GuestCast Case Studies

Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar – Sydney, Australia


Situated in the heart of Sydney and offering the ultimate home-away-from-home experience, Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar is an award-winning Australian property featuring spacious studios and apartments. Guests staying at the hotel can look forward to several comfort and convenience-enhancing features, including units equipped with fully equipped kitchenettes as well as suites that include a separate living area. To ensure maximum satisfaction and enjoyment, Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar also strives to provide its guests with the latest in modern amenities, including addressing now widespread demands for user-friendly access to personalized in-room entertainment.




Having determined that traditional satellite-based TV was no longer capable of delivering the modern entertainment experiences that today’s guests desired, Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar set itself the task of identifying a solution that could deliver both enhanced personalization and ease of use. Property leadership importantly sought out a solution that could ensure high adoption rates and that would enhance its reputation as a technologically sophisticated hotel business able to keep pace with evolving industry trends.

With its WiFi network capabilities recently upgraded by Liveport, the property’s decision to adopt GuestCast was straightforward and made even easier thanks to the solution’s range of industry-leading features in addition to its cost-effective price. Recently named the in-room entertainment solution of the year by the TravelTech Breakthrough Awards, GuestCast ensures that each of the hotel’s guests can tailor their viewing experience by accessing virtually any streamed subscription of choice on guestroom televisions. Instantly compatible with thousands of mobile streaming apps, GuestCast can effortlessly adapt to the unique preferences of each guest no matter what demographic or region of the world they belong to.

To ensure the success of its in-room entertainment strategy, Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar also decided to adopt GuestCast due to the enhanced ease-of-use it can provide to guests regardless of their level of experience with technology. Unlike other platforms that often result in guests becoming frustrated as a result of complicated device-pairing processes, connecting personal devices with GuestCast is always easy and fast. Guests even have the option of simply scanning a QR code in order to effortlessly connect and begin streaming their content.

“At Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar we are committed to providing each of our guests with a stay experience that feels like a second home, so when majorities of guests began requesting an in-room entertainment experience that mirrors the personalization they are now accustomed to, we desired only the best technology that the industry has to offer,” said Daniel Rosso, General Manager of Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar. “Liveport together with GuestCast have more than lived up to our expectations and that of our guests. Since deploying the solution, we have had nothing but fantastic feedback. With more guests basing booking decisions on the ability to pick up where they left off on their favorite movies and shows, we are fully confident in our abilities to continue delivering high-quality and personalized experiences thanks to the presence of GuestCast in each of our studio rooms.”

Daniel Rosso General Manager, Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar

To ensure that guest experiences continue to reflect the highest industry standards, Best Western Plus Hotel Stellar is also able to leverage GuestCast’s innovative Analytics Dashboard. Using the feature, hotel staff can effortlessly monitor individual GuestCast device performance in real-time in order to identify and correct any issues before the experiences of guests are affected. GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard can also monitor device usage rates, allowing the property to continuously gauge the level of success of their in-room entertainment strategies. Hotel Stellar can even utilize the GuestCast Analytics Dashboard to monitor WiFi signal quality for each guestroom where the device has been installed. This provides the property with an opportunity to ensure that their WiFi service remains in peak condition and in line with modern guest standards.


  • Provide user-friendly access to personal streamed content in order to provide guests with complete control over their in-room entertainment experience.
  • Sidestep the need to replace existing television and network equipment.
  • Provide hotel staff with the ability to monitor the performance and quality of in-room entertainment experiences.


  • Implement GuestCast to provide guests with instant and effortless casting abilities for thousands of mobile-based apps.
  • Allow guests to sign-in to streaming accounts using their personal devices without the need to ever enter-in usernames or passwords on guestroom televisions.
  • Leverage GuestCast’s hospitality-tailored design to ensure seamless compatibility with existing hotel operations and equipment.
  • Utilize the GuestCast Analytics Dashboard to identify and address performance issues in real-time in order to minimize any potential drops in service quality.
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