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Installation Spotlight

Located only a short distance from downtown Sacramento, CA, the recently branded Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento has undergone considerable renovation since coming under new ownership. Top of the list due to its critical importance in providing satisfaction to today’s tech savvy guests, has been the goal of implementing a fast, streamlined and uninterrupted online experience. With so many travelers taking the view of Wi-Fi connectivity being as essential as running water, hotel management fully understood the need to guarantee such a service if they wanted to safeguard their reputation. Yet as an older property, management quickly realized that their existing internet infrastructure was considerably dated and hardly up to the task, with weak signal strength and lagging speed prevailing as a troublesome issue throughout the property. Wanting to correct the problem before it had a chance to significantly impact booking revenue, Lexington Inn & Suites Sacramento began the task of searching for a cost-effective method of bringing their Wi-Fi network up to standard.

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