (for reference):



Orlando Sentinel



Nation’s Restaurant News


ABC News

 Krebs on Security



Computer Weekly

HIS Core Products:

 Hotel Wi-Fi – HIS’ Wi-Fi systems, Internet Kiosks and unattended business centers allow guests to surf the internet, send e-mail, shop online, chat with friends or the office, make reservations, pay bills, play games and much more. All HIS systems and services are continuously monitored for security to ensure data protection and privacy, and are maintained by Hotel Internet Services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

FUSION Gateway –  The FUSION Gateway is a next-generation IP data and voice network Gateway that combines the latest technologies to maximize profitability and minimize cost. FUSION Gateways form an important part of fast, secure network systems for many of the finest timeshares, hotels, resorts and casinos across the United States.

With a priority on ensuring total network privacy and security, FUSION is designed to safeguard users during the most sensitive of data transactions. The gateway is fully PCI compliant and can shield information such as personal credit or banking details from unauthorized access. As a proprietary solution, FUSION is able to protect users from the latest known network vulnerabilities by receiving continuous software updates. Guaranteeing its continued effectiveness, FUSION is also able to anticipate potential vulnerabilities that may lead to a future online attack, and take steps prevent them.

FUSION Gateway was also designed to ensure that each network segment is strictly segregated and off-limits to all other zones. Businesses that use the solution can be confident that administrative data is kept completely separate from customer data traffic, and therefore the risk of sensitive information being unintentionally shared or falling into the wrong hands is eliminated. Due to its rigorous security protocols, the platform was able to safeguard users from the sort of hacking tactics that were used in during 2014’s “Heartbleed” security scandal, as well as the more recent Hyatt data security breach.

BeyondTV – The first fully integrated hospitality streaming product on the market today, BeyondTV enables guests to have a complete in-home entertainment solution right in their hotel room. What Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV bring to the home, guests can now recreate in their hotel room with the added benefit of being able to avail themselves to hotel amenities and services. BeyondTV allows today’s travelers to view their own content on the TV whether it be Netflix, Hulu or Pandora to name a few examples.

With security in mind, the platform also is designed to ensure that users have complete peace-of-mind when transferring personal streaming account information. Each guestroom platform exists on its own private network so that sensitive guest information cannot be inadvertently shared or accessed by others. Once a guest checks out, all personal data is also automatically deleted. In order to provide guests with an even greater sense of security, BeyondTV also offers guests the option of deleting their information at any time with the click of a TV remote button. BeyondTV represents a major milestone in in-room entertainment.

HIS Offers Insight on Advances in Hotel Wi-Fi Management and Guestroom TV Streaming Technology with Two Newly Released Whitepapers

BTV-WhitepaperWith recent studies and statistics demonstrating the critical importance of providing hotel guests with a reliable internet connection on multiple smart devices, hoteliers have a constant need to keep abreast of the latest advances in networking technology. In addition, there is a growing need to adapt in-room entertainment options to meet the rapidly evolving guest expectations for interacting with these personal mobile devices. With that in mind, Hotel Internet Services has released two comprehensive white papers, which provide insight on how hotels and management companies can leverage new technology solutions to meet these growing demands and remain competitive in the marketplace. The whitepapers now available include:


Wi-Fi Management for Management Companies, which addresses common connectivity issues presented to hoteliers operating multiple locations, and presents a new reality that, by leveraging the latest in hospitality internet technology, hotel management companies can in fact fully overcome performance and security-related issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while ensuring that their guests are able to receive only the highest in internet service quality at any of their locations. To view and download the full white paper, please click here.


Bringing Hotel Guestroom Entertainment to the Mobile Generation discusses how today’s guests are increasingly rejecting outdated in-room entertainment services, such as video on demand (VOD), in favor of using personal devices to stream their personal content as they do when at home; thus causing hoteliers to lose a significant source of profit. The white paper goes on to present how advancements in technology are providing hotels with the tools to finally match, and even surpass what can be offered by home streaming platforms. In adopting such innovations, trend-conscious hoteliers can see that common ground can indeed exist, where guests can find personalized entertainment options, and properties can save on operating expenses, while increasing opportunities for added revenue. For further details, please click here to download the full white paper.



As hospitality’s established go-to source for insight on Internet connectivity and guestroom streaming solutions, and as demonstrated by its recently released white papers, HIS dedicates a vast amount of resources in identifying new ways of enhancing a property’s online and in-room entertainment abilities. This expertise places the company in the position of being able to discuss latest trends for both areas in great detail.


Are you or any of your colleagues working on an upcoming feature regarding hotel Wi-Fi connectivity or guestroom television streaming solutions? Please feel free to request more information on HIS or schedule an interview with an expert source by emailing or calling +1-407-905-0608.

