GuestCast Case Studies

Cedar House Sports Hotel – Truckee, California


Situated near Lake Tahoe and providing its guests with convenient access to an array of outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing, the Cedar House Sport Hotel is renowned for its ability to provide a positive connection to the natural world by encouraging an active lifestyle. Also catering to modern guest needs as a trendy hotel location, the Cedar Sport Hotel offers an array of appealing amenities that includes guestroom spa baths, electric car charging stations and free WiFi high-speed internet access. In meeting to today’s connectivity demands, the property further seeks to ensure that it is able to provide an in-room entertainment experience that mirrors the same functionality and quality guests find at home and now expect from hotels.


Previously providing guests with a video-on-demand service to address in-room entertainment needs, the Cedar House Sport Hotel ultimately decided to discontinue the service due to a lack of guest use. Like many other properties, hotel leadership realized that guests were instead using personal devices to view streamed subscription services such as Netflix and Hulu. Seeking to enhance guest experiences by providing access to such content on larger guestroom television screens, the property considered several alternative solutions that could reliably function within a hospitality setting. Initially considering the use of smart televisions, the hotel ultimately found such platforms to be problematic due to the lack of privacy controls and risk of guests forgetting to erase sensitive login information.

Instead, Cedar House Sport Hotel decided to partner with Hotel Internet Services in order to implement its industry-leading BeyondTV GuestCast™ platform. A cost-effective, secure and straightforward content casting platform, BeyondTV GuestCast allows guests to instantly cast their own content to guestroom televisions hassle-free from personal computers, iOS or Android-based devices. Compatible with more than 1,000 mobile-based apps, the solution also importantly safeguards sensitive guest data due to its device isolation capabilities that prevent cross-room communication.

“Consumer entertainment technology is evolving so rapidly that we are fast approaching a time where guests will consider a hotel’s lack of content casting abilities to be a considerable negative factor versus finding the availability of such functionality to be a pleasant surprise,” said Patty Baird, Owner and Director of the Cedar House Sport Hotel. “Since implementing BeyondTV GuestCast, we have barely encountered any in-room entertainment issues as the platform mirrors the quality and ease-of-use that guests are accustomed to when at home, yet is straightforward for us to setup and manage thanks to its ability to operate on virtually any television model or internet network. Our decision to implement BeyondTV GuestCast is also due to the solution offering the option of adding subsequent guest convenience enhancing features and services should the need later arise.”

Demonstrating hotel leadership’s belief in the rising demand for casting functionality is the analytical feedback that approximately half of the property’s guestrooms were already utilizing GuestCast within the first week of implementation. With BeyondTV GuestCast, Cedar House Sport Hotel can further ensure that such casting needs are never interrupted thanks to the ability to monitor system health while being backed by 24/7 support from Hotel Internet Services.


  • Locate an effective and sought after entertainment alternative to video-on-demand services.
  • Implement a solution that is easy for guests to access and use while safeguarding their privacy and sensitive data.
  • Ensure that guest in-room entertainment services provide a consistently seamless experience without causing any interruption or troubleshooting issues.


  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s compatibility with more than 1,000 apps to provide each guest with instant casting abilities for virtually any content they wish view on guestroom televisions.
  • Protect guest login information using BeyondTV GuestCast’s device isolation abilities and ability for guests to effortlessly delete personal data.
  • Utilize BeyondTV’s system health monitoring abilities and 24/7 HIS support to guarantee each guest is always able to seamlessly cast and view their content at any time.
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