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Founded in 2003, Hotel Internet Services, Inc. (HIS) is a full solution provider for secure wired and wireless Internet services and the BeyondTV in-room entertainment system. All our services are backed up with 24×7 guest service monitoring and support. HIS provides equipment and services to casinos, hotels, resorts, military and student housing, timeshares, condos, conference centers, apartments and many other commercial venues.


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Hotel Wi-Fi

With more than 90 percent of today’s travelers stressing the importance of hospitality Wi-Fi, your guests expect the most bandwidth and the most robust and secure Wi-Fi connection possible. In fact, more than 75 percent of guests indicate that the availability and quality of a Wi-Fi service can serve as a deal-breaker when it comes to booking with any hospitality business. Crucially, your hotel guests no longer just want a seamless Wi-Fi experience in their rooms or on only one device. They also want to access the internet on a multitude of personal devices as they roam around your property – like hanging out at the pool, grabbing a drink at the bar, taking a seat in your restaurant, or otherwise adding to your guest revenues. Wherever they go, they want to stay connected! As a recognized leader in hospitality technology solutions, Hotel Internet Services can provide your facility with unparalleled installation, support, and hardware. Stop losing guests to better connected competitors and ensure those staying at your hospitality business have the Wi-Fi quality that they need at all times. Contact us today to get a complimentary assessment of your Wi-Fi network!




BeyondTV enables your guests to have a complete in-home entertainment solution right in their hotel room. What Chromecast®, Apple TV®, Roku® and Amazon Fire TV® bring to the home, you can now have in their hotel room with the added benefit of being able to avail themselves to hotel amenities and services. BeyondTV allows today’s travelers to view their own content on the TV whether it be Hulu®, Pandora®, YouTube®, etc. BeyondTV represents a major milestone in in-room entertainment, providing today’s guests with the streaming and casting abilities that they now come to expect from any reputable hospitality business. While providing the industry with a cost-effective solution that allows properties to recreate the same advanced TV entertainment functionality found in consumer homes, BeyondTV further maximizes guest convenience and satisfaction through its voice control abilities via integration with Amazon’s Alexa. 


24/7 guest support

24/7 Guest Support & Monitoring

When it comes to delivering a hospitality Wi-Fi service, problems are bound to occur. From login difficulties to weak signals, accessing the internet is not always a simple proposition. How you handle those problems is key and central to our mission to provide users with the very best and robust Wi-Fi experience. Guest devices, their browsers and email clients are all supported by our expert staff twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are here to help your guests get online and stay online!


Hotel Internet Services’ Latest Blog Articles:

High-Performance & Reliable WIFI for Hotels


It’s no secret that a hotel’s WIFI service quality now ranks above free parking and even room service in the minds of many of today’s guests. From video streaming and staying in touch with family to working remotely and downloading large files in their hotel room, hotel guests expect high-quality wireless internet service and are now increasingly finding that a property’s WIFI network capabilities can make or break their stay experience.

To safeguard business reputations, hotels, regardless of type or size, need fast and reliable network technology that can always stay one step ahead of ever-growing expectations and guest experience. As the hospitality industry edges closer and closer to wide-scale IoT technology adoption, online network resources are only becoming scarcer, and meeting guest demands for seamless internet connectivity is proving to be increasingly difficult.

Hotel Internet Services’ Expertise and Dedication in the Hotel Industry

At Hotel Internet Services, our decades of dedication in catering to hospitality’s latest network needs means that we have the knowledge and skill necessary to sidestep complications and unwelcome surprises standing in the way of high-performance online connectivity.

Whether faced with insufficient Ethernet cabling or signal-disrupting obstacles, such as thick building walls, Hotel Internet Services has the proven experience and expertise to ensure that hotel WIFI system installation results always reflect and even surpass project requirements. From large multi-building resorts to 10-room boutique properties, our expert technicians utilize the industry’s best practices and have access to cutting-edge technologies able to guarantee high speeds, secure wireless connections, and strong signal coverage.

