GuestCast Case Studies

Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro, Fredericia, Denmark


Situated in Fredericia, Denmark, Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro serves as a 77-room boutique private property that welcomes travelers from across all corners of the world. Catering to a diverse guest demographic aiming to experience the sights and sounds of the Jutland region, Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro features a range of amenities intended to promote maximum comfort and relaxation. This includes onsite fine dining as well as a large swimming pool and sauna. Yet to maintain a competitive edge in attracting international travelers from multiple countries, Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro recognizes the importance of leveraging advanced technology to address the now widespread expectation for personalized experiences.



Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro determined that catering to modern guest needs now also included placing a priority on addressing demands for custom-tailored in-room entertainment services. Property leadership notably recognized that a sizeable majority desired the ability to access their own streaming subscriptions in order to view the movies and shows they enjoy when at home. Yet as a location that attracts a substantial number of overseas visitors, the property relized that it required a solution that could guarantee compatibility with a wide range of personal devices and streaming services in use by consumers from around the world.

By adopting GuestCast, Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro is able to ensure that each of its guests can access the same personalized content they enjoy at home in their native language. Importantly, each guest can also rest assured that their personal device will be able to wirelessly cast content to the guestroom TV, thanks to GuestCast’s instant compatibility with virtually any Apple- or Android-based device as well as laptop computers. Also featuring compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps, GuestCast can provide access to a wide range of streaming subscriptions in order to adapt to the unique preferences of guests regardless of where in the world they may be visiting from.

Ensuring both a successful solution rollout and heightened guest satisfaction is the ability of GuestCast to guarantee a user-friendly and intuitive interaction experience. Regardless of a guest’s native language or their familiarity with technology, GuestCast provides each user with a hassle-free device-pairing process that can be as easy as scanning a QR code on the guestroom TV. The solution further enhances guest confidence with the system thanks to its built-in security and privacy features. Unlike smart televisions and several other competing solutions, GuestCast does not require guests to enter-in streaming subscription login details on the guestroom TV. With its cutting-edge device isolation capabilities, GuestCast even protects guest privacy by preventing content from being accidently or maliciously streamed to televisions located in other guestrooms.

“Hotels regardless of size need to keep pace with evolving guest expectations and while in-room entertainment is certainly no exception, it can become costly if it means having to replace all guestroom TVs each time that a new service or feature comes out,” said Anders Løkkegaard Madsen, Director of Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro. ”Thanks to GuestCast, we have been able to adopt the latest abilities in personalized entertainment that travelers around the world are seeking out, all without replacing even one of our currently in-use televisions. In addition to keeping installation costs down, we could not be happier with the service quality and ease-of-use that our guests routinely now have access to, and are thrilled to say that we have experienced no troubleshooting issues since deploying the solution.”

Løkkegaard Madsen Director of Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro

As a content streaming solution purpose-built for hotel environments, GuestCast boasts plug and play functionality that is instantly compatible with virtually any television model and WiFi network in use by today’s properties. This advantage notably provided Hotel Kryb I Ly Kro with the ability to avoid the considerable expenses experienced by a sister property, where 140 televisions had been replaced in order to obtain the same abilities that GuestCast routinely provides.


  • Provide international travelers with access to streamed content that is instantly tailored to their individual preferences.
  • Create an intuitive interaction experience that guarantees ease-of-use regardless of familiarity with modern streaming platforms.
  • Ensure a consistently high quality experience for each user.


  • Leverage GuestCast’s compatibility with 1,000s of mobile-based streaming apps in order to deliver an experience that can adapt to the interests and language of each guest no matter which region of the world they are from.
  • Provide guests with access their using GuestCast’s user-friendly interface and simplified device-pairing process sidesteps the need for staff assistance.
  • Utilize the GuestCast Analytics Dashboard to monitor performance quality for each device in addition to a guestroom’s WiFi signal strength.
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