Hotel Internet Services Unveils Expanded BeyondTV Capabilities, Including Wireless Casting and HDMI Porting at HITEC 2016

Hospitality’s first fully integrated streaming solution now offers ability to directly stream cloud-based subscription content from smart devices, and provides HDMI port for hassle-free connection to guestroom televisions.

Palm Harbor, FL — June 21, 2016 — Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a leading full-service provider of Internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the release of new features and enhancements to its proprietary BeyondTV solution. The industry’s first fully integrated wireless streaming guestroom entertainment system, BeyondTV will now be equipped with the ability to wirelessly broadcast cloud-based subscription content directly onto a guestroom television from a guest’s own smart device. Also new to the solution is an HDMI port, a feature that allows guests to plug in personal electronics without having to struggle with television HDMI ports that may already be in use or difficult to access. Continuous demonstrations of the HIS BeyondTV solution will be held in booth # 927 at HITEC 2016, taking place June 20-23 in New Orleans.

As a solution that broke new ground by allowing hotel guests to wirelessly stream locally stored content such as videos or photos from personal devices, BeyondTV’s newest ability offers yet another breakthrough in guest convenience and entertainment by now allowing users to cast their favorite subscription services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or HBO, directly from their mobile devices. With such functionality now provided as an option, guests are no longer required to enter login credentials for each streaming account when using BeyondTV; further ensuring the protection of guest data and providing a service that is even more streamlined and user-friendly.

“In making the enhancements to the BeyondTV platform, HIS is proud to provide the industry with a cost-effective solution that allows properties to recreate the same advanced TV entertainment functionality that many consumers have become accustomed to in their own homes, and is increasingly being sought out by hotel guests, when traveling,” said Gary Patrick, CEO for Hotel Internet Services. “Being demonstrated for the first time at HITEC 2016, the new features also represent our company’s continued commitment to serving as the leading provider of solutions designed to ensure that our hotel clients provide a smooth and enjoyable online experience for their guests.”

With the addition of an HDMI port to the BeyondTV platform, both guests and properties can also save time and resources when connecting electronics, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, Apple TV, gaming consoles, DVD players, laptops and other streaming devices to a guestroom television. Otherwise often involving the need to dispatch an engineer to disconnect hotel equipment already using television HDMI ports, the BeyondTV HDMI port provides a quick and easy way to circumvent such inconvenience by always having a port specifically designated for guest use. Able to automatically detect the connection of a device to its HDMI port, BeyondTV now comes included with a connection wizard designed to make guest attempts at viewing their device on a guestroom television as effortless as possible. For properties seeking a way to offset decreases in revenue as a result of declining video on demand sales, BeyondTV additionally provides the option of monetizing the HDMI port by charging guests a fee for its use.

In addition to being a secure and convenient online streaming solution, BeyondTV allows users to view social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter on guestroom televisions. Guests can also make requests for hotel amenities such as room service, restaurant reservations and valet parking, generating additional revenue for the property. Crucial to providing hoteliers with a platform that will be successfully adopted by guests, BeyondTV’s built-in security measures ensure that all user login and password information is continuously protected. Unlike Smart TVs, each BeyondTV platform operates on a guestroom’s private network and automatically deletes all user information upon guest checkout. For added peace-of-mind, guests can also manually delete personal data at any time with the click of the TV remote.

Attendees visiting booth #927 at HITEC will also receive a copy of a newly released white paper on guestroom entertainment preferences, best practices and guest data security.

For more information about the full range of technology solutions available from Hotel Internet Services, please contact Lawrence George Jaffe at 866-265-7575 Ext. 720 or email

Hotel Internet Services Showcases Best Practices for Data Security and Guest Wi-Fi Network Solutions at HITEC 2016

Hospitality’s leading provider of secured online services to present attendees with demonstrations of advanced security protocol for guestroom Internet

New Orleans — June 21, 2016 — Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of Internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, will provide HITEC 2016 attendees with critical insight into one of the industry’s most critical challenges, which is safeguarding sensitive guest data in today’s increasingly digital hotel environment. With proven expertise on data security, having helped its clients circumvent effects from the growing number and severity of data breaches worldwide, HIS will share its best practices and steps that can be taken to prevent lapses in online security through the use of state-of-the-art technology solutions. With continuous demonstrations at booth #927, Hotel Internet Services will showcase how its proprietary Wi-Fi solutions can help properties satisfy increasing guest expectations of Internet accessibility, while also ensuring peace-of-mind, via highly effective and reliable data security protocols.
With record numbers of guests traveling with at least one smart device and expecting to find the same high standard of Internet connectivity that they do at home, hotel management and IT professionals have a need to understand the systems and features that must be provided, in order to guarantee consistent guest satisfaction. Attendees visiting the HIS HITEC booth will learn why implementing functions such as closed-source SSL, as opposed to open-source platforms, is critical in order to segregate guest traffic and prevent the sort of security breaches that have continued to dominate hospitality news headlines.