WIFI for hotels by Hotel Internet Services also takes into account that perceptions over what counts as high speed and high performance are constantly changing. With newer and more bandwidth-intensive devices and systems inevitably set to become available, a property’s network capabilities can instantly go from being sufficient one day to being outdated and ill-equipped the next. Sidestepping what would otherwise involve a costly hardware overhaul, Hotel Internet Services always designs its wireless network with future-proof scalability in mind.

Advanced Technologies

Our advanced network technologies are industry-tested and proven to be able to evolve in step with changing business priorities and online guest behaviors. Regardless of whether a hotelier needs to increase bandwidth levels, expand coverage to new areas or create a customized VLAN, Hotel Internet Services ensures that the necessary network infrastructure is already installed to provide immediate results while minimizing any additional costs.

24/7 Monitoring and Customer Support

With hotel WIFI services, things can and do arise unexpectedly that reduce quality and performance. By partnering with Hotel Internet Services, never let any unforeseen internet connection issue lead to a drop in guest satisfaction scores. Our wireless networks come with 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year. Staffed by the industry’s leading experts, Hotel Internet Services network monitoring is your key to swiftly identifying the cause behind any performance issue and implementing a solution before guest experiences are negatively impacted.

Likewise, with Hotel Internet Services 24/7 customer support, provide your guests and staff with the instant guidance they need to overcome any troubleshooting concern standing in the way of a seamless online experience. Our support staff is readily available at a moment’s notice to assist with a wide range of issues that can include SSID configuration, addressing login difficulties, connecting to email servers, resolving VPN challenges, and much more.

Conference Planner Technology

Successful WIFI for hotels also means providing high-performance network connectivity for meetings, conferences, and other types of hosted events. With Hotel Internet Services, bypass the headaches and stress of ensuring that a network is up to the task of meeting specific event requirements for online internet access.
In addition to providing the same network design expertise as with a hotel’s other onsite locations, Hotel Internet Services customers can also take full advantage of the company’s innovative Conference Planner technology. As an end-to-end and user-friendly solution for managing all aspects of an event’s network, Conference Planner features include providing effortless configuration of WLAN, subnets, DHCP pools, and layer 3 ACLs – allowing event organizers to seamlessly adapt to precise event connectivity needs.

Organizers can even create unique profiles for each event that keeps track of configurations, login credentials, and bandwidth level settings. Backed by the technology, experience, and resources of Hotel Internet Services, your hotel’s progress towards building a reputation as an event venue of choice is virtually guaranteed!

Why Choose Hotel Internet Services

At every stage of the planning process, Hotel Internet Services believes in full transparency and communication. Beginning with the initial site survey, our technicians work hand-in-hand with a property’s staff to ensure that hotel leadership remains up-to-date on precisely what is required to achieve online performance goals and customer satisfaction for all leisure travelers, business travelers, and anyone else.

Contact Us

With Hotel Internet Services, rest assured that any hardware installation consists of only what is needed to achieve network expectations and never anything more or less. Contact us and get your free WIFI assessment today!

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Over 150,000 wireless hotel room installations

Hotel Internet Services has been a pioneer in the hospitality Wi-Fi technology arena since 2003 installing wired and wireless Internet services, including exceptional 24/7 guest service monitoring and support. See for yourself how our industry-leading expertise has resulted in hospitality customers obtaining exceptional Wi-Fi services and enhanced guest satisfaction here, here and here.


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Sheraton Pasadena

Sheraton Pasadena

“After experiencing troubleshooting issues on a near constant basis, finding and implementing HIS Wi-Fi was a tremendous source of relief for both ourselves and our guests. With HIS, we were able to develop a network that would free us from having to spend hours each...

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Keating Hotel

Keating Hotel

“The installation was seamless. We didn’t experience any outages in the process of rolling over to the new wireless networks. Our guests had no clue we were transitioning wireless networks. The entire process was quick and painless. And with the HIS support, we don’t...

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Innisbrook Golf Resort

Innisbrook Golf Resort

 “Innisbrook’s  previous Wi Fi systems were supposed to deliver property wide coverage, but never did, even as more APs were added. There were always problem locations where getting a signal was difficult, and other areas where connections were either slow or...

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