Increase you patient satisfaction and comfort with an easy-to-use and low cost casting service for your healthcare facility.

Initially designed for use in a hotel environment, GuestCast’s® was designed to deliver what the vast majority of guests were increasingly looking for as their television entertainment. GuestCast’s secure platform allows users to directly cast content from thousands of apps including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, ESPN and more. Leveraging the existing internet connection, patients equipped with an iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet, Mac® or Windows® laptop or any custom device can effortlessly and instantly make use of a larger screen.

Here is what Oneview Healthcare has to say about GuestCast – “Oneview’s goal is to help patients feel comfortable during their hospital stay and part of this is empowering them with the tools that give them a sense of normalcy. GuestCast’s casting is amazing and it works seamlessly with our product, we needed to find someone who could integrate efficiently to provide the best possible experience for our patients and we’re glad we found them!”


Powered by Google Chromecast

We designed GuestCast with device isolation so that there was no possibility of cross-room communication, where a patient or guest was accidentally sending their content to the wrong room, or where someone with malicious intent could take over another’s TV, yet that was quick and simple to pair the users device with, and which we could install in virtually any network environment with minimal requirements.

Thousands of popular apps available to cast from your mobile devices.

Your patients can continue watching all their programs, shows and movies while they are staying with you. Helping them access their favorite content enhances their experience while they are staying at your facility.

Optional Remote

Exclusively offered by GuestCast, our optional remote makes casting even easier. Here are just a few benefits.
(Custom equipment and devices can also be used to cast your patients personal content.)

Intuitive, Cleanable, Backlit Remote With One Button For TV And Casting

Remote With Smooth Top-Case For Easy Cleaning By Spray Or Wipe-Down With Disinfectant Wipes.

No Key Holes Prevents Battery Theft And Has Extra-Long Battery Life

Integrates Easily With Your Television Programming

Users Can Stream Thousands Of Cast Enabled Apps From Their Ios And Android Devices

Device Isolation To Ensure Users Only Cast To Their TV


User Analytics and Dashboard

With the newly launched GuestCast Dashboard, administrators can now get instant and real-time insight into the performance and success of their in-room entertainment strategies. Via a single user-friendly interface, administrators can monitor the number of GuestCast devices being used and can determine the total number of usage hours per month. Using the same dashboard, staff can also analyze the performance of each individual GuestCast devices in order to identify and correct potential issues, ensuring consistently high rates of user satisfaction. A feature designed with the connectivity needs of all types of properties in mind, the GuestCast Dashboard further provides the ability to analyze Wi-Fi signal quality throughout a property. Administrators can effortlessly identify an access point that is leading to a lapse in online speeds and connection strength consistency, ensuring that a solution can be implemented before a drop in reputations or complaints are experienced.