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We don’t just offer Wireless internet connections service at Hotel Internet Services, we provide an all-inclusive internet service experience. From installation to management and everything in between – our goal is simple: to put you first! With more than just high-quality Wi-Fi providers for hotels, we proudly serve a number of different commercial Wi-Fi needs for industries such as:

Hotels & Resorts

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Wi-Fi that is readily available with complete coverage is critical for your workers, visitors, and smooth operations in your hotel. The Internet influences nearly every aspect of travel, entertainment, and communication in today’s world, and you do not want to be left in the past.

Rest assured that your Internet connection will be reliable and consistent when you utilize HIS as your managed Wi-Fi provider. Our network is proven to be quick, seamless, secure, and backed by our unparalleled customer service.

We offer the same high-quality service regardless of if you’re a massive resort or a 7-room boutique hotel. We ensure that your visitors can enjoy a strong, dependable, and quick Internet connection every time.

Hotel Internet Services delivers premium guest Wi-Fi and HSIA connectivity to hotels nationwide. We specialize in all aspects of hotel-wide network administration, delivering fast and scalable reliable networks that are fully managed, according to their needs for an affordable price! Our services cover:

  • Wi-Fi Equipment & Installation
  • Authentication Gateway
  • Low Voltage & Fiber Cabling Services
  • Security Cameras
  • IoT Device Installation and Management
  • Conference Services Wi-Fi & Management Tool
  • Full backend Analytics and Custom Wi-Fi Dashboard
  • GuestCast TV Casting System

Hotel Internet Services offers GuestCast services to complement your hotel guests’ stay. With GuestCast, your visitors will never have to settle for anything less than a simple, seamless, and fully customized in-room entertainment experience. Guests can quickly set up their devices using QR code scanning, eliminating the time they spend entering passwords and remembering them. Your visitors can now use their favorite subscription services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, or HBO Go on their mobile devices to connect to the TV in the room.


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Are you considering a new Wi-Fi system and support for your Casino? Hotel Internet Services has the experience to provide thorough, property-wide coverage to casinos of any size!

Whether it’s to check their emails, snap and post a picture for social media, or research “how to play blackjack”, casino guests need reliable high-speed Wi-Fi Internet. That is why the most successful casinos offer fast internet service and easy access at an affordable price with unlimited data!


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Providing your visitors with all of the comforts of a great beach holiday, including breathtaking vistas, an outdoor swimming pool, hot tub, and tiki bar is fantastic! But did you know that one small addition can make it even better? Safe, fast, and reliable Wi-Fi!
Guests will be happy to stay at your timeshare property because they can now enjoy a fast and seamless Wi-Fi connection for all their devices. This way, you ensure high satisfaction rates as well as an uninterrupted resort stay experience! Plus, guests are more likely to keep coming back and even refer friends to stay on your property.
When people vacation, they want to be able to stay connected to friends, family, and coworkers back home. Even more commonly, people want to post pictures of their fabulous vacations on social media! Providing the best wireless network for your timeshare property enables guests to quickly and conveniently stay connected in the ways that matter most to them.

With Hotel Internet Services as your timeshare internet service provider, you can expect secure wired and wireless Internet services, which are delivered with 24/7 guest service monitoring and support. With us, you get secure, fast, and reliable internet all at an affordable cost.

Last but not least, we understand that your timeshare guests want to be kept entertained throughout their stay at your Timeshare. This is why Hotel Internet Services offers GuestCast for timeshares. Your Timeshare can now meet rising consumer demands for immediate access to customized content and applications.

With Hotel Internet Services’ GuestCast, you can offer your guests access to the content they crave. From streaming movies and TV shows to social media and gaming apps, your guests will be able to find everything they need to stay entertained during their stay. Plus, with HIS’ GuestCast’s user-friendly technology, your timeshare visitors will have a simplified device pairing experience by using a simple QR code scanning procedure.

MDUs, Apartments, Condos and HOAs

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Installing high-speed Wi-Fi is a must for any building seeking to attract today’s tenants who universally demand fast and reliable online connectivity with resident satisfaction and business reputations at stake, leave the headaches of any installation or configuration tasks to us! Let our expert technicians take the hard work out of overseeing and managing high-speed Wi-Fi services, allowing your onsite employees to focus on other necessary tasks.
Tenant expectations aside, providing a managed Wi-Fi service as a part of your monthly rent agreement also results in added value for building operators and residents alike. With HIS managed Wi-Fi, tap into an additional source of revenue while sidestepping the need for tenants to seek out their own network technology provider.

Ensuring an end to dealing with multiple technology vendors, HIS is also your ideal partner for all of your building’s IoT and in-room entertainment needs. With the Ruckus IoT suite, let HIS erase the potential pitfalls and complications of managing a modern IoT-based building environment. Our advanced technology and expertise can guarantee that your various IoT devices and systems have the online support infrastructure required to function as intended- no needless performance-related headaches and no costly last-minute network overhauls.

