May 2015

Bandwidth – Editor’s Note

Check out our new video that we recently produced – BeyondTV: A New Age! It demonstrates, perfectly, all the capabilities and the depth of experience that our BeyondTV System delivers.

By now you have heard much about IOT, otherwise known as the Internet of Things. As a member of the hospitality industry, just how will applewatchthat affect you? We live in a world that is growing more and more connected every day. The reality of IOT has yet to be felt but like the proverbial 800 pound gorilla, it is getting ready to pounce. In this issue, we provide you with a glimpse of just what that might entail. Our Scoop section is dedicated to IOT. We have posted a variety of articles on IOT in the hospitality industry which you might find of interest.

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We recently completed upgrades to two of our sites BeyondTV and Fusion Gateways. We welcome you to check them out.

If you would like to download our new BeyondTV brochure or our comprehensive study regarding BYOD and wireless streaming click on the document you would like:

There has been much talk regarding the security, or lack thereof, in hospitality Wi-Fi networks. In this issue we provide you with some insight on how to keep your network secure. In the second part of this article we provide a simple primer for your guests regarding Wi-Fi security.

We close with some fun vids we have curated just for you.
We would love to hear from you – feel free to write and let us know what you need and want.

Larry Jaffe

Security Spotlight

Key-on-screenIn the last few weeks, there have been article after article regarding security breaches, data hacks, etc. etc. These articles have made it seem as if there was not a safe Wi-Fi network in the world. As a hotelier, I am sure it could at the very least make you anxious. It is not as if there are no problems in the industry, but there are also solutions. Credentialed installers are going to do their utmost to keep you and your guests secure. I spoke with our own Trevor Dowswell, Installations Manager for HIS, and he provided us with a few points to help maintain a secure Wi-Fi network.

First of all, any device that stores guest data should be PCI compliant, i.e. Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requires an adherence to a specific set of security standards developed to protect card information during and after a financial transaction. Obviously, this is a must and cannot be overlooked.

Next is a bit of a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how often these points are ignored or simply forgotten about. By all means, make certain that all firmware/software security patches are kept up-to-date on all your equipment. This includes all computers, laptops, servers, etc.

It is vital that access to all network devices are done through encrypted communication methods. Do not leave your network exposed to the bad guys. Make sure that each person who has access to the network devices does so with unique credentials.

When it comes to the security settings specific to guests, the networking vendor should provide complete client isolation. This must be setup to block clients from communicating directly with each other. Additionally, network abuse detection and prevention settings should be in place to protect the network as a whole.

Ask your network vendor if they have malware, virus, Trojan and other such detection and prevention services available, and consider implementing this on each guest network.

Lastly, even with every security measure in place, a hotel network is a public access network, and guests should be advised to keep this in mind and follow the appropriate security protocols with their devices.

One more thing – hackers don’t need a phishing license to attack your network. By all means, educate your staff on potential security break-ins. Your employees are the first and last bastion of security in your network so teach them what to expect. Turn them into human firewalls and keep the bad guys out. Organizations like Knowbe4 provide excellent security training programs for organizations of all sizes.

Guest Security Best Practices

Before you know it, one of your guests are bound to run afoul of the bad guys and you will kick yourself that you didn’t just give them some guidelines. You can even print these out and leave IN your hotel rooms.

Before you go:

Before you start your trip there are a few things that you should do to start your personal security program.

  1. Back up all your files: who knows what may happen when you are on the road. Computers get stolen, hacked or damaged. I keep all my data on a flash drive that is always with me. Small and compact, your data stays safe and sound!
  2. Remove sensitive data: There is no reason why you need to carry around your personal financial information, etc. Keep it safe and at home, preferably locked up in your safe.
  3. Install strong passwords: Whether at home or on the road, always create and use strong passwords.
  4. Ensure antivirus software is up-to-date, and while you are at it make sure, all your software programs and patches are also up-to-date!
  5. File Sharing: Make sure it is turned off in your computer.

On the road:

While you are traveling, be extra vigilant, not only in your public use of your computer but also keeping track of your gear. Criminals look for folks who are not paying attention. So keep your eyes and ears open and don’t leave your gear unattended. It is not just the electronic hackers that you have to worry about but the eyes and ears of the bad guys.

  1. Virtual Private Network: It is highly recommended that you use a VPN to protect your communication. They basically use the same technology as banks and credit card companies. Everything you send from emails and messages to financial transactions are secured. We like a company called PRIVATE WiFi
  2. Privacy screen: They just might be looking over your shoulder as you login and enter that password. You just might want to consider using a privacy screen on your laptop.
  3. Device security: Your smartphone, tablet and other devices can be vulnerable to malware as well as your laptop. With GPS, you and your equipment can readily be located. So make sure you are using security applications on them as well.
  4. Legit Wi-Fi Hotspots: Before you login to your hotel’s network get the actual name of the network. The bad guys often use scam spots to lure you into their demonic den.
  5. Public places: Be safe when using public equipment and services (e.g., phones, computers and fax machines) in places like Internet cafes, coffee shops, book stores, travel agencies, clinics, libraries, airports, and hotels. It is probably not a good idea to access your bank account and other sensitive communications.

Homeward bound

  1. Change passwords: When you get home it is a good idea to change your passwords, just to be on the safe side, especially if you have been traveling out of the country.



internet-of-thingsScoop: IOT

And now we come to the hotel room of tomorrow. The Internet of Things has finally reached hospitality shores. These ideas have been envisioned by hoteliers for decades, if not centuries. Let’s take a look, shall we, at what the future holds in store for us.

