2022 Hospitality Casting Survey

Identifying What Today’s Guests and Hoteliers Expect From In-room Entertainment

Find out what 100s of Guests and Hoteliers had to say about the importance of Casting as an In-Room Entertainment option like:

  • ​57% of Hoteliers surveyed said Casting is more important to their guests than cable TV service in the guestroom.
  • 38% of guests surveyed indicated that the availability of casting or streaming apps would influence their decision to choose one property over another.
  • 54% of Hoteliers are highly concerned with guests inputting usernames and passwords into guestroom televisions vs. utilizing their own devices to stream content.
  • Device pairing using QR codes would ensure an easier casting experience and boost usage rates according to 79% of guests.
  • Over 74% of guests surveyed prefer to wirelessly cast apps form their personal device vs inputting credentials into the guestroom TV.