“As hotels come to terms with the fact that their reputation in providing effective Internet services is now often pivotal in a guest’s booking decision-making process, many are no doubt seeking answers on how to upgrade their offerings without incurring large expenses,” said Gary Patrick, CEO for Hotel Internet Services. “We are proud to stand out at this year’s HITEC as a unique resource, offering valuable advice on what is perhaps one of the most controversial topics affecting the global hospitality market. By speaking with one of our representatives, hoteliers will gain firsthand knowledge on how they can modernize their Internet offering and data protection abilities in a way that is affordable and that caters to virtually any guest need.”

Along with welcoming attendees during exhibition hours, HIS will also be hosting a press conference at its booth on June 22nd at 10 a.m., providing insight and answering questions on how properties can leverage advanced technology and proprietary Wi-Fi protocol to protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated network attacks. There will also be a presentation of HIS’ secure BeyondTV wireless streaming guestroom entertainment solution, including the latest developments and features. In addition, attendees will be provided with copies of two newly released white papers on Wi-Fi management and the BYOD trend. After the conference, attendees are also welcome to join HIS for a special “Jazz Up Your HITEC” brunch event, featuring freshly made beignets, roasted French coffee and live New Orleans jazz music.

Florida’s Canada House Resort Banishes Internet Connectivity Issues with Hotel Internet Services’ Wi-Fi Solution

Pompano Beach timeshare resort boosts guest satisfaction and virtually eliminates Internet connectivity complaints since implementing HIS Wi-Fi service

Palm Harbor, FL — April 11, 2016 — Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a leading full-service provider of Internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has been credited with completely revamping the speed and quality of guest Wi-Fi at Canada House, a timeshare resort in Pompano Beach, Florida. Due to the use of an outdated network and obsolete equipment, the property frequently suffered from common troubleshooting canadahouseissues such as poor connection and reception to many of its rooms. Since implementing this new Wi-Fi system from HIS, the timeshare has experienced not only the total elimination of guest complaints, but a marked surge of unsolicited praise regarding the high quality of its Internet capabilities.

Since the main structure of the resort is built with thick concrete walls, many rooms at Canada House previously received weak Wi-Fi signals, while some received none at all. As a result, Canada House sought out an updated solution that would allow it to cost-effectively cater to guests bringing multiple devices that required more robust Wi-Fi access points to connect efficiently. With that in mind, the primary motivation for the Internet project was the desire to improve guest satisfaction, knowing that a majority of today’s guests consider functioning Internet to be as critical as running water, and that they take that into consideration when making a reservation decision. To fully remedy Canada House’s issues, HIS implemented its Wi-Fi service with a Zebra VSDL solution using the resort’s phone lines, allowing guests to finally enjoy a seamless Internet streaming experience in all rooms, as well as the lobby and swimming pool area.

“With our guests staying weeks at a time in a timeshare, the issue of weak Internet connectivity previously served as a significant source of dissatisfaction, since many guests need to conduct business online while on vacation,” said Denise Luhman, Resort Manager at Canada House. “Since implementing the updated HIS Wi-Fi, our resort has experienced nothing but extreme praise regarding the quality of our new Internet service. Even more impressive is the fact that such compliments are completely unsolicited. Many guests actually seek me out to remark on how much of an improvement they have found with our service on their current stay.”

To guarantee continued guest satisfaction, Canada House also benefits from 24-hour Wi-Fi system health monitoring from HIS that ensures network equipment, such as access points, switches, modems, gateways and bandwidth lines remain fully operational at all times. Should an equipment issue or drop in bandwidth develop, HIS is able to quickly administer a remedy before a significant drop in customer satisfaction occurs.

“At HIS, we pride ourselves on our ability to vastly improve and streamline Internet connectivity operations for hotels and their guests, and we are extremely pleased to be a part of the success that Canada House has had in restoring high guest satisfaction levels in this area,” said Gary Patrick, CEO for Hotel Internet Services. “As noted by our clients, we are one of the few Wi-Fi service providers in the industry that actually takes the time to analyze a property’s particular situation, and provide a customized solution that fully addresses all of their needs. We are committed to continuing to provide this high level of consultative service, as we continue to grow our client base.”

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