Our guest, let’s call her Judy, arrives for a conference in your hotel. She is smartly dressed, very professional. She confirms her arrival from her smartphone as the taxi drops her off. The doorman, immediately alerted, addresses her by name and welcomes her to the hotel. He helps her with her luggage. The bellman is there to escort her to the room. She is of course, already checked in and her phone unlocks the door. Judy clicks gratuity for the bellman on her app and it is automatically put on her account.

Based on Judy’s likes and dislikes, the room is outfitted for her arrival. She loves organic fruit and a bowl is on the table with information on the local farms that grew the produce. A smile comes to her lips. She could learn to live like this all the time. She goes to the mini-fridge which is stocked with her favorite mineral water and wines she appreciates. A lone bottle of an unknown winery is there and she, at first, is perplexed. Then Judy spots the note that she just might appreciate the fruity texture of this vintage. “How thoughtful,” she thinks.

She picks up the BeyondTV remote and as she unpacks listens to her favorite Pandora station. A message appears on the television screen with recommendations for dinner or as an alternative would she like room service. Judy ponders this for a moment and decides she would much rather wander around the hotel grounds and eat at one of the restaurants. She clicks on restaurants and finds one with an outdoor patio and makes a reservation.

Judy freshens up and leaves the room. The TV automatically shuts off and the lights dim. As she is strolling about, she gets a message on her phone from the hotel spa wondering if she would like a massage after her long trip. Judy sighs pleasantly, clicks yes. “I could get used to living like this,” she smiles.

This is just a small vision and I am sure you can add to this vision. I would love to hear your thoughts right to

Here are some articles regarding IOT in the hospitality industry.


In 2013 there was approximately 1 device connected to the internet per person on earth. By 2020, we expect this to increase to around 9 devices connected to the internet, per person (with a population of 8 billion in 2020). Presently, 80 ‘things’ connect to the internet every second but by 2020 we will see this rise to more than 250 ‘things’ connecting to the internet every second! Read More>


Silicon Labs Fig 1 4xxThe Internet of Things: the next wave of our connected world
Industry experts believe that the IOT will surpass 15 billion connected devices by 2015 and will grow to 50 billion connected devices by 2020. Read More>


IoTIoT to Enhance Customer Experience in Hospitality and Travel
If ever there were industries ready for the Internet of Things – or, as I prefer to call it, the Internet of Everything – it’s the transportation and hospitality sectors. Hotel chains have long focused on improving their customer experience and IOT is there to help!

Read More>



The Internet of Things — Innovations Driving a Completely Connected Worldconnection_image1
Over its lifetime, Internet has gone through a startling evolution, first linking institutions and businesses, and then individuals to a wealth of information and communication possibilities. Today, it connects nearly everything around us, touching our lives in ways that we are not always aware. Read More>



The Ambient Hotel: IOT and Hospitality

If Things Could Speak
How is the Internet of Things (IOT) impacting the hotel industry and how should hoteliers respond to the changing digital landscape. Gary Schwartz gives a keynote at the LA event.   Read More>


Cisco BlogPart-1_-Hotel-unlock-300x300

The Internet of Everything’s Impact on HospitalityWhen a person is considered tech-savvy and “always-connected” in their day-to-day life, these expectations don’t change when they stay in a hotel. In fact, this new “connected hotel guest” actually expects the same mobile experience at hotels that they receive at home or work.   Read More>




Hospitality Industry: Connecting the Unconnected, The Internet of Everything
What is meant by the Internet of everything? Cisco Systems, a leading technology and environmental sustainability firm, defines the term as “bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant.” The company believes that by joining these four elements there is a more highly valued process created that enables the transformation of captured data into useful information. For the hospitality industry this means the creation of new business capabilities, richer guest experiences and unprecedented industry opportunity.   Read More>




minibarJason Hope Thinks Hospitality Industry Needs Internet Of Things, Too
Entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope may well be correct in his assertion that the hospitality industry needs the Internet of Things, but those who are not aware of the latest developments in interconnected technology likely have no idea what he’s talking about, let alone what it could mean for the industry.   Read More>





Captain Video

Don’t you just love flash mobs? I know I do, they are always so uplifting and make people happy. Here are a couple of new ones. If you have a favorite let me know 



– Crazy Uptown Funk flash mob in Sydney – Amazing Uptown Funk flash mob on the iconic Sydney harbor foreshore: check out the funky moves!


Les Misérables Flash Mob – Orlando Shakespeare Theater – Les Misérables flash mob at The Mall of Millennia, Orlando, FL


Betty White’s 93rd Birthday Flash Mob – Could not resist this one – such joy! Every day on set, Betty is greeted by her assistant with a hula – today’s hula dance was a very special surprise in honor of her 93rd birthday!






March 2015 Connected

Bandwidth – Editor’s Note

There is no question that technology has changed the way we do business. I think it is how and to what degree it has changed our lives and businesses that is the biggest surprise. Who would have thought that we would have keyless locks, pay from our phones, etc. The user experience in all realms has been enhanced. Today, the guest experience is foremost in the minds of hoteliers and he or she who has the best experience comes back. The name on the door is no longer just good enough. The ratings in TripAdvisor and Yelp are the scorecards and your number one fan or disgruntled, disenchanted x-guest are rating every aspect.

When I was little, my family traveled a bit for vacations and daytrips. We packed ourselves into that suburban station wagon and off we went. Growing up in a house with an ultra-cleaning freak (my mother), I was outraged at how filthy gas station restrooms were. I thought I might grow up to be a restroom inspector. That did not happen. I didn’t really know if there even was such a thing, but I always make it a point when I am reviewing an establishment to comment on its cleanliness (thanks Mom). Today’s guests have a lot of power and providing them with the best experience is an obligation. Our job at HIS is to help enable your facility to further empower your guests.

We have a lot of ground to cover this month. Last time we told you about the installation of our BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player in the Las Vegas Westgate Resort and Casino. In this issue we will go more in depth on the product itself in our Product Spotlight.

