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Hotel Internet Services' 24x7x365 Guest Support from Hotel Internet Services on Vimeo.

Guest Support Services

Hotel Internet Services’ Guest Support Service for hotel guests is provided by our 24x7v365 call center and consists of troubleshooting steps such as:

Basic Wi-Fi card driver help - The HIS Call Center will attempt to determine if the End-User has a working Wi-Fi Card that is locating a Wireless Signal using guidelines set for the most common types of Wi-Fi Cards.

SSID configuration - The HIS Call Center will verify what the correct SSID is for the location that an End-User is accessing as well as verify that the End-User has the correct SSID set in their Network Connection, using a basic guideline developed for the most common operating systems, and the most common Wi-Fi cards.

Login difficulties - The Hotel Internet Services Call Center will review with the End-User the correct format for the username on the log in pages. The HIS Call Center will attempt to verify that the correct settings are enabled in the End-Users Browser, and verify that the End-User is not using security software that may be blocking access.

Location specific coverage issues - The HIS Call Center will verify the Location details of the Hotspot that the End-User is accessing, and will direct the End User to any specific coverage location(s) that is listed in the database.

E-mail - The HIS Call Center will provide the End-User with the settings needed to send and receive email over a wireless connection using the most common email programs.

VPN issues - The HIS Call Center will help an End-User set up a new VPN connection using the most common guidelines. The Call Center will direct the end-user to their own Network Administrator for any settings on an existing VPN that the end-user is trying to access.

24x7x365 Guest Services Scope of work – Tier I and Tier II

Tier I support definition and scope of work: responsible for issues that are related to the guest’s PC and in-room devices. Specifically:

Most popular Desktop Operating Systems (Device status, networking functionality):

  • Microsoft Windows 9x/Me
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 family
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Microsoft Vista
  • Apple OS 9
  • Apple OS X

Desktop Applications:

  • Web Browsers
  • E-mail clients
  • VPN

Networking (LAN) Verification:

  • Gateway status/availability (Server is ONLINE)
  • Packet loss to gateway
  • Network component availability (Switches, CMTS)

In Room Network hardware

  • CPE status and cabling (xDSL, Coax, WiFi bridges)
  • WiFi availability
  • GAD (WiFi Bridge) setup and testing

Non-PC Device setup

  • PDA’s and Pocket PC (iPAQ, Palm)
  • Intelligent Phones (iPhone)
  • Gaming stations (Xbox, PS2)

Tier II agents will service all tickets escalated from Tier 1 and try to find a solution to the customer’s problem on their own or through resources available to them including Tier III technicians.

Tier II TSEs are responsible for the entire Tier I scope and the following:

Network Administration

  • WLAN/LAN Availability (power cycle AP, Switches, Server, ISP-CPE once)
  • Server/Gateway status/availability
  • Authentication issues (Meeting Rooms)
  • ISP availability and service verification (packet loss, trace routes)
  • Failure analysis (Trouble sites)
  • Wireless Coverage testing
  • Line Testing (CAT-5,CAT-3,xDSL)
  • AP Troubleshooting (AP good/bad)
  • Meeting Room Troubleshooting
  • Network Configuration and Verification
  • Network management tools to test network connections (packet loss)
  • Check Hardware(WAP, Switches) firmware and configurations
  • Patch gateways thru the tools provided by clients


These reports will be provided.

Reports: Frequency of Report:
Call Arrival Analysis Includes
(all reports incorporate by ANI and DNIS):
*Calls offered Monthly
*Calls handled Monthly
*Calls abandoned Monthly
*Abandon rate Monthly
*Maximum hold time Monthly
*Average queue Monthly
*Average Call length Monthly
*Service Level Monthly
*Cases analysis – trouble properties Monthly
*Outbound Calls report Monthly
*QA Reports Monthly
*IVR Reports Monthly
*Executive Summary Report Monthly

For more information on 24x7x365 call center support services, please call us at 866-265-7575 x701 or click here to contact us.