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The Ashbrooke Hotel Door County, Wisconsin


A luxury property located in Wisconsin that specializes in serving as an adults only retreat, The Ashbrooke Hotel is designed to guarantee total relaxation and peace of mind to both couples and those seeking a break from daily schedules. Featuring an enticing array of amenities and services, many of its rooms and suites include two-person whirlpools and gas-burning fireplaces, while those wishing to enjoy the area’s scenic and cultural surroundings can venture over to the property’s spacious outdoor sundeck or outdoor fire pit. Yet to ensure maximum enjoyment throughout the course of a guest’s stay, The Ashbrooke Hotel also places a top priority on aligning its in-room entertainment experiences with modern preferences, behaviors and expectations



As a property aiming to provide travelers with the latest comforts and services, The Ashbrooke Hotel’s leadership recognized that today’s guests overwhelmingly desire access to personalized in-room entertainment via their own streaming subscriptions. However, the property also realized that it required the adopting of a user-friendly streaming platform in order to effectively cater to each of its guests with varying levels of experience with technology. At the same time, The Ashbrooke Hotel further identified a need to ensure heightened data security and privacy in order to address any potential concerns that guests may have with interacting with a streaming platform that is used by other members of the public.

The Ashbrooke Hotel’s decision to adopt GuestCast ultimately comes from the property’s goal to ensure maximum enjoyment while staying a step ahead of the latest trends and expectations. As the industry’s leading content streaming solution purposely designed for hotel guestroom environments, GuestCast notably guarantees an easy, secure, and instantly personalized in-room entertainment experience regardless of a guest’s familiarity with technology.

Unlike competing casting solutions that often feature a complex and time-consuming device registration process, GuestCast ensures that the property’s guests can effortlessly access their own streaming subscriptions as easily as scanning a QR code. Additionally and in contrast to smart TVs, GuestCast sidesteps the need for guests to share sensitive login information which can reduce confidence and deter many from utilizing a guestroom television to view personalized content. Taking guest privacy and security a step further, GuestCast also features advanced device isolation abilities to prevent content from being accidentally or maliciously streamed to televisions located in other guestrooms.

“Regardless of whether they are visiting for a romantic getaway or for a relaxing change of pace, our guests undoubtedly prefer to be able to interact with an in-room entertainment experience that mirrors the instant personalization and ease-of-use that they are accustomed to on a daily basis when at home,” said Fred Anderson, Owner of The Ashbrooke Hotel. “With its compatibility with thousands of mobile streaming apps as well as an interface that’s as secure as it is user-friendly, GuestCast was the clear choice in adopting a streaming platform capable of accommodating the highest service quality expectations.”

Fred Anderson Owner of The Ashbrooke Hotel

To ensure consistent industry-leading performance, GuestCast is also equipped with an innovative Analytics Dashboard. This feature importantly provides hotel staff with the ability to monitor individual GuestCast device health in real-time, ensuring that any suddenly arising issue is identified and addressed before guest satisfaction rates begin to decline. GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard can even be used to analyze WiFi signal strength for each guestroom where the solution is deployed, providing hotels with a crucial opportunity to maintain an internet access experience that always represents high-speed and reliable online connectivity.


  • Provide guests with instant access to their own streaming service subscriptions on guestroom TVs.
  • Guarantee guest ease-of-use regardless of their level of expertise with technology.
  • Eliminate any concerns that guests may have when entering personal login information into a streaming platform used by other members of the public.


  • Leverage GuestCast’s compatibility with 1,000s of mobile-based streaming apps in order to always seamlessly reflect an in-room entertainment experience that matches individual content-viewing preferences.
  • Utilize GuestCast’s user-friendly interface and simplified device-pairing process to bypass any need for hotel staff assistance.
  • Eliminate the requirement for guests to share sensitive login details on guestroom TVs while leveraging GuestCast’s device isolation abilities to ensure complete privacy.
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