We recently conducted a study to determine guest interaction in this new era of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We wanted to better understand the current desires of hotel guests and their preferences with regards to the content they wish to watch when staying in a hotel.

Our Scoop section continues to seek out articles that will help you and your business. Certain trends are emerging from free Wi-Fi to streaming. And we close off with some cool vids curated just for you.

Do you have some successful actions you would like to share? Hit me up!
Larry Jaffe

Product Spotlight

BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player

coupleonbed BeyondTV is the first fully integrated hospitality streaming product in the market today. BeyondTV enables the guest to have a complete in-home entertainment solution in their hotel room. What Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV bring to the home, guests can now recreate in their hotel room with the added benefit of being able to avail themselves to hotel amenities and services. Today’s travelers carry their own content whether it be Netflix, Pandora, YouTube or Hulu, etc. They chat with friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They consult Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others.



    BeyondTV provides the ability to:

  • Access & select channels from the electronic programming guide
  • Wirelessly streaming from a personal device to the room’s television to view your own content
  • Listen to your own music
  • Access Hotel Amenities including housekeeping, in-room dining, spa, valet, transportation, express check-out and other concierge services
  • Access apps like Netflix, Pandora, TuneIn, Hulu Plus, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  • Browser the internet

ladywithremote_NetflixHIS President Gary Patrick helped put the new product into perspective:

“The BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player is a revolutionary product that enables hotel guests to have the same entertainment experience that they can have at home. This is the first fully interactive system of its kind, which is designed to be integrated into the hospitality industry. It answers the overwhelming guest request to be able to view and listen to their own and subscribed content from Netflix to Pandora to personal photos and videos. For hoteliers, this system is very cost effective as it can run on their existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.”

The BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player creates a home network environment beyondtv_brochure_image2inside any public venue, such as a hotel, timeshare, resort or MDU. BeyondTV requires no configuration on guest mobile devices. It provides each guest with their own secure private room network. This allows guests to take full advantage of all of their subscribed content with total security and peace-of-mind. The guest experience is further enhanced

You can download the brochure here. >



Inside Story:

New Study Shows Why BYOD Rules

WhitePaperHere are a few choice morsels from the report. You can download the entire study by clicking here.

Following a short demographic section that ascertained travel habits and types of devices the guests brought with them for business and pleasure, the study delved into actual user viewing behaviors. For example, when asked if they preferred watching VOD or the ability to stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc. the answer was resoundingly in favor of accessing their personal subscriptions. Also desired was the ability to stream their own personal content like music, videos, photos, etc.

Hotel interaction with guests is of primary importance, empowering the guest to access hotel amenities and services through the room’s television. For example, Express Check Out and View My Bill rank very highly in the study as does finding local businesses and attractions. Internet access, watching Netflix, Hulu, etc. and the electronic programming guide made the guest experience feel just like at home.

Download Study



smartbrief_march2015SmartBrief recently polled hoteliers on the following: With the trend for all hotels offering free or tiered Wi-Fi, do you plan to offer additional digital content to cater to the digital traveler? Very interesting response and our conclusion: there is no such thing as maintaining the status quo when it comes to technology. To paraphrase Ken Kesey’s infamous quote: “You’re either on the bus or off the bus,” You’re either hip to the latest tech or you have no tech. Today’s guests will keep you on your toes or you won’t have them anymore. Read More>



Hotel TVs – What Guests Want To WatchHotel-Room-TV_1-e1423275248727

In a world where Wi-Fi is king, and mobile devices accompany travelers wherever they go, how relevant is a hotel TV in giving guests what they want during their stay? Turns out that it’s still pretty important. However the way that guests use hotel TVs is changing, and hotels will need to adapt to the type of TV services they provide in order to keep their guests happy and stay profitable.

Read More>



phone_app_image2Top Hotel Trends to Watch in 2015

Huffington Post: Hotels have long been an integral part of travel, whether they’re booked for business trips, family vacations or anything in between… But with the rise of home-sharing and vacation rental businesses like Airbnb and HomeAway, the industry is being forced to improve upon the status quo and find new ways to appeal to travelers. So how are hotels managing to do that? Exceptional services and unique amenities. Here’s a look at some of the hottest trends on the rise   Read More> 


The Robots Are Coming2528BEF700000578-2931135-image-a-1_1422526704507

Robots in reception and facial recognition instead of room keys… is this the most futuristic hotel in the world? 10 robot staff will operate a variety of jobs, including cleaning the rooms. Guests at a theme park hotel in Japan will be checked in and have their luggage delivered to their room by robots as well as use their faces to access their rooms. Henn-na Hotel at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park is situated just outside Nagasaki, and will be offering cutting edge technology that could set a precedent for the future.  Read More>


Is Access to the Internet a Basic Human Right?

internet human rightThe net neutrality debate of the past few months has opened up another debate: is the internet a basic human right? More than a decade ago, the United Nations formed a world summit to declare the internet as a human right, and even after a poll of 28,000 adults found that nearly 4 out of 5 people agreed with the principle, it’s still a debate that rages today.  Read More>



Passwords: 7 ways to make them strongercomputer-passwords

Note: This is one of the best articles I have seen in a long time on the subject. Your guests need this info too!
Data breaches are unfortunately a common occurrence. If there’s reason to believe any of your passwords might have been compromised, change them immediately. One of the best things you can do is to make sure your passwords are strong. Here are seven ways to fortify them:
Read More>


towelsThe One Thing Hotels Don’t Want You to Do

Towels are among the most-stolen items in hotels…But we never would’ve guessed that hotels can tell when you’ve stolen a towel (or robe or duvet cover for that matter). It’s all thanks to a tiny, M&M-sized tracking device that thousands of hotels have embedded in their linens — a device that lets them know where their towels, robes and bedsheets are at all times.  Read More>


Hotel Wi-Fi Test Ranks Cities, Countries, and World Regionsworld-regions

Wi-Fi Quality is expressed by the percentage of hotels that offer adequate Wi-Fi quality in a given geographical area. This type of ranking is easy to understand, and it makes perfect sense from a practical standpoint. For most travelers, having super-fast and consistently stable Wi-Fi is a great bonus, but their first priority is ensuring that basic quality expectations for Internet access are met.  Read More>





Captain Video

Each issue we will provide you with a short break from the work-a-day crazies with some videos we curated. Some of them will be industry related. Take a moment and enjoy. Some of the strangest things seem to happen in hotels let alone the entire hospitality industry.

