Hotel WiFi Networks 101: Understanding the Ins and Outs of How to Deliver an Exceptional Online Guest Experience

best wifi solutions for hotels

Ask any guest which is the most important hotel amenity and there’s a high chance that they’ll say it’s access to a property’s WiFi network. In fact, at least 80 percent of Americans now say they can’t live without WiFi while on vacation. 

Yet WiFi connectivity is something that typically represents a love/hate relationship for today’s hotels- they know that it is absolutely crucial for both guest needs and business operations. But at the same time, providing suitable service seemingly continues to be beyond the reach of many properties. Countless guest reviews speak to this ongoing challenge, with issues such as slow internet speed or dropped connections frequently upending an otherwise enjoyable and hassle-free stay.

To avoid taking a hit to their reputations and bringing operations to a grinding halt, hoteliers across the hotel industry understandably continue to search for answers on how they can finally bring an end to their WiFi network issues to increase customer satisfaction. This has only become more crucial as hoteliers encounter more and more guests expecting high network security and fast internet speed for online activities such as in-room entertainment.               

To make things a little easier, we’ve compiled the industry’s best practices and recommendations that have already enabled multiple properties to experience success with updating their hotel WiFi networks to address the latest standards and requirements. Using these guidelines, your hotel business can now also be among those properties able to deliver a fast, reliable, and secure online connection that today’s guests now widely expect.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Performing a Site Survey  

Before rushing into purchasing the latest and greatest in wireless network technology, hoteliers will serve their interests and those of their guests best by first carrying out a network site survey. Hospitality industry professionals can often make the mistake of believing that the answer to slow speeds and dropped connections is simply to purchase more powerful hardware, but this isn’t always the case. 

Often and in the best case scenario, this may result in simply making costly hardware purchases with little to show in the way of positive results if specific underlying issues aren’t first identified and addressed. Worse still, implementing new and more powerful equipment without considering how it may affect overall network infrastructure can lead to signal disruption and an even less reliable online connection.

To avoid these potentially costly risks, hoteliers should always work with a network solutions provider that makes it a point to first begin any project by performing a no-obligation site survey. A survey can importantly uncover the exact reason why certain hotel areas are experiencing sub-standard internet connectivity, which can include anything from ineffective hotel WiFi access points or a lack of sufficient cabling to WiFi routers that are unable to handle large volumes of online traffic.

Key to identifying and resolving these sorts of issues is working with a solution provider that can offer complete transparency and an accurate assessment of upgrade project needs. Reputable providers can achieve this using a building’s schematics and heat maps that offer an easy-to-understand visual representation of network problem areas requiring adjustment. Using this information, hoteliers together with their providers, can identify the precise equipment needed to ensure fast speeds and service reliability, with the goal being never anything more or less. 

Identifying the Right Network Equipment for Hotel Environments

Regardless of the type of hotel, two commonly shared factors when it comes to guest WiFi are      that property networks often need to support a multitude of devices while providing reliable service for a wide coverage area. This significantly means that hoteliers need to adopt network hardware that is specifically designed for such requirements:

Network Router     

For the less technologically inclined, a network router serves as the lifeline that extends internet connectivity to guest devices and a property’s various systems. It is what ensures the transfer of data which ultimately dictates whether guests and hotel staff experience a fast connection. 

With this in mind, hoteliers should avoid falling into the trap of purchasing routers designed predominately for residential use. Such routers may be able to provide a fast enough connection for consumer homes, but when faced with countless devices seeking internet connectivity, can easily become overwhelmed with the inevitable result of snail-paced speeds and frustrated guests. 

Hoteliers should therefore be on the lookout for routers that are specifically designed for commercial, or hospitality use, and that can offer a sufficient amount of bandwidth to simultaneously accommodate a wide range of guest devices and property systems. While the price tag may be higher than residential router options, a commercial-grade router will ultimately save hoteliers from needless hassle and future expenses while safeguarding reputations from poor WiFi quality reviews.

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Having a high-performance router does little good if a WiFi signal is unable to reach guests or property devices with adequate internet service quality. This is where access point solutions come in. An access point serves to disperse a network’s WiFi signal throughout a building and ensure a sufficiently strong enough signal to provide fast and reliable online connectivity. Hotels typically require several access points spread out over the property in order to provide full onsite service coverage. 

