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Cachet Boutique – NYC


An ultra-luxurious hotel that seeks to serve as an urban cultural oasis in the heart of New York City, the Cachet Boutique NYC serves as the U.S. flagship property of Cachet Hospitality Group and is recognized for its lavishly designed guestrooms and outdoor garden areas. Placing a top priority on providing guests with a unique and trendy experience, the hotel is also renowned for its recent acquisition and introduction of the Playboy’s club, alongside other satisfaction-enhancing amenities such as its Cachet Comforts service. In striving to offer guests the latest in guestroom convenience, hotel staff also understand the importance of leveraging technology to live up to today’s standards in entertainment and communication.


While presenting several options to enhance the hotel stay experience, the Cachet Boutique NYC nonetheless recognized a need to effectively communicate the availability of such services to each guest. With guests increasingly overlooking more traditional approaches to promoting services such as printed materials, hotel leadership sought a more up-to-date means of advertising their unique amenities and brand story. At the same time, hotel leadership also identified growing guest demands for in-room entertainment solutions that cater to their desires for online streaming and personalized content.

With the implementation of BeyondTV by HIS, Cachet Boutique NYC is now able to provide guests with a method of learning about hotel services in a way that conforms to their lifestyle preferences. A solution that connects to the guestroom television, BeyondTV greets guests entering their room with video content showcasing details about the Playboy Club as well as other services and promotions currently on offer. BeyondTV also provides Cachet Boutique with the ability to play video loops showcasing the portfolio of branded properties that guests can visit around the world. Guests, as a result, can learn and inquire more into other Cachet Boutique properties during their current stay, leading to stronger brand loyalty and a greater potential for additional revenue.

“As a property that prides itself on offering our guests a truly unique and luxurious experience, BeyondTV serves as a critical tool in spreading awareness of the many extra amenities that we offer,“ says Nicole Levinson, senior vice president of brand strategy and partnerships for Cachet Boutique. “Rather than finding themselves in a quiet and motionless guestroom, BeyondTV injects a sense of vibrance by automatically playing videos that communicate our brand’s story and what we offer, such as the Cachet Comforts service and the upcoming opening of the Playboy Club. This simultaneously ensures that guests know exactly what is available to them in order to gain full satisfaction while also increasing property revenues.”

BeyondTV also fulfills the Cachet Boutique’s goal of providing guests with the latest in-room technology experience, with advanced personal device to guestroom television casting functionality. With a simple push of a button, guests can leverage BeyondTV to play online video and music subscription services on a much larger screen. Users can also use the same casting technology to view social media accounts or personal photos or videos. A vital differentiator is also BeyondTV’s ability of allowing guests to view and order amenities, such as room service via remote control, further enhancing both convenience and property revenue streams. Upon check out, BeyondTV automatically deletes all personal data and also provides guests with the ability to manually remove their information at any time.


  • Identify a means of effectively communicating both the hotel’s brand story and available guest services. Increase guest awareness regarding the property’s upcoming launch of the Playboy’s club. Implement a solution that fully caters to guest demands for personalized content and online streaming. Identify a strategy for overcoming weak and inconsistent Wi-Fi signals that takes building structural limitations into account.
  • Implement a solution that is capable of satisfying guest demands for casting personal content to guestroom televisions.
  • Cater to the growing trend toward enhanced guest convenience via the implementation of voice-activated technology.


  • Leverage BeyondTV’s ability to automatically play video loops showcasing on-site services such as Cachet Comforts, as well as content that promotes other Cachet properties located around the world.
  • Utilize BeyondTV’s loop video playing functionality to also increase interest in the Playboy Club ahead of launch.
  • Equip guests with the latest in personal device to guestroom television casting functionality.
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