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Hourglass – Bakersfield, California


An Ascend Collection property located in Bakersfield, California, Hourglass Hotel is a luxury boutique destination with a reputation for combining modern-day elegance and convenience into a resort style setting. With amenities that include an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub as well as luxurious furnishings for each guestroom, Hourglass Hotel ensures that each guest can find comfort and relaxation no matter what their individual preferences may be. To guarantee that guests are fully satisfied with their stay experience, Hourglass Hotel also significantly strives to cater to modern demands for seamless online connectivity and personalized in-room entertainment.


As part of a renovation featuring a modern refreshment of its lobby, open courtyard, swimming pool, cabanas and guestroom/suite areas, Hourglass Hotel leadership also placed a priority on providing its guests with exceptional internet service quality and access to personalized streamed entertainment options. To ensure success, property leadership set itself the goal of identifying a solutions provider with a proven track record of implementing high-performance WiFi networks and with expertise in catering to guest demands for easy access to personal streaming subscriptions on guestroom TVs.

By partnering with HIS, the upscale boutique property was notably able to address its WiFi service needs while working around other renovation projects in order to minimize disruptions or delays. With HIS technicians performing any necessary hardware installations as blocks of rooms become available following renovation, Hourglass Hotel was nonetheless able to swiftly deploy a WiFi network upgrade ensuring fast speeds and connection reliability. This was achieved thanks to HIS utilizing the latest in network hardware technology in addition to leveraging its industry-specific expertise. Examples include the strategic placement of advanced Ruckus access points, guaranteeing a strong and uninterrupted WiFi signal while eliminating any WiFi coverage dead zones that can often result in guest frustration.

“Both internet access and streamed entertainment rank high on the list of guest priorities, so we likewise made it a priority to adopt the latest capabilities and ensure that when guests stay with us, they experience something that is both exceptional and memorable… “From the start, HIS has been very accommodating in serving our needs while our building underwent renovation and have continued to make themselves readily available should an issue suddenly arise. Our WiFi service now consistently operates at 200Mbps, which is sufficient to cater to bandwidth-intensive activities such as online streaming and ensure that guest experiences are always seamless. With casting services available in each guestroom, guests staying at our property can also look forward to effortlessly accessing the content they enjoy at home while on the road.”

Sonny Gulati CFO, Hourglass Hotel

Using BeyondTV enabled with GuestCast, Hourglass Hotel guests can personalize their in-room entertainment experience thanks to the platform’s compatibility with thousands of mobile-based streaming apps. This includes instant access to all of the leading streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, ESPN, HBO Max and more. The solution also importantly addresses guest concerns over security and privacy by automatically erasing all usage data when a guest checks out.


  • Address guest demands for seamless access to a fast and reliable hotel WiFi service.
  • Implement a guestroom entertainment experience able to align with modern guest expectations for access to personalized streamed content.


  • Leverage HIS technology and industry expertise to deploy a robust network capable of delivering fast speeds and seamless connections throughout all onsite hotel locations.
  • Install BeyondTV with GuestCast in order to provide each guest with hassle-free access to virtually any content streaming subscription of choice.
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