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Adding wireless high-speed internet access in your business gives you the potential to:

  • Generate an additional source of revenue for your business.

  • Offer your guests a value-added amenity that today’s travelers are looking for.

  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Attract and retain new customers!

  • Hotspots drive revenue by making a stay at your hotel even more valuable!

Hotel Internet Services has a powerful web-based application that performs the arduous tasks necessary to operate and manage public Internet access services for Hotspots such as:

  • Billing

  • Content Filtering

  • Provisioning

  • Monitoring

  • Authorization and Usage Tracking

  • SSL Certificates for Encrypting Information

  • Authentication

  • Revenue Reporting

  • User Statistics

Hotel Internet Services simplifies the operation of your Hotspot by doing all the network management for you, so you can focus on your customer’s other needs.

Hotel Internet Services offers options of wired and/or wireless service throughout meeting facilities, guestrooms and common areas to fit your specific requirements. We utilize best-of-breed hardware and software and manage the entire service.

Already have a system in place but need maintenance and or 24/7 Customer Support?

HIS has various maintenance programs to provide maintenance and support of your equipment as well as 24 x 7 call center guest support. Call today to find out how we can provide your business with a customized maintenance and support plan.

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