Traditionally, hoteliers would install access points within guestroom hallways as a cost-effective means to provide a WiFi signal for several rooms. But with today’s guests traveling with more and more devices that frequently feature low-powered antennas, this approach now often leads to the slow speeds and dropped connections that guests routinely complain about. 

Hoteliers instead should look to installing access points within guestrooms, preventing obstacles such as thick walls from disrupting signal strength while reducing the number of devices seeking a connection from the same access point. Using advanced access points such as those designed by Ruckus, hoteliers don’t necessarily have to install one for each and every hotel room.      

Alternatively, by working with an experienced network solutions provider, hoteliers can strategically deploy guestroom access points to provide coverage for other rooms within close proximity. This notably brings down the cost of installation while still ensuring that guest devices receive a high-quality WiFi signal. 

Wireless LAN Controller     

These devices are used to manage and monitor a property’s multiple access points that are spread throughout the premises. A wireless LAN controller is a centralized component that connects access points to a hotel’s network. It works to amplify a network’s signal and ensure that it reaches even devices that are at the edge of a property’s coverage area. 

Wireless LAN controllers importantly eliminate challenges that come with trying to manage a multitude of access points. Each access point is individually configured and access points are unable to communicate directly with one another, which can lead to unstable network environment conditions. With a wireless LAN controller, hoteliers can sidestep such issues and continuously maintain both efficient and simplified network management. Ruckus-designed wireless LAN controllers can be ideal for large hotel environments, with the Virtual SmartZone, for example, able to support as many as 6,000 access points.   

Network Switches

Likewise forming a core component of a hotel’s internet infrastructure are network switches which are responsible for transmitting data packets to and from devices and a property’s network. This can include access points, computers, and printers, to name some examples. With a switch typically dedicated to the transferring of data packets only for devices that are directly connected to it, hoteliers can ensure that such devices receive improved online internet connection efficiency and potential network throughput. 

Properties have two options when it comes to installing switches: one is unmanaged switches and the other is managed switches. Unmanaged switches provide the benefit of plug-and-play, with no need to make any configurations beforehand. For hotels, however, managed switches are typically the preferred solution of choice. 

This is because managed switches allow hoteliers to adjust individual ports to different settings. Properties can also gain enhanced control over how data travels across their network and who has access to it, providing opportunities to further increase both network efficiency and security. 

Protecting Your Hotel Network and Guests From Growing Cybersecurity Risks

As businesses that host a wealth of sensitive data such as credit card and bank account information, hotels are unfortunately a prime target for many hackers seeking to make an easy buck. Each year seems to bring more and more instances of cyber-attacks on hotels, which not only costs businesses a significant amount of revenue but can also lead to potential liability and damage to business reputations.  Amongst hotel guests themselves, as many as 90 percent are in fact concerned over a hotel’s ability to protect their data and keep their devices safe from cyber risks. 

Critical to a successful hotel network, therefore, is having the necessary technology and measures in place that can provide full protection against both old and new hacker strategies. Coming back to the deployment of a modern network gateway solution, hoteliers can now adopt a range of enhanced security abilities that stand between property or guest devices and the internet service coming from the outside world. For example, a gateway can come with features such as automatically evaluating the type of internet traffic that comes and goes through a network. Able to reference such traffic against several databases, it can then determine if a specific type of traffic poses a security risk and can block the activity before any damage is done. 

A hotel’s WiFi access points also play a significant role in whether a network is appropriately secured. If left unprotected, an open access point can essentially let virtually anyone gain access to a property’s network, whether they are authorized or not and regardless of what their intentions may be. 

Have a Plan for Ever-increasing Hotel & Guest WiFi Needs

If one thing is certain about hotel wireless networks, it’s that demands for more online resources such as bandwidth are only set to increase as guests bring more devices and as additional hotel systems/devices go online. This trend has only grown with hotels adopting IoT-based solutions such as smart thermostats, lights, or motion sensors- each requiring a fast and stable online connection in order to properly function. If a hotel fails to take such issues into account, they will likely find that their networks soon become outdated and constantly in need of costly hardware replacement.

To sidestep such concerns, hoteliers are strongly advised to adopt scalable network technologies that can adjust and be built upon as online property or guest needs change. Properties should work closely with an experienced hotel network provider that can create a tiered network hierarchy design. 