Okay here’s some fun we have curated just for our friends in the hospitality biz. Enjoy!

– Marriott Premieres Its First Original Film – A few months ago I was reading about Marriott creating its own unique content and I just witnessed its premier flick, Two Bellmen. It’s tongue in cheek, it’s a spoof, and it’s genuine fun. I am not going to say more than that. Just take a few minutes and enjoy.


The Grand Budapest Hotel: After winning five Academy Awards and countless other honors, the Grand Budapest Hotel despite its posturing, had some pretty funny scenes. Here are two that were especially good for a laugh:

The Lobby Boy Interview:

The Police Are Here:

Lovable Multi-Tasking Waiter – I must admit this one is a bit strange and even shocking at one point (at least I was taken by surprise).  It is supposed to be based on a true story, but I never even tried to track down its origin. is an Indian travel site, just in case you wondered.

Ace Hotel Room 1021- Graphic designer and custom chalk letterer Dana Tanamachi was commissioned to do this mural on a wall in Ace Hotel New York room 1021. She was inspired by vintage playbills from the Victorian era. It is a good watch, she is incredible.


Hotel Premiere Classe – I have to admit I could not resist posting this one. It is in French but you don’t need subtitles just a funny bone. Hotel_Premiere

Albury Court Hotel- Historic Key West Inns – The Albury Court Hotel has a series of four commercials that will leave you chuckling and appreciating Key West ever so more. Here is my favorite:


Adult Wednesday Addams – Do you remember Wednesday Addams from the Addams family? Can you imagine her as a formidable young woman out in the world? You don’t have to imagine – Melissa Hunter does an incredible job of portrayal in Adult Wednesday Addams. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with hospitality, but this web series is something special. Check it out:





January 2015

Bandwidth – Editor’s Note


I hope your year is off to a grand start. We are 15 years into the new millennia. That’s quite an accomplishment given the current state of worldly affairs. One of the reasons I like the hospitality industry so much is that places emphasis on the future and prides itself on excellent service. This industry is very future oriented, investing in its properties and staff. It may not be all rosy economics and other social problems but the hospitality industry is there to serve – a very worthy purpose.

That said, Hotel Internet Services is looking forward to working with you. 2015 projects to be the best in our history. We have new products (more about that soon) and very importantly according to survey we continue to deliver the highest level of service and care that we have built our company upon.

As stated, we are rolling out a breakthrough new product – the BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player. With it your guests will be able to stream content such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and more directly, from their hotel-room TV. They will also be able to stream content from their mobile devices directly to the TV in your room, and have access to hotel amenities like reservations, checkout, spa, restaurants, transportation, etc. Our first installation was in the illustrious Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. Check out the product and installation in the Spotlight below.    If You Want To Know More About Beyond TV Click Here >

This month in our Inside Story sector find out what goes into being a professional HIS Field Installer. Some of our standards and qualifications may surprise you.

Our Scoop section roams the universe, searching for relevant articles to help your establishment run better and close with some fun vids we have curated just for you.

We would love to hear from you – feel free to write and let us know what we can do to help you. We live in a connected world and our job is to keep you and your guests reliably connected.

Larry Jaffe

2241284-Westgate-Las-Vegas-Resort-amp-Casino-formerly-the-LVH-Las-Vegas-Hotel-Casino-Hotel-Exterior-1-DEFInstallation Spotlight

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino The Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino contracted Hotel Internet Services for the installation of the state-of-the-art Ruckus 802.11ac Wi-Fi system and the BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player in its 3000 rooms of this historic location. Guests can view their own subscribed content like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc. directly on the in-room TV. Tying right into the hotel property management system, BTV delivers all hotel amenities right to guests including housekeeping, in-room dining, spa, valet, transportation, express check-out and other concierge services. BeyondTV also enables wireless streaming from an iPad and iPhone, Android tablets and smart phones or laptops to the TV in the room. Users can view their own videos, movies and photos or listen to their own music on BeyondTV. These systems were installed on time to be up and running in time for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

The Installation

It was a hot day in October even by Las Vegas standards when the elite Hotel Internet Services installation team arrived with their mission in hand. The assignment was formidable with limited time and a definitive schedule – install it before CES 2015! The HIS team knew what it had to do. Team leader, Installations Manager, Trevor Dowswell had come prepared for the effort. He had assembled his crew especially primed for the occasion. This historic location was about to get the most cutting-edge WIFI and in-room entertainment system in the world.

The installation required thousands and thousands of man-hours. Wherever possible the existing coax was utilized. However, one of the towers required a full rewiring due to cable problems.

3146_120813051846379_STDThe HIS deployment included 55” LED televisions; the latest Ruckus 802.11ac Access Points; BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Players; iConnect (allows guests to stream their own content to the room TV and the newly created Westgate App, enabling guests to access Westgate amenities, make reservations in hotel restaurants, order in-room dining and access local attractions (available on iTunes and Google Play). The latest Cisco 3850 distribution switches were used throughout the installation. A Ruckus ZD5000 Wireless Controller was the heart of network. The Fusion Gateways V Series was used to handle routing and authentication at the property.

