How to elevate the in-room entertainment experience by Hotel Management

Today’s hoteliers need to address the fact that guests now overwhelmingly expect in-room entertainment experiences to offer personalized content that is instantly accessible and importantly, doesn’t require any sort of staff assistance. Before adopting any solution, properties must determine if a platform is able to provide a user-friendly experience that sidesteps potential system unfamiliarity issues that could lead to guest frustration.

Using advanced casting platforms designed exclusively for hotel environments, properties can boost guest confidence by preventing content from being inadvertently or maliciously streamed to other rooms. (Hotel Internet Services)

“This includes providing an easy-to-navigate user interface and with regards to casting platforms, a simplified device-pairing process that doesn’t end with guests giving up and deciding to view their content on personal tablets or laptops,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “With each guest having their own unique content-viewing preferences and streaming account subscriptions, hoteliers also need to consider a solution’s level of compatibility with any streaming service a guest may wish to access on guestroom televisions. This is especially true for international travelers who may wish to view streaming services based in their home region.”

Hospitality Technology – How Hoteliers Can Maximize Profits via a New Revenue Stream by Investing in their Internet Infrastructure

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Workers don’t want to return to the office, but they’re tired of working from home. Hotels are becoming a preferred work location alternative.

Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services

Since the rise of remote working brought on by the pandemic, surveys continue to show that as much as 59 percent of employees do not want to return to the physical workplace. Yet as workers also find unique challenges or experience fatigue resulting from working at home, a new trend has risen where employees are seeking out hotels as a preferred work location alternative. Representing a valuable opportunity for hoteliers to tap into a new revenue stream, a growing number of properties now offer remote work packages that among several features such as access to desks and stationary equipment, also importantly includes the ability to connect to a hotel’s Wi-Fi.

With both the internet and email undoubtedly serving as the most essential tools for a majority of today’s workers, a hotel’s ability to provide a fast and reliable online connection has never been as important. Yet Wi-Fi service quality continues to represent a considerable challenge that many hoteliers across the industry struggle to overcome. More than 80 percent of guests in fact state that poor Wi-Fi signal quality is often an issue they encounter when staying at a hotel.   

While the industry has faced numerous obstacles in delivering high-quality online experiences, they are by no means insurmountable. By following proven best practices and strategies, hoteliers can cost-effectively ensure that their property’s network capabilities are able to consistently live up to both traditional guest and remote worker expectations.

HITEC TV: Guest Room Technology – Wi-Fi and So Much More


Guest room technology used to include the phone, the remote and the television. If you were lucky, you would get a cool bedside alarm clock that would work with your iPod. Today, guest room technology has come a long way. Hotel guests are using more bandwidth during their stay and now streaming services are top of mind. Watch 3 guest room tech leaders discuss streaming tech, casting solutions as well as how Wi-Fi will become even more important. The panelists for this session are: Tammy Estes, Chief Product Officer from Nomadix, Inc., Trevor Dowswell, Chief Technology Officer of Hotel Internet Services and David Heckaman, Vice President of Product Strategy at Cloud5 Communications.

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HITEC Dallas 2021

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Hotel Internet Services Demonstrates the Latest Guest Connectivity, Personalization and Contactless Service Trends That are Key to Hotel Recovery at HITEC 2021

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Hospitality’s leading provider of Wi-Fi and IoT-based technology to showcase how hoteliers can simultaneously and affordably meet guest expectations for High-speed internet, customized in-room entertainment and germ-free service.

CLEARWATER, Fla.  Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, is honored to serve as an official exhibitor at this year’s HITEC where it will be offering live demonstrations of the newest innovations set to play a vital role in a hotel’s ability to regain the business and confidence of their guests. From September 28-30, 2021, those visiting HIS HITEC booth #1801 can find out how more recent advances in Wi-Fi network and comprehensive in-room service technology can provide today’s guests with the seamless, safe and personalized experience they now expect while maximizing hotel revenue-earning potential. Hoteliers can also gain vital insight into the latest guest entertainment technology trends by tuning into HIS on HITEC TV, an initiative by HFTP, Hospitality Upgrade and Hospitality Net that adds a new dimension to the event and that ensures more industry professionals can stay informed over the newest industry updates.

Hotel Management – Los Angeles hotel taps Hotel Internet Services for guest Wi-Fi

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Hospitality internet service provider Hotel Internet Services has installed a high-speed Guest Wi-Fi service at Hotel Mariposa, a newly constructed boutique property in Los Angeles.

The hotel’s leadership team tapped HIS during construction to deploy Wi-Fi services that could accommodate numerous guest devices while maintaining fast and high-quality connectivity. Once initiating the network implementation process at Hotel Mariposa, this included the strategic installation of Ethernet cabling and Ruckus access point technology to deliver a reliable Wi-Fi signal throughout all hotel areas.

“Expectations for a high-speed hotel internet connection is so central now to the guest experience and in preserving high satisfaction rates that partnering with an established industry-specific expert such as HIS should always be one of the first priorities for any newly opening hotel,” said Joyce Chu, operations manager at Hotel Mariposa. “After a swift and painless installation, we are extremely pleased with the results that HIS has achieved and know that their renowned customer support will continue to ensure that guests receive the highest quality in online connectivity that the industry has to offer.” 

Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Oasis Partners With Hotel Internet Services to Provide Guests With Seamless Wi-Fi Access

Newly launched resort offering unique desert spa experience ensures guests can obtain peace-of-mind by providing reliable online capabilities whenever and wherever needed

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, Calif. – Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful implementation of a high-speed guest Wi-Fi network at Azure Palm Hot Springs Resort & Day Spa Oasis. Located within California’s Desert Hot Springs area renowned for its natural geothermally heated mineral spring water, Azure Palm Hot Springs serves as the ultimate tranquil getaway from the fast pace of modern life. Yet by also providing ready access to a fast and reliable internet connection, Azure Palm Hot Springs ensures that its guests can remain seamlessly connected to the wider world the moment the need arises.

Set for a grand opening in March 2021, Azure Palm Hot Springs features 40 room accommodations with relaxation-enhancing amenities that include in-room mineral water soaking tubs and balcony views of the majestic Mount San Jacinto. However, while aiming to sever any distractions to achieving tranquility, Azure Palm Hot Springs stewards recognized that today’s guests lifestyles routinely require access to reliable Wi-Fi. The resort therefore selected HIS due to its experience and specialization in implementing advanced Wi-Fi networks for the hospitality industry. Standing out from competing providers for the resort in particular was HIS’ expertise in deploying access points to ensure high-quality Wi-Fi coverage throughout the resort. This was achieved using advanced Ruckus access points and HIS knowledge in installing the devices within strategic areas in order to create a strong and consistent signal for both guestrooms and public areas.


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