This notably simplifies the ability to scale network hardware requirements for both current and future needs, as well as implement any additional redundancies in order to continue ensuring a stable and seamless online experience. Crucially, a scalable wireless network allows hoteliers to adjust bandwidth levels or extend coverage to new onsite areas without requiring extensive hardware replacement.      

Gaining an Edge With Managed WiFi

With all of the above sections in mind, it’s clear that successfully designing and managing a high-performance and secure WiFi network can be complicated and can easily consume an excessive amount of hotel staff time. Fortunately, hoteliers can gain some much-needed support by partnering with a WiFi network provider that offers managed WiFi services. 

Managed WiFi significantly takes away the hassle of daily network monitoring and configuration and instead places such tasks on the shoulders of a provider’s expert technicians. Often without even requiring an onsite visit, a provider’s technicians can remotely configure the amount of bandwidth made available or can make setting adjustments to conform with specific needs such as the hosting of an upcoming business meeting or conference. They can assist with creating customized login pages if desired.

Advantages of a Managed WiFi Service

A key advantage of a managed WiFi service is that hoteliers gain constant 24/7 monitoring of their network’s real-time health by industry professionals. Should an issue suddenly arise that impacts performance, managed WiFi technicians can swiftly identify the root cause and implement corrective measures, often without involving onsite staff and before a dip in guest satisfaction rates is experienced. 

Managed WiFi can also prove highly valuable in adding an extra layer of protection against cyber security risks. Ever-vigilant provider technicians while monitoring overall network health, also keep an active lookout for any suspicious activity that may indicate a cyber-attack. Critically and by identifying such threats in a timely manner, managed WiFi service personnel can implement an effective response before hackers have any opportunity to steal information or otherwise cause damage to hotel systems and guest devices.  

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Graduate Hotels Case Study

Graduate Hotels Case Study

Installation Spotlight


Graduate Hotels serves as a collection of properties located in renowned college towns across the United States. With each of its locations operating as a hand-crafted boutique hotel, Graduate Hotels sets out to provide its guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and charm of the nearby university. Seeking to ensure maximum guest comfort and satisfaction, enticing amenities frequently offered at Graduate Hotels locations include onsite dining, fitness centers and a range of entertaining activities such as Topgolf. Yet with a guest demographic that is typically technologically-savvy, Graduate Hotels recognizes the importance of catering to modern lifestyle behaviors such as ensuring reliable internet access.

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In catering to guests that are often alumni, students or visiting family members, Graduate Hotels identified providing a high quality WiFi service as a priority in maintaining high satisfaction rates. This was due to many guests seeking a stable high-performance connection for entertainment, work, study or for staying in touch with family and friends. Vital to running a successful and profitable hotel business would therefore require partnering with a reputable network solutions provider with proven experience in offering online connectivity for hospitality-based environments.

The decision to select HIS to upgrade the networks of several Graduate Hotels properties came from the brand recognizing HIS as a leading expert in WiFi technology for the hospitality market. With its years of dedicated experience and access to the latest in network technology including advanced Ruckus access points, HIS has established an industry-wide reputation in being able to ensure strong WiFi signal coverage over a wide area that can effortlessly accommodate a multitude of guest devices. Graduate Hotels locations able to provide guests with first-rate online connectivity by partnering with HIS include:
• Graduate Annapolis
• Graduate Athens
• Graduate Chapel Hill
• Graduate Cincinnati
• Graduate Columbia
• Graduate Eugene
• Graduate Lincoln
• Graduate Madison
• Graduate Minneapolis

“A WiFi service that can be counted on to be fast and easily accessible is one of the first and most pressing demands made by today’s hotel guests, making it essential for us to work with a provider such as HIS that can ensure we meet this expectation fully and consistently… Throughout each installation at our hotels, HIS has proven that they have the knowledge, technology, and support services necessary to provide for a seamless upgrade that will continue to deliver high-quality experiences for virtually any type of online guest need.”
Benjamin Heiland

Vice President, Hotel Technology at Graduate Hotels

In addition to providing Graduate Hotels with the industry’s highest standard in internet connectivity, HIS will further equip property staff and guests with access to its 24/7 support services. By making its expert representatives readily available, HIS can ensure that any network performance or troubleshooting issues are swiftly identified and addressed before satisfaction rates are negatively impacted. This includes the ability to provide assistance with setting up VPN connections, overcoming login difficulties and many other types of troubleshooting issues that can frequently arise.

