High Speed Internet Access

High Speed Internet Access & Hospitality WiFi Custom-designed to Match Your Needs

Hotel Internet Services provides cutting-edge, robust high speed internet access that is custom-engineered for the unique needs of hotels, resorts, casinos, military and student housing, timeshares, condos, conference centers, apartments and many other commercial venues. Our wired and wireless internet service ensures that all users are guaranteed an online experience that is stable and that always offers a high-speed connection. From connecting multiple devices to streaming movies or sharing files during a video chat session, your guests or residents demand a hospitality WiFi service that can cater to their every online need. Serving as the industry’s leading provider of online connectivity for almost 20 years, Hotel Internet Services has the expertise and resources needed to implement advanced, yet cost-effective networks that can fully accommodate the latest online behaviors and preferences. With 24/7 support available and with patented technology that provides properties with unmatched control over their hospitality WiFi service, Hotel Internet services is also ready to provide you with the tools you need to always ensure a seamless, secure and reliable network experience.

Key Elements:

  • Expandable Architecture: Hospitality WiFi needs are evolving faster than ever before. HIS networks are designed with full scalability in mind, allowing properties to seamlessly and affordably update their abilities as needs change to support future devices, applications and services.
  • Interactive Guest Portal/Login Pages: Any promotional campaign is only as effective as its ability to reach its target audience. With most guests visiting a hotel’s login page to enable WiFi access, HIS enables properties with the ability to incorporate unique marketing and branding features. Have a new service or promotion that you wish your guests to hear about? Help spread the word with our customizable guest portal and login pages!
  • Dynamic Pricing: Different guests have different online needs. Our hospitality WiFi service provides your guests with the option purchasing higher speeds via tiered bandwidth pricing for premium access. While still providing the option of free WiFi access, let your guests decide what form of access suits them best in addition to increasing your property’s revenue earning potential.
  • Flexible Billