GuestCast Case Studies

The Clifton – Charlottesville, Virginia


A historic 20-room inn embodying the charm of its local surroundings, The Clifton is set on 100 acres of Virginia countryside and is located only minutes away from downtown Charlottesville. The boutique hotel aims to provide each of its guests with an experience that’s rich in regional culture and that guarantees a relaxing and enjoyable stay. This includes catering to guest desires to experience local cuisine at the onsite 1799 restaurant, while at the same time addressing guest expectations for modern services such as access to personalized in-room entertainment.


Previously providing guests with access to cable television, The Clifton recognized that today’s guests now predominately favor being able to access streamed content that can be tailored to their unique interests. This was especially the case for The Clifton, which typically attracts a 27- to 38-year old age demographic, many of which have canceled their own cable or satellite TV subscriptions due to relying more on streaming services. Property leadership therefore gave itself the challenge of identifying a solution that could address guest demands for instant access to personalized entertainment, but that could also function seamlessly in a hotel environment and that could guarantee ease-of-use for first-time users.

In selecting GuestCast to cater to this ever-growing guest trend, The Clifton gains a hospitality purpose-built solution that can guarantee a hassle-free experience even for first-time users. Following a simplified device-pairing process which can be as easy as scanning a QR code, property guests using GuestCast can instantly access virtually any streaming service of choice thanks to the platform’s compatibility with thousands of mobile apps.

“Although the vast majority of guests now prefer to stream, this expectation becomes essentially universal when catering to a millennial or Gen Z demographic, so we were determined to adopt the best possible streaming experience the industry has to offer and HIS with GuestCast certainly did not disappoint our expectations… The platform not only provides easy and immediate access to the exact streaming content that each guest enjoys, but also ensures their confidence with using the system by sidestepping potential security vulnerabilities that can exist with other solutions such as smart TVs.”

Phyllis Case Executive Director of Sales at The Clifton

Notably, for guests using GuestCast, the platform never requires access to sensitive streaming account information which may be at risk of theft if a guest forgets to erase usernames and passwords prior to check-out. Equipped with innovative device isolation capabilities, GuestCast also prevents the possibility of guests streaming content to televisions located in other guestrooms. This not only protects guest privacy but also eliminates the possibility of content being maliciously transmitted to televisions in use by a separate guest party.

As a solution purposefully designed for use in hotel environments, GuestCast also comes equipped with a high-value Analytics Dashboard. Using the Dashboard, hoteliers can maintain a real-time and in-depth overview of streaming performance and use for each individual GuestCast device, ensuring that any issues are always swiftly addressed before resulting in guest frustration. GuestCast’s Analytics Dashboard further provides hotel businesses with the ability to monitor WiFi signal strength for each guestroom where a device has been deployed. This capability importantly allows hoteliers to narrow down the source of an internet connectivity issue in order to maintain high service standards that always align with guest expectations.


  • Implement a guestroom entertainment experience able to address modern guest expectations for access to personalized streamed content.
  • Ensure that guests are able to easily access their own content on guestroom TVs.
  • Sidestep guest concerns over data security and privacy.
  • Provide hotel staff with the ability to monitor solution performance and adoption rates amongst guests.


  • Deploy GuestCast in each guestroom in order to provide guests with instant access to virtually any streamed subscription service of choice. mobile-based streaming apps.
  • Provide guests with a simplified device-pairing process that can be as easy as scanning a QR code.
  • Leverage the GuestCast Dashboard for real-time analytics into device health, WiFi connectivity quality and guest usage.
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