HIS President Gary Patrick helped put BeyondTV into perspective:

“The BeyondTV Wireless Streaming Player is a revolutionary product that enables hotel guests to have the same entertainment experience that they can have at home. It answers the overwhelming guest request to be able to view and listen to their own and subscribed content from Netflix to Pandora to personal photos and videos. We have created a very secure way for guests to watch and listen to their own personal content while traveling.”

If You Want To Know More About Beyond TV Click Here >


Inside Story:

Profile of an HIS Field Installer

It sometimes amazes me how much it takes to deliver and install a world-class Wi-Fi network for our clients. Just as the hospitality industry prides itself on customer service, HIS knows that delivering reliable Wi-Fi is more than just the hardware. Our installation team not only has years and years of technical experience they also undergo rigorous customer relations training. We treat each client the way we want to be treated with courtesy and care. HIS Wi-Fi installers literally bring the sold product to life in the field. Your job goes through several layers of planning and implementation.

The first step of the journey beings with one of our qualified sales consultants, who will get your job into the system. From there, the technical team takes over.

  • Company Representative
    • Your primary contact with client during installation. They set work plan, get access to work areas and act as a liaison between you and HIS.
  • Sales Engineer

    • Depending on the situation, our sales engineer “walks” site, performs an active survey of the property and develops a proposal for the project. This positon requires knowledge of building construction, selection of correct Wi-Fi system and ability to estimate how long the project will take.
  • Foreman
    • Assembles equipment and begins the work plan.
    • Provides solutions to unexpected problems that result on the project.
    • Manages all phases and personnel of the installation.
  • Cable Installer
    • HIS is one of the few companies that run CAT6 cable in-house. Installers have a working knowledge of building construction and know how to develop cable paths.
  • Phone/Coax technician
    • The most common medium to run data to an access point (AP) is CAT6 cable. But sometimes this is not possible and other mediums must be used like VDSL (phone lines), MOCA (Coax) or p2p (point-to-point Wi-Fi bridge). Our installers are trained to work with any of these mediums.
  • Network Engineer
    • Our installations are built from the ground up. The entire system must be configured. Unlike a home system that is pretty much plug and play, a commercial Wi-Fi network requires a lot more expertise from design to install. Switches, gateway, routers, Access Points, Wi-Fi controllers, etc. all must be systematically configured for optimum performance.
  • RF Engineer
    • The installation and configuration of the Wi-Fi equipment is only one segment of the project. Next comes the testing of the Wi-Fi signal and throughput to optimize the network.

Obviously, installing a quality Wi-Fi network requires more expertise than running some cables and plugging them in. That is why we have put together a technical team with the highest standards of technology and service. We have accumulated an enormous amount of experience and knowledge since our beginnings. Now we can put that expertise to work for you.


10 Tips for Secure Business Travelred-password-250x165

Internet security is of utmost importance especially to your guests. Here are some tips that you might want to pass on to them. Business travelers are an attractive target for hackers. Here’s how to protect them when they are on the road Read More>



Amazon Ready to Turn Travel Industry Upside DownAmazon-Logo

I always enjoy reading Skift. Their funky viewpoint and on-top-of-it attitude is most appealing. It seems that is poised to launch its own travel service, featuring booking at independent hotels and resorts near major cities.

Read More>



17 Apps That Are Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

Apps are taking over the world, no matter what industry or location. The hospitality industry is no exception, and whether you’re a hotel owner, café manager, barista, wait staff member or patron, there is an app out there that makes your life easier. Here are a few apps that are examples of innovation in the hospitality industry.   Read More> 


5 Hotels Opening in 2015 That Embody Latest Travel Trendsfourseasons-window

Hotel industry experts say use of bold colors, a focus on health — in building and room design and in service offerings — will also be major themes in the coming year.  Read More>





Captain Video

Each issue we will provide you with a short break from the work-a-day crazies with some videos we curated. Some of them will be industry related. Take a moment and enjoy. Some of the strangest things seem to happen in hotels let alone the entire hospitality industry.

Okay here’s some fun we have curated just for our friends in the hospitality biz. Enjoy!

– Wildest Car Commercial Ever: This is one thrill ride from beginning to end and it is totally interactive. You get to choose the scenario and watch, watch, watch. I am not going to give it away. Just enjoy!

Meet Mat (A Yoga Love Story):I admit this one is a bit strange, but I kind of got a kick out of it. Klimpton sure has produced some rather peculiar yet enjoyable ads. This one is a short film about a 24-hour romance with an ummm… yoga mat?


The Key to… This key has a way of getting around.


The Infamous Axe Hotel Commercial: Just a fun piece that just so happens to take place in a hotel.





December Connected

Bandwidth – Editor’s Note

We’d like to take a moment and wish you all a very happy holiday season. penguins_HISWe wish you a most successful 2015 – Happy New Year to you all.

In this month’s issue we introduce you to a new HIS team member, take you on a fast trip to Little Rock (see below), give you a glimpse of the future, discuss upgrades, and deliver some technical and fun stuff.

Our installation Spotlight takes us to Little Rock, Arkansas where Larry Carpenter, Matt Nunn and their crew worked with our team to upgrade their Wi-Fi network. Good stuff!

Our Scoop section roams the universe, searching for relevant articles to help your establishment run better.

We close with some fun vids we have curated just for you.

We would love to hear from you – feel free to write and let us know what you need and want.

Larry Jaffe

Installation Spotlight

Holiday Inn Presidential Hotel

We magically transport you to the beautiful, engaging and historic downtown district of Little Rock, Arkansas, where you can feel the area’s quaint history mix with modern living. Here you will find the regal-like Holiday Inn Presidential hotel. They offer free Wi-Fi access to their guests, which of course was installed by the good folks at Hotel Internet Services. The installation featured the Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 802.11ac smart Wi-Fi access point. It is possibly the highest capacity and highest performing three-stream access point on the market today.

We had the opportunity to reach out and speak with Matt Nunn, Holiday Inn Presidential’s Revenue & IT Manager. He had a few nice things to say about us.

“Hotel Internet Services is by far the best internet service company that I have had the pleasure of working with in my 20 years of hospitality work. I had been researching different companies for my hotel’s upgrade when I first came across Hotel Internet Services.”

“The sales team was very professional and accommodated my every request. It took some time before we signed with them as we did our due diligent research into the correct product and company for our building. The sales team worked with me 100% and never pressured me into a sale.”
“Thinking that we might have budget concerns, they even offered a quote on a medium priced Wireless Access Point that they felt would still work well in our building. We pleasantly surprised them with our order of the best WAP in the market for our size property, the Ruckus R700 featuring dual band 3×3:3 802.11ac technology.”

“The installation team was on property within 2 weeks of signing the contract and did an incredible job, explaining everything along the way. The network’s reliability is such a relief and the customer service line for guests is also fantastic as it takes pressure off the front desk and puts the guest in the hands of a professional IT agent! I also get daily reports from the Customer Service department detailing which guests they have helped. Over the last two months, only a handful of calls have had to go to the Customer Service department, of which they have helped everyone!”

“We have been very happy with the equipment purchased, installation, reliability of the network, customer service on both guest and administrative sides, and the winning personalities of everyone at Hotel Internet Services.”
“One of our long time clients that generally use a large amount of bandwidth during their monthly meetings just recently sent us a congratulatory email on our internet upgrade in regards to the ease of accessing the network, the speed at which they could work, and its reliability (did not drop signal to a single one of them).”

“I would highly recommend Hotel Internet Services to anyone that wants to take the guess work and frustration out of providing reliable internet to their guests!”


Security in the Housecreditcardsecurity12414

Three Keys to Protecting Guest Credit Card Data

As the hospitality industry prepares to usher in the New Year, hoteliers around the world are hoping that momentum from 2014, which included notable Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) gains for many, will continue into 2015. Cloud, analytics and big data will remain top-of-mind for most organizations, as will security, particularly in relation to both the cloud and protecting guest credit card information. With the increasing frequency of data breaches across the U.S., the hospitality industry is taking extra precautions to ensure the protection of guest credit card data.
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Malware-featureDarkHotel malware attacks target poorly secured networks, especially in hotels

The DarkHotel cyberespionage campaign making headlines now is not your typical advanced persistent threat (APT). According to a report released by Kaspersky Lab, a couple of key elements make DarkHotel unique among cyberespionage threats…. DarkHotel specifically targets high-profile business executives: CEOs, senior vice presidents, sales and marketing directors, and top research & development staff. In other words, it’s designed more for corporate espionage than state secrets. Read More>

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When Is It Time to Upgrade?

While you weren’t looking and doing what you do best (taking care of your guests) there have been some major upgrades and changes in technology which would necessitate a change to ask-questionkeep said guests Internet healthy and happy. The biggest guest complaint is slow or unreliable Internet. Maybe it is time to upgrade?

  • Roving Devices: Your guests are bringing a myriad of devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearable tech from watches to Google Glass. Every family member has their own device, placing even more and more burden on your network. Connecting that many devices, especially since they are mobile, presents a challenge for any wireless network. Your access points may not be up to the job as they were not designed for today’s mobile devices. Fortunately, Ruckus has solved that problem and as one of their premier installation experts we have the technology to meet the challenge!
  • Aging Technology: Believe it or not if your gear is more than two years old – it is old in Internet years. The standard today is 802.11AC if you don’t have it, it is time to move up. This is always a tough one to bear. Unfortunately, older equipment is just not up to the job. It is simply not keeping up with the demands of today’s Internet users. Your equipment needs to provide a strong signal to all your rooms. If it does not, you are bound to have some very unhappy guests. Unhappy guests lead to unhappy reviews and no one wants that. You may need more access points or other newer equipment. We would be more than happy to evaluate your network to make sure even outlying guests get the signal they need. Reliability is key!
  • S-l-o-w Internet: Today’s guests are used to using their devices at home to stream movies, play games and chat in real time with friends. They don’t want to hear excuses as to why they cannot watch what they want, when they want. Yep, it may be time to upgrade and keep all your guests happy.
  • Security: Last and certainly not least, Internet Security is of utmost importance. What was safe before, isn’t so safe anymore. The bad guys are overloading the Internet with scams, phishing, viruses and other assorted malicious software. Upgrading to the latest equipment and software becomes vital.
  • PMS Interface: There is quite a stir going on with regards to automated check-ins, check-outs, mobile payments, etc. It is imperative that your network interfaces with the latest technologies providing your guests with an incredible experience.

If you are still wondering about upgrading your wireless network, think about this. Imagine the reviews and guest upset if you do not. We know it is vital to make these changes and we will do our best to make them affordable and as seamless as we can. Now imagine your guests’ faces when they can zip through the Internet at rapid speeds, watch their movies, play their games and tell their friends about your incredible establishment.

Inside Story: Hospitality Industry Veteran Bill Herman Appointed National Account Manager

Mr. Herman comes to HIS following a seventeen year stint at Lodgenet Interactive, where he served as Regional Sales Manager. He well understands the role technology plays in the hospitality industry and HIS’s position in it:  “Technology in the guest-room is extremely dynamic and needs to keep pace with the guests’ in-home experience (both TV viewing content and Wi-Fi). My goal is to help make HIS the leader in the Hospitality Industry for both Wi-Fi and IPTV.  Our company is positioned to grow very rapidly and I am excited to be part of that expansion.”


