logo2Canada House – Pompano Beach, Florida


Situated in sunny Pompano Beach, Florida and offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Canada House timeshare resort enjoys a highly desirable location. Until recently, however, the property frequently suffered from common guest Internet issues, such as weak connections and poor reception to many of its rooms, due to the use of an W-Bldg-4outdated network and obsolete equipment. With timeshare owners often staying weeks at a time, many expressed frustration over the lack of connectivity offered by the existing Wi-Fi network, which was not designed to effectively handle the bandwidth needs of today’s guests, who tend to carry multiple devices when traveling. Exacerbating the situation was the fact that the main building of the resort was constructed with thick concrete walls, which were difficult to carry a signal through. When the lack of connectivity began to take a toll on guest satisfaction levels and property reputation, Canada House management began searching for an effective remedy to modernizing the Wi-Fi network…..