Enhanced connectivity solutions provider features GuestCast streaming platform within FIME Intelligent Health Pavilion demonstrating the most recent advances in healthcare technology.
CLEARWATER, Fla. — June 8, 2023 Hotel Internet Services (HIS), a full-service provider of internet services and solutions, is set to participate as an official exhibitor of the Florida International Medical Expo (FIME), taking place June 21-23, 2023, at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Invited to take part in FIME’s Intelligent Health Pavilion™, HIS will showcase its GuestCast content streaming solution and how the technology plays a vital role in ensuring the comfort and satisfaction of today’s healthcare patients.
Recently named in-room entertainment solution of the year by the TravelTech Breakthrough Awards, GuestCast will offer FIME attendees the opportunity to discover how they can create an in-room entertainment experience that mirrors the enhanced personalization and ease of use now commonly found in consumer homes. Designed to address modern content streaming preferences within public environments including hospitals and specialized care centers, GuestCast ensures instant ease of use even for those unfamiliar with streaming or casting technologies. Sidestepping frustrating device-pairing processes, GuestCast instead allows patients to wirelessly connect personal devices to in-room TVs as easily as scanning a QR code. The solution also ensures seamless alignment with individual patient interests by featuring instant compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, ESPN and many more.

FIME attendees will also gain first-hand knowledge over how GuestCast ensures patient privacy and trust when using the solution. The solution does not require patients to enter sensitive streaming subscription login information into in-room TVs, which can increase the risk of data theft. GuestCast further features advanced device isolation capabilities, ensuring that patients do not inadvertently cast their personal content to televisions located within separate rooms.

“Providing an enjoyable and comfortable in-patient experience continues to demonstrate multiple benefits, including faster and less stressful recovery times, so we are honored to have the opportunity to bring medical industry professionals up-to-speed on the latest technologies that are proven to ensure complete patient satisfaction,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “By interacting with GuestCast and learning about its industry-leading features, FIME attendees can discover how they can affordably keep pace with evolving TV-viewing preferences while providing patients with the custom-tailored services that many are increasingly coming to expect.”

FIME attendees will also have the opportunity to discover the unique advantages of GuestCast’s innovative Analytics Dashboard. Using the Dashboard, facility personnel can monitor GuestCast device health in real-time and can identify and address any performance issues before patient experiences are impacted. As a solution designed by the industry’s leading online connectivity providers, the GuestCast Dashboard can even be used to analyze WiFi signal strength for each patient room where the device is located.

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