Project Requirements

  • Upgrade WiFi network performance at multiple Graduate Hotels locations in order to ensure brand alignment with modern guest connectivity expectations.

  • Provide responsive and effective support in the event of a network performance issue.


  • Leverage HIS expertise and access to advanced technology in order to deploy network upgrades capable of ensuring fast speeds and reliability regardless of the number of connected guests.

  • Provide hotel guests and staff with access to 24/7 HIS support in order to swiftly resolve any issue that may arise.

Radisson Hotel Pendleton Airport Case Study

Radisson Hotel Pendleton Airport Case Study

Installation Spotlight


With spectacular views of Oregon’s Blue Mountains, Radisson Hotel Pendleton Airport serves as an ideal location where guests can unwind and take in the sights as they arrive at their destination or continue on with their travels. The 75-room hotel features a range of amenities to make each guest’s stay enjoyable and comfortable, including high-end cuisine, an onsite fitness center and meeting spaces. Guests staying at Radisson Hotel Pendleton Airport can also benefit from the property’s commitment to providing a internet access experience that conforms with modern lifestyle needs.

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As a property that caters to a large number of guests staying due to flight layovers, Radisson Hotel Pendleton Airport understood the vital importance of WiFi for travelers seeking to stay in touch with family and friends, to perform work or to keep themselves entertained. Yet as with many properties across the industry, the hotel suffered from patchy WiFi signal coverage and slow speeds that jeopardized guest satisfaction rates. A hotel operated by Makad Corporation, an organization with decades of expertise in hotel development and management, property leadership sought out a network solutions provider that could offer unmatched WiFi service quality at an affordable price.

After performing research into several competing providers, Makad Corp. selected HIS as the ideal partner to resolve spotty WiFi coverage and slow speed issues. Using HIS expertise, the property was able to implement a cost-effective upgrade that nevertheless delivered high-performance connectivity throughout all onsite areas. This included HIS strategically installing state-of-the-art Ruckus access points, ensuring strong WiFi signal penetration that can reach guest devices regardless of any physical obstructions such as the presence of thick walls.

“For each of our hotel locations, Makad Corp. aims for only the best in WiFi service performance as we understand how vital it is to addressing today’s guest needs…. This meant that we were interested in working with the industry’s leading network technology provider and HIS fit the description perfectly. From initial planning to the implementation phase, HIS delivered a transparent, swift and painless experience, with the end result exceeding our expectations. Thanks to their responsiveness and willingness to do what is needed to achieve desired results, we look forward to expanding our relationship with HIS to enhance the online connectivity of other Makad Corp.-operated hotel locations.”
Elie Makad

CEO of Makad Corporation

By partnering with HIS, Radisson Hotel Pendleton Airport also gains access to 24/7 support services. Staffed by industry-leading network technology experts, HIS support ensures the swift resolution of any WiFi performance issues that can negatively affect guest experiences. HIS 24/7 support is also readily available to assist with guest troubleshooting concerns. This can include providing assistance with WiFi login difficulties, setting up a private VPN and much more.

Project Requirements

  • Ensure high-speed and reliable Wi-Fi connectivity that meets with guest expectations throughout all onsite hotel areas.
  • Maintain consistently high service quality to prevent any lapses in guest satisfaction.


  • Utilize HIS industry expertise and access to the latest in network technology to guarantee a fast and strong Wi-Fi signal penetration able to reach guest devices regardless of location.
  • Offer instant access to 24/7 HIS support in order to swiftly resolve virtually any network performance or guest troubleshooting issue.

Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas Case Study

Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas Case Study

Installation Spotlight


Situated on 40 acres in Arizona’s Paradise Valley, Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas is an upscale destination offering a wide range of amenities for leisure and business travelers alike. Guests staying at the resort can look forward to attractions that include five heated swimming pools, two tennis courts, scenic hiking trails and a full-service salon and spa. For those staying for an event or conference, the resort also boasts a total of 50,000 square feet dedicated to hosting events of any kind.

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Seeking to take full advantage of the return of physically held events and enhance its reputation as a successful event host, Scottsdale Plaza leadership recognized the crucial importance that high quality Wi-Fi access plays in influencing attendee satisfaction. Whether for a business conference where attendees require internet access to perform tasks or a wedding ceremony where invitees wish to share photos with family and friends, the property determined that it required a network overall in order to meet modern online needs and expectations.