For In-Room entertainment, with GuestCast, your building can also effortlessly live up to today’s resident expectations for personalized streaming entertainment. GuestCast offers instant compatibility with 1,000’s of mobile-based streaming apps, ensuring that your residents can always easily access the content they enjoy with just the push of a button. HIS can further serve as your single source for all TV-based entertainment, with competitive pricing options for both cable and satellite TV packages.

Event Facilities

sporting facilities wireless internet provider
Keep your athletes, fans, and staff connected with our high-speed network! Fans, vendors, and staff alike will be able to share video clips online in real-time, communicate with ease, and make the most of their time at a sporting event.

Our high-density Wi-Fi design means less downtime during games, and more time spent sharing videos of that touchdown on social media!

As one of the best internet providers, we will supply wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) personalized solutions for your event venue, whether it’s held in an arena, racetrack, or stadium. You will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your event Wi-Fi is in good hands. Our staff will manage your network and monitor your Wi-Fi connection 24×7 so you can focus on running the perfect occasion.

Hospital and Medical Facilities

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Hospitals and clinics need a strong Wi-Fi network to provide convenient access for patients. The more reliable the connection, the better care they can receive from staff members and others who they may come in contact with during their stay at your facility. High performance Wi-Fi also ensures that essential services are accessible to patients, providers, and visitors.

Internet services for medical facilities need to be held to an even higher standard of security than most other commercial properties. Factors like patient data security and HIPAA compliance are serious matters, and you’ll need an internet provider who understands how they impact large-scale Wi-Fi installations.

Strong Wi-Fi in your medical facility is also important to keeping patients in touch with loved ones, which is routinely proven to have a beneficial influence on a patient’s health and well-being. With HIS technology and industry expertise, ensure your facility’s network capabilities are always capable of delivering high-speeds and reliable connections regardless of patient or staff needs, A full service provider of advanced connectivity, HIS further serves as the streaming platform provider of choice for countless medical facilities across the US. With our GuestCast solution, let your patients take full control over their in-room entertainment experience with instant and secure access to virtually any streaming subscription of choice.

At HIS, we recognize the tremendous importance of safe, convenient and always reliable online access for healthcare businesses and their patients. We’re ready to help your patients and providers stay secure and connected to what matters most: their health.

Senior/Assisted Living/Retirement Facilities

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Assisted Living is a rapidly expanding sector. This type of facility provides the elderly with assistance in their daily lives while allowing them to retain their independence. Whether it’s the ability to Facetime their grandkids without fear of the network dropping, or just accessing their favorite show on a streaming service- high-speed internet for senior and assisted living facilities is now a must-have requirement.

With more assisted living facilities offering robust Wi-Fi solutions, adults in this age range are staying current on the latest technologies and are interested in using online and IoT amenities that only a high-quality internet network can provide.

At MDU Internet Services, we understand the importance of providing Wi-Fi services to residents in such environments and have engineered solutions specially developed for assisted living facilities. As top-tier commercial internet providers, we offer a full turnkey installation with 24/7 monitoring and resident support.

Student Housing

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Today’s student housing buildings as well as students themselves have very high requirements when it comes to wireless interconnectivity. Modern educational programs and courses rely on Wi-Fi for every activity- from homework and submitting assignments to social connections. This frequently means that high-speed/high-bandwidth connections along with complete Dorm/ Student Housing property coverage is simply non-negotiable. That is why, MDU Internet Services by HIS uses only best-of-breed equipment like Ruckus and Zebra, while providing around the clock service and support.

Our objective is to provide your students/residents with the most sophisticated yet bullet-proof network available. We know you do not have time to waste on support and system monitoring – we will provide you with a turnkey package that provides you with not only the best Wi-Fi available, but that also ensures sufficient bandwidth with minimum downtime.

Military Housing & Barracks

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On-Base Housing, Billeting & Barracks

MDU Internet Services by HIS is a leading national provider of secure wired and wireless Internet services with 24×7 customer support and monitoring services for military barracks and housing facilities around the United States. Our technology and expertise is what keeps service members connected to their loved ones and the wider world while on active duty.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Access for Military Housing:

  • Increased Morale
  • Enhanced Connectivity with Friends & Family
  • 24/7/365 Managed System
  • Advertising Revenue
  • Free or Cost Structured Tenant Service Options
  • Flexible Finance Options
  • Total Property Coverage

We can install hotspot internet access points within any location on your property!

Our high-speed internet solution can help you manage your tenant access, while our GuestCast solution can provide instant and effortless access to any preferred streaming content of choice.

When designing and installing a building’s online infrastructure, we use only the best equipment such as Ruckus’ Wireless and Fusion Gateways. These are installed by experienced, professional technicians that take the guesswork out of network installation. From the initial consultation, site survey and all the way through to a completed installation, we back up our services with 24×7 support and monitoring. With MDU Internet Services, rest assured that all your network needs are fully taken care of so you can focus your attention on more pressing business needs!