Sheraton Pasadena

“After experiencing troubleshooting issues on a near constant basis, finding and implementing HIS Wi-Fi was a tremendous source of relief for both ourselves and our guests. With HIS, we were able to develop a network that would free us from having to spend hours each day troubleshooting to determine why guests were not receiving Wi-Fi, something that was in fact caused by either underpowered or overpowered APs providing an inconsistent and unworkable signal. Unlike past providers who simply considered the problem to be an issue in need of more bandwidth, HIS actually came out, thoroughly analyzed the situation and recommended a solution that fully addressed our specific needs.”

Craig Carlson, Director of Operations at the Sheraton Pasadena.

Keating Hotel

“The installation was seamless. We didn’t experience any outages in the process of rolling over to the new wireless networks. Our guests had no clue we were transitioning wireless networks. The entire process was quick and painless. And with the HIS support, we don’t have to worry about fixing the network if it ever goes down or guests experience any sign-in issues.”

Keating Hotel General Manager Shane Pappas

“It’s a night and day difference from our previous network solution. We no longer have areas where Wi-Fi isn’t accessible, and thanks to the easy integration with our property management system, guest authentication is a breeze. The solution was affordable and turnkey. Since we don’t have to hire a full IT team to manage the network, we can allocate our budget and our staff to truly deliver a high-touch guest experience.

 “Hotel Internet Services’ technology has redefined our guest’s Wi-Fi experience and at the end of the day it brings true credibility to the hotel. We went out and got the Ferrari of Wi-Fi and that makes a big difference in the unique experience we provide to our guests.”

Keating Hotel Marketing Manager Steven Manners

Innisbrook Golf Resort

 “Innisbrook’s  previous Wi Fi systems were supposed to deliver property wide coverage, but never did, even as more APs were added. There were always problem locations where getting a signal was difficult, and other areas where connections were either slow or inconsistent. Once we made our Wi Fi move, we quickly discovered that on top of surprising performance increases delivered through its adaptive antenna technology, the Ruckus ZoneFlex system had a much lower total cost of ownership. Not only did we see lower capital costs from having to deploy fewer APs but we were able to deploy these systems much more quickly, in many cases using their Smart Mesh technology to overcome wiring limitations. The unique combination of these technologies and capabilities let us streamline the whole deployment process while delivering much stronger and faster Wi Fi throughout the entire property. Hotel Internet Services installed an extremely fast, reliable Wi-Fi network- Our guests are very happy with their Internet experience!”

Innisbrook Golf Resort IT Director J. Rigg White

Holiday Inn Presidential

Hotel Internet Services is by far the best internet service company that I have had the pleasure of working with in my 20 years of hospitality work.  I had been researching different companies for my hotel’s upgrade when I first came across Hotel Internet Services.  The sales team was very professional and accommodated my every request.  It took some time before we signed with them as we did our due diligent research into the correct product and company for our building.  The sales team worked with me 100% and never pressured me into a sale.  Thinking that we might have budget concerns, they even offered a quote on a medium priced Wireless Access Point that they felt would still work well in our building.  We pleasantly surprised them with our order of the best WAP in the market for our size property, the Ruckus r700 featuring dual band 3×3:3 802.11ac technology.

 The installation team was on property within 2 weeks of signing the contract and did an incredible job, explaining everything along the way.  The network’s reliability is such a relief and the customer service line for guests is also fantastic as it takes pressure off the front desk and puts the guest in the hands of a professional IT agent!  I also get daily reports from the Customer Service department detailing which guests they have helped.  Over the last two months, only a handful of calls have had to go to the Customer Service department, of which they have helped everyone!


We have been very happy with the equipment purchased, installation, reliability of the network, customer service on both guest and administrative sides, and the winning personalities of everyone at Hotel Internet Services.  One of our long time clients that generally use a large amount of bandwidth during their monthly meetings just recently sent us a congratulatory email on our internet upgrade in regards to the ease of accessing the network, the speed at which they could work, and its reliability (did not drop signal to a single one of them).  I would highly recommend Hotel Internet Services to anyone that wants to take the guess work and frustration out of providing reliable internet to their guests!

Matt Nunn

Revenue Manager – Holiday Inn Presidential

Larkspur Landing Folsom

As far as our team and guests are concerned, the upgrade was a complete success!  The two gentlemen that were tasked with the upgrade were great.  They kept us informed every step of the way.  The transition was easy and all of our guests were able to continue internet usage even throughout the upgrade.  It was a very smooth process as a whole.  We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our guests.  I’ve had no complaints since the upgrade and our guest satisfaction surveys have shown a big improvement in internet expectations.  I could not be happier with this upgrade; makes my job so much easier!

The amount of care and consideration your entire team has put into this endeavor is wonderful. With the internet that can be a real challenge, but HIS knew exactly what equipment was needed and how best to install it. The gentlemen who came to do the work were true professionals.  They were quick and efficient and the impact to our guests was minimal.

We have had many long term guests stay with us and fortunately some of them were here before the upgrade and after the upgrade.  They were able to give firsthand experience to just how much of an improvement this was.  Our survey scores have been up and no one has said anything about the internet going down.  It’s truly a big deal to us and our guests.

Matt Willis

Assistant General Manager – Larkspur Landing Folsom

Canada House

“With our guests staying weeks at a time in a timeshare scenario, the issue of weak Internet connectivity previously served as a significant source of dissatisfaction, since many guests still need to conduct business online while on vacation. Since implementing the updated Wi-Fi solution from HIS, our resort has experienced nothing but extreme praise regarding the quality of our new Internet service. Even more impressive is the fact that such compliments are completely unsolicited. Many guests actually seek me out to remark on how much of an improvement they have found with our service on their current stay.” Denise Luhman, Resort Manager at Canada House