Travelers Rank Complimentary Breakfast and Free Wi-Fi as the Most Valuable Hotel Amenitiestablet-breakfast

While free Wi-Fi remains the most desirable in-room amenity, more travelers are looking for complimentary breakfasts according to the latest® Amenities Survey. Not surprisingly, hotel guests preferred Wi-Fi over any other in-room feature as the need for constant connectivity remains at an all-time high. Travelers also identified the bathroom shower and room size among the most important in-room features.
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• Check out this SmartBrief Poll: Do you plan on offering free Wi-Fi in 2015? Learn More>


We’ve seen the future and it is coming to you really, really soon!

In a recent issue of HospitalityNet, columnist Larry Mogelonsky wrote an article entitled “How Location Analytics Will Help Your Hotel.” As your guest is strolling through your corridors, their location is tracked and you can let them know about any special offers as they continue their exploration. They could be passing by one of your restaurants and you could tell them the specials of the day to get their taste buds quivering and mouthwatering.

“What is this marvel of modern science? Let me explain it in a generalized manner (which isn’t necessarily the route taken by all companies involved) so we don’t get bogged down in IT jargon. It all starts when a smartphone comes within range of a wireless internet hub. At this point, the Wi-Fi router detects the mobile’s 16-digit signature (unique to that phone) and vice versa. No information is exchanged between the two machines; it’s simply a handshake to acknowledge each other’s presence.”
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Want to Know More? Mobile Targeting Definitions Every Marketer Must Knowmap-location-mobile

Here’s a great glossary from Search Engine Watch compiled by Monica Ho. It defines all the important aspects. “A number of new terms have come to the marketplace since mobile’s explosion… We’ll start by highlighting essential industry terms related to mobile targeting, cutting through the overused jargon to handpick and clearly define a number of mobile targeting terms that have become part of the industry landscape for veterans and newbies alike.”
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The Atlantic: Why Don’t All Hotels Provide Free Wi-Fi?lead

For hotel guests, Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury like infinity pools, designer toiletries, or complimentary dry cleaning. Business travelers increasingly consider it a necessity, just as important as bottled water. A survey found that hotel guests would overwhelmingly choose free Wi-Fi over any other in-room amenity.  Read More> 



Captain Video

Each issue we will provide you with a short break from the work-a-day crazies with some videos we curated. Some of them will be industry related. Take a moment and enjoy. Some of the strangest things seem to happen in hotels let alone the entire hospitality industry.

On the customer service highlight reel: 

– In this incredible clip from Seinfeld we discover a new level of customer service with the infamous Soup Nazi:


The rather strange Mr. Bean checks into a hotel

In this series of videos, Mr. Bean always with competitive spirit, races a fellow guest to see who will get to his room first and then once in his room – well see for yourself. You may need to develop a taste for Mr. Bean

bean1  bean2  bean3


Flash Mobs: I love flash mobs. They produce enjoyment in real life and video. I always seem to get chill bumps while watching them. In this first one, at the public library in Valladolid, Spain the unsuspecting patrons get their minds blown, as the flash mob sings.



Fast food and a flash mob at a food court singing the Hallelujah Chorus.








Welcome to the first issue of Connected!

Bandwidth – Editor’s Noteyellow-pencil

Welcome to the first issue of Connected! Each issue will provide you with the latest information on our products and services, technical tips, spotlight installations and even an inside look at HIS. We will supply you with the latest technological advances and news for the hospitality industry including the latest in in-room entertainment innovation and beyond. We will give you a look at the future of our industry and how to cope with today’s problems. Connected! is geared to your Internet technology needs for now and tomorrow.

In this issue we take you on a techie’s delight, a tour of one of our latest installations – the Innisbrook Golf Resort in Palm Harbor, Florida. We certainly ran into some interesting challenges there, which our crew successfully tackled. You can read about it here.

Your guests have security issues and we can help you with them, checkout our security section below.

Our innovative Fusion Gateway deserves a few words in our product section and with one short video we answer the question why Ruckus!

We close with some fun vids we have curated just for you.

We would love to hear from you – feel free to write and let us know what you need and want.

Larry Jaffe


Innisbrook_Copperhead_3_c39bfa33-2da6-4d2e-a54c-014bf04708c4-prvInstallation Spotlight: Innisbrook Golf Resort

900 wooded acres of rolling hills, 600 spacious suites, a new luxury spa, six heated pools, four restaurants, three bars and a collection of four golf courses designed by Larry Packard, and lest we forget Wi-Fi by Hotel Internet Services. Here’s what Innisbrook Golf Resort IT Director J. Rigg White had to say about the entire process:

“Innisbrook’s previous Wi Fi systems were supposed to deliver property wide coverage, but never did, even as more APs were added. There were always problem locations where getting a signal was difficult, and other areas where connections were either slow or inconsistent.”

High speed Wi-Fi Internet access and ubiquitous coverage is in demand by resort and hotel guests. Simultaneously, the wireless-only devices being brought into the resort has multiplied dramatically. Innisbrook needed to switch out older technology to state-of-the-art Smart Wi-Fi and they responded rapidly to guest needs, selecting Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi products and technologies.

Once we made our Wi Fi move, we quickly discovered that on top of surprising performance increases delivered through its adaptive antenna technology, the Ruckus ZoneFlex system had a much lower total cost of ownership. Not only did we see lower capital costs from having to deploy fewer APs but we were able to deploy these systems much more quickly, in many cases using their Smart Mesh technology to overcome wiring limitations. The unique combination of these technologies and capabilities let us streamline the whole deployment process while delivering much stronger and faster Wi Fi throughout the entire property.”

