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Bringing Hotel Wi-Fi Up to Speed with Guest Expectations

How in-room access point technology is proving that a fast and seamless
online experience is not just about bandwidth.

Ask hotel guests today what is most important when it comes to hotel amenities, and more often than not you will find that the presence of guest Wi-Fi ranks highly among responses. Since the enormous surge of personal mobile devices, more than 64 percent of Americans now claim ownership of a smartphone1, and mainstream consumers increasingly view connectivity as more of a lifestyle than a mere type of technology.2 For the average traveler, such an outlook continues to hold equally true, with surveys such as one undertaken by Hyatt Place Hotels demonstrating that 59 percent of guests considered complimentary Wi-Fi to be most important among amenity needs.3 But more than simply providing guests with internet accessibility, hoteliers are also learning the critical necessity of offering high quality service. Research performed by Research+Data for instance, indicated that 80 percent of economy travelers garnered a favorable opinion of a property when free Wi-Fi could be offered at guaranteed speeds.4 Additional research gathered via TripAdvisor further proved that while the presence of Wi-Fi is most important to today’s guests, a poor connectivity experience played the largest factor in diminishing five star reviews.5 Hospitality professionals around the world, as a result, are understandably prioritizing the need to enhance their networks, with 45 percent of hotels indicating a preference to focus spending on improving bandwidth.

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Hotel Guestroom Entertainment for Today’s Tech-Savvy Travelers

Providing a seamless, secure and personalized guestroom TV experience that increases guest satisfaction and maximizes profits.

The sudden and explosive growth of BYOD and online streaming services has been nothing short of revolutionizing when analyzing how today’s consumers seek out and acquire entertainment, either when at home or traveling. While living rooms have seen a radical change in the services and offerings tailored to meet the new demand for personalized entertainment such as YouTube, Chromecast or Apple TV, much of the hospitality industry has been clearly trailing behind in its ability to offer guests the same quality of entertainment that they have become accustomed to and now expect. As many hoteliers can undoubtedly attest, the result has been a dramatic decline in guestroom television and video-on-demand usage, with guests simply opting to access their own entertainment on personal devices and circumvent any interaction with hotel services and televisions altogether. While the subsequent loss in video-on-demand revenue and promotional opportunities have been felt by many within the industry,  hotels have been nonetheless hard-pressed to find solutions capable of recapturing guest interest and revenues in a way that is cost-effective and that takes demand for personalization into account. This white paper discusses how advancements in technology are providing hotels with the tools to finally match, and in some ways even surpass what can be offered by home streaming platforms. By adopting such innovations, trend-conscious   hoteliers are finding that common ground can indeed exist, where guests can find personalized entertainment options, and properties can save on operating expenses while retaining the ability to earn additional profit.

Wi-Fi Management

A Primer for Providing Effective and Secure Internet Services
Across Multi-property Hotel Portfolios

As many professionals specializing in the hospitality industry are no doubt aware of, the explosive rise in personal devices and online streaming has forever changed the landscape of how hotels provide services and interact with their guests. Equally apparent has been the significant strain that increased guest internet usage has put on hotel resources. While not only having to ensure that guests have consistent access to a seamless online experience, hoteliers must also be certain of their ability to safeguard personal data at all times. A demanding enough situation for any hotel, such a challenge is seemingly impassable for hotel management companies burdened with overseeing multiple portfolios; all using disparate systems and seemingly unable to integrate. This white paper addresses the new reality that by leveraging the latest in hospitality internet technology, hotel management companies can in fact fully overcome performance and security-related issues in a cost-effective and efficient manner, while ensuring that their guests are able to receive only the highest in internet service quality at any of their locations. 

With a steady stream of industry studies on the importance of providing safe and reliable hotel guest Internet access, the issue continues to be one of the most critical aspects in retaining guest satisfaction and loyalty. In fact, a recent report by Forrester research found that 90 percent of travellers considered Wi-Fi to be the most valuable amenity. Another study conducted by Amba Hotels established that 67 percent of guests would select one hotel over another if free Wi-Fi were a deciding factor.