Thousands of popular apps available to cast from your guest’s mobile devices.

Invest in a system that is intuitive, easy to use and proven to work!


Designed with device isolation
so there is no possibility of cross-room communication, where the guest accidentally sends their content to the wrong room.

1,000’S OF APPS

to choose from
Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime & more. Guests want to watch their own content. Provide them access to their favorite apps while staying with you!


& Dashboard
Get instant and real-time insight into the performance and success of your casting service!


Remote Control
Exclusively offered by GuestCast, our optional intuitive, cleanable, backlit remote makes casting even easier!

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Watch this video to see how it works.

GuestCast special features:

  • Simple QR code scan pairing process
  • Runs on virtually any network
  • Installed quickly with minimal disruptions
  • Device isolation to ensure guests only stream to their TV
  • Works with almost any TV
  • Securely mounted out of site

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