“The new FUSION S Series Gateway Server helps us manage our network in amazing detail. Now our users are guaranteed all available bandwidth giving them ample speeds to power all of their mobile devices and laptops.

“Hotel Internet Services installed an extremely fast, reliable Wi-Fi network- Our guests are very happy with their Internet experience! “



Security in the House

Computer security is always of concern. If you are not already familiar with them, here are a few security experts you may want to hook up with or at least get their
Bruce Schneier: Cryptographer, computer security and privacy specialist, and writer. Truly he is the man when it comes to security. A very poignant and reliable voice.
Krebs on Security: Brian Krebs is one of the most knowledgeable writers on the computer security scene. I never miss his posts.
Kevin Mitnick: One the world’s most famous hackers who has gone legit and has become the one of the most prominent cybersecurity gurus around.

Internet Security Training

KnowBe4: If you are interested in training your team and avoiding the pitfalls of phishing, spearphishing, etc., you may want to look into some type of security training. The best I have found is from KnowBe4 – Stu Sjouwerman teamed up with the aforementioned Kevin Mitnick to create the pen ultimate training course. Not only will they train your staff but they will test the effectiveness of the training with before and after investigation. “The bad guys go after your employees because they are easy to trick with social engineering.”



TechTip: Beamforming

It sounds like something from Star Trek, something Scotty would manipulate at the transporter room control panel. And perhaps that it is not so far from the trutvideo_image1ah. It is all about connectivity anyway and what’s the big deal, transporting bodies or transmitting Wi-Fidelity? Beamforming is simple in concept but can be difficult to implement although our friends at Ruckus really have it down. Bottom-line, instead of using a shotgun approach and broadcasting the signal to a wide area, and hoping to reach your target, beamforming or BeamFlex as Ruckus calls it, concentrates the signal and aims it directly at the target? Here’s a great video that explains how it all works: Click Here To View Video>


TechTip: FUSION S Series Gateway

fusionwithbezelwebAs Innisbrook Golf Resort IT Director J. Rigg White so eloquently stated in our feature story, the employment of the Fusion S Series Gateway was key to the success of the installation. This baby was designed for high performance and scalability and is totally capable and scalable of supporting up to 10,000 simultaneous users.
You can find out more by clicking here > 




 Scoop – 2015 Travel Trendsimg_connected-people

2015 promises to be an exciting year for the hospitality and travel industry according to Hotel News Resource. It does not come across as a surprise by any means that travelers are demanding fast and free Wi-Fi, but what is interesting is how they are using their devices. “Travelers simply expect to be connected whenever they are… Mobile dominates travel. Airlines and hotel operators will increasingly have to accommodate the desires of mobile travelers who expect to be able to complete bookings through apps, pull boarding passes, and perform nearly any other function.”READ MORE>


Devices & More Devices

mobile devicesThe 2014 Expedia Mobile Index, was conducted among 8,856 employed adults across 25 countries to discover mobile behaviors, trends, and preferences among travelers. Above all, travelers want convenience. Wi-Fi continues to be one of the most important amenities for today’s traveler. About 86 percent of travelers rate Wi-Fi as important when booking a hotel, with “complimentary Wi-Fi” being ranked above business centers, wired Internet, and other business amenities. Per Expedia President and Chief Executive Officer Dara Khosrowshahi:

“We are entering a new era where people are moving fluidly across desktop, phone, tablet, even wearables as they dream, plan, book and then ultimately take their trip. Travelers are not only researching and booking trips on mobile, but they’re also complimenting their meals, complaining to providers and capturing every trip detail. This is the new normal when it comes to travel. We chose to take a closer look at multi-device habits amongst both leisure and business travelers worldwide to better understand how technology is being used throughout the journey so we can continue to deliver contextually relevant mobile experiences.”


Good Vibrations

Best Western’s newest hotel offering, Vib (pronounced Vibe), is a stylish and technology-centric hotel concept created to meet the needs of today’s connected traveler. Vib, which is short for “Vibrant,” is a hotel prototype designed for urban markets. Vib’s high-density concept will be cost-effective to build and operate, making it an attractive option for owners and developers. READ MORE>


Vector_Battery_smEver Run Out of Juice?

Cellphone batteries may be improving but they eventually run out and inevitably this happens while you are not at home or office with your charger nearby. I remember running into a RadioShack to recharge my phone while I browsed the store. ChargeAll wants to change that by making chargers ubiquitous as outlets. LEARN MORE>

Meeting Space Connectivity Whitepaper

Hotels with poor wireless connectivity in conference and meeting spaces get low guest satisfaction scores and lose valuable revenue. Many properties have spent money upgrading their bandwidth and connectivity in guestrooms and lobbies while ignoring meeting space. Download the “Meeting Space Connectivity: The increasing demand for reliable WLAN in hotel meeting space” whitepaper.  Note: HIS has the answer to your conference facility blues. Learn More>



Captain Video

Each issue we will provide you with a short break from the work-a-day crazies with some videos we curated. Some of them will be industry related. Take a moment and enjoy.

Front Desk First Impressions: Our friends at the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute produced this one featuring the 25 greatest unprofessional Front Desk sins committed by hotel Front Desk associate (as compiled from a survey of front office managers).

Harlem Shake: Catch the crew at Hotel Solamar in San Diego flexing their dance moves with Harlem Shake version 1.0, Kimpton style! Kimpton seems to be a very imaginative bunch.


Stand by Me: Playing for Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. One of my favorite songs of all time reverberates globally. Listen in!


Matt: I have been a great fan of Matt Harding since I saw his first video in 2004 or so.

This one is from 2012. Take a look maybe you will become a fan too.