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Hotel Internet Services (HIS) is a leading provider of high-speed internet access, next generation communications and in-room entertainment technology and is dedicated to serving the needs of today’s hyper-connected guests. Over a span of more than 17 years, HIS has partnered with leading global hotel brands to meet ever increasing demands for fast, seamless and secure online experiences. Its innovation-driven Wi-Fi and wired network solutions along with the latest in guest service personalization and content streaming functionality are credited with ensuring high satisfaction rates at hundreds of properties worldwide and within more than 150,000 guestrooms.

In addition to offering the industry’s highest standards in IP network design, internet performance monitoring and data security encryption, HIS also provides the ultimate in guest entertainment and experience engagement with its GuestCast content streaming solution. Purpose-built for the needs of hoteliers, GuestCast guarantees effortless access to the content your guests know and love on guestroom TVs. With a device-pairing process that’s as simple as scanning a QR code, GuestCast provides offers instant compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps, including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and many more. Also featuring an innovative Analytics Dashboard, GuestCast provides today’s hotel business with the actionable insight they need to ensure the success of in-room entertainment strategies.

As the industry’s leading provider of online connectivity, HIS also serves as a trusted source for IoT technology expertise. From motion sensors and alarms to lights, air conditioning and everything in-between, let our experienced technicians guide you in designing an effective network infrastructure that can guarantee the seamless and uninterrupted functioning of your IoT business operations.

With each of our solutions and services backed by 24/7 support, HIS is the reliable and established connectivity partner your business needs that can always be counted on to deliver high-performance results.


As a company dedicated to meeting the connectivity needs of businesses around the world, we take great pride in being staffed by some of the industry’s leading experts in online-based technologies. Benefitting from both leadership and employees alike who have remained with HIS since its launch, our team represents countless years of dedication in empowering our customers with the right tools that serve the best interests of their business.
Gary Patrick
Gary Patrick CEO & Co-owner
Steve Dobbe
Steve Dobbe COO & Co-owner
Carly van den Berg
Carly van den Berg Vice President for Administration & Human Resources
Trevor Dowswell
Trevor Dowswell CTO
Rafael van den Berg
Rafael van den Berg Director of Research and Development
Dustin Johnston
Dustin Johnston Vice President of MDU Sales
Juan Zamora
Juan Zamora Manager of Installations
Shelly Chandler
Shelly Chandler Director of Sales & Marketing
Stephen headshot
Stephen Nichols National Sales Director


To offer the most innovative communication & entertainment equipment, services and support that exceed our client’s expectations, optimizes their revenue opportunities and which provides an unforgettable guest experience for their increasingly demanding customers.


To provide our clients the very best in modern information technology that ensures them maximum success and revenue opportunities, while meeting the ever-changing communications needs of their customers.
Our Mission Guy


To provide your business with professionally-installed systems, monitored and maintained by our expertly-trained staff, and to ensure maximum uptime. It is our intention to provide equipment, service and support that exceeds our client’s expectations.

HIS offers various programs including purchase, leasing and managed service plans. If you are interested in having GuestCast or a Wi-Fi system placed in your facility, please call us at 855-999-8110 or fill out the online form to contact us.