Following recommendations from sister Highgate Hotel properties which had previously experienced the results provided by HIS, Scottsdale Plaza partnered with the technology provider to revamp its conference area network abilities and ensure consistently high service standards. With HIS technology and expertise, including the strategic placement of advanced Ruckus access points, the property is now able to ensure a fast, strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal regardless of the number of attendees or where on conference area floor they may be located.

“It can sometimes be stressful for a hotel operator who is vetting for IT solutions through a managed service provider, but HIS ensured all angles and aspects were fully covered… We were under a tight deadline requiring a complete overhaul of our internet solutions for our public and meeting spaces. While we initially thought that the installation would be daunting, HIS delivered a plan and a product for expansion that proved otherwise. Any hurdles were quickly resolved to our satisfaction and we look forward to a lasting relationship with HIS for all of our event connectivity needs.
Travis Giles

Resort Manager at Scottsdale Plaza Resort & Villas

By partnering with HIS, Scottsdale Plaza was notably also able to benefit from the provider’s innovative Conference Planner tool. An end-to-end solution for managing an event’s network needs, the HIS Conference Planner includes a range of valuable features that make overseeing performance and scaling to specific connectivity requirements both easy and hassle-free. With a single dashboard, Conference Planner capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Effortless creation of individual conference profiles for storing and tracking information such as event login credentials, and bandwidth resource levels.
  • Instant and easy configuration of VLANS, subnets, DHCP pools and layer 3 ACLs
  • Access to intuitive reports and graphs detailing bandwidth usage, the number of users and devices, as well as analytics on any transactions made.
  • Abilities to review upcoming conference and meeting schedules using monthly, weekly or daily calendars.Multiple login page customization options that can include uploading a conference’s logo, homepage link and agenda.
  • Options to create recurring conferences with the click of a button.

Project Requirements

  • Deploy an advanced network that can guarantee fast speeds and reliability for conferences and events regardless of the number of attendees seeking to connect personal devices..
  • Implement a solution allowing the resort to effortlessly plan, monitor and adjust connectivity configurations for each hosted event.


  • Leverage HIS expertise and technology, including the strategic deployment of Ruckus access points to ensure consistent high-performance connectivity for all conference space areas.
  • Implement the HIS Conference Planner to provide event organizers with a single, user-friendly dashboard for overseeing and managing all Wi-Fi performance-related tasks.

Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Spa Case Study

Installation Spotlight


Situated within California’s Desert Hot Springs, Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Spa attracts countless guests each year who seek out the region’s famed rejuvenating waters. Featuring a diverse range of suite options for guests to choose from, the property is renowned for providing each guest with a sense of tranquility thanks to its array of spa services and onsite mineral water swimming pool. Yet to provide its guests with ultimate peace-of-mind and a fully enjoyable experience, Aqua Soleil Hotel recognizes the importance of providing today’s modern travelers with seamless online connectivity to the outside world.

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While providing guests with enticing offerings to ensure heightened relaxation, property leadership recognized that patchy Wi-Fi service reliability was leading to a lapse in satisfaction. Regardless of whether staying for business or pleasure, the presence of a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection is something that property leadership understood was non-negotiable in the minds of their guests. The property therefore sought to perform a network upgrade that could meet guest expectations no matter their onsite location, and that could seamlessly accommodate bandwidth intensive online behaviors such as content streaming or file downloading.

Aqua Soleil Hotel sought out the services of HIS after receiving several recommendations regarding the provider’s industry-leading expertise, access to the latest network technologies and exceptional support. Following a redesign of the property’s network infrastructure, including the installation of advanced Ruckus access point technology, Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Spa now reports a drastic improvement in Wi-Fi performance quality throughout the property. With no Wi-Fi signal dead spots or bandwidth bottlenecks, guests staying at the property can now look forward to a high-speed and uninterrupted internet experience that can accommodate virtually any online need.

“HIS undoubtedly lived up to our expectations based on the recommendations we received and since the network upgrade, we have had no guests contact staff to request online troubleshooting assistance… With HIS, we were able to benefit from a simple and stress-free installation. Any challenges were quickly resolved by the company’s experienced technicians and their swift responses to any question or concern ensures that we can continue to provide consistently high service quality to our guests.”
Tracy Ward

Office Manager at Aqua Soleil Hotel & Mineral Water Spa

HIS further provides Aqua Soleil Hotel with access to 24/7 support. Staffed by some of the industry’s most experienced network professionals, HIS support service offerings include providing assistance for Wi-Fi card driver and SSID configuration, device Wi-Fi login difficulties and the setting up of virtual private networks (VPN).

Project Requirements

  • Eliminate Wi-Fi network issues resulting in slow performance and dropped connections for guest devices.

  • Provide hotel staff with the ability to swiftly correct network performance and guest troubleshooting issues as soon as they arise.


  • Utilize HIS industry expertise and access to advanced network technology to ensure a fast, strong and reliable guest Wi-Fi experience throughout all onsite areas.

  • Offer access to 24/7 HIS support in order to resolve any network-related issue before guest experiences are negatively affected.

Green Fig Resort & Spa St. Lucia Case Study

Installation Spotlight


Serving as the ultimate tranquil Caribbean destination, Green Fig Resort & Spa is situated on the island of St. Lucia where travelers from across the world come to experience the unique natural beauty and total relaxation that the luxury boutique resort has to offer. For travelers seeking opportunities for adventure, Green Fig Resort & Spa provides unmatched access to the island’s various attractions, including a 5-minute walk to the beach and spectacular guestroom views of the Pitons, a UNESCO World Heritage site. A resort also aiming to cater to the latest in modern guest needs, Green Fig Resort & Spa further strives to provide each guest with seamless access to high-performance online connectivity in order to ensure hassle-free stay experiences and uninterrupted satisfaction.

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Despite providing a range of luxury amenities such as rooms with private splash pools, the Gypsetter Boutique Shop, the Saltfish Restaurant and the property’s renowned Touch Tranquility Spa, resort leadership recognized that patchy Wi-Fi service quality represented an obstacle to complete satisfaction for guests desiring a reliable connection to the outside world. The resort notably sought out a reputable network solutions provider with not only industry-leading expertise, but also the resources to provide exceptional results, service and support to remote locations such as St. Lucia.

By partnering with HIS, the resort was notably able to overcome a series of issues that prevented it from ensuring a high-quality connection throughout the premises. With access to HIS technology and expertise, this included implementing a solution to ensure effective Wi-Fi signal penetration despite the presence of thick stone and concrete building walls. Via the strategic placement of cutting-edge Ruckus access points, guest devices can now benefit from a fast and responsive Wi-Fi connection regardless of onsite location or any infrastructural obstacles. Previously experiencing difficulties in deploying an effective network monitoring gateway due the limitations of its internet service provider, the resort was also able to leverage HIS to implement a dedicated appliance able to oversee and manage performance.

“Prior to partnering with HIS and although our resort was paying for a 150mbs Wi-Fi service, in-room Wi-Fi speeds were only averaging 2-10mbs which resulted in several guests leaving reviews over their difficulty in performing occasional work while on vacation… Thanks to HIS and its dedicated hospitality industry expertise, speeds throughout our resort are now 10 times faster than before despite paying for the same 150mbs service. We have also observed a dramatic reduction in the number of guest Wi-Fi troubleshooting issues and have seen no new reviews mentioning poor Wi-Fi connectivity since the network upgrade was completed.”
Michael Nelsen

Co-owner of the Green Fig Resort & Spa

As a provider with an industry-leading reputation for professional service, HIS is also credited by the resort for offering exceptional support quality and for fully managing every aspect of the network upgrade without the need to place the burden of project responsibility on resort staff. Green Fig Resort & Spa can also look forward to 24/7 network performance monitoring by HIS to ensure that service quality remains at a high standard. This ability serves as a significant competitive factor over other local properties as the island continues to attract tourists from the US, Canada and Europe who routinely expect continuous high-performance Wi-Fi to address their modern connectivity needs.

Project Requirements

  • Implement a solution able to address the resort’s inability to ensure fast and reliable Wi-Fi service due to infrastructural challenges such as thick building walls.
  • Resolve resort issues in deploying an effective network monitoring gateway.
  • Ensure continuous high-quality Wi-Fi service performance.


  • Deploy advanced Ruckus access points within strategic resort areas to enable high-speed Wi-Fi signals to reach guest devices regardless of the presence of infrastructural obstacles.
  • Implement a dedicated gateway appliance that can oversee network performance.
  • Provide access to 24/7 HIS network monitoring and support for the swift resolution of any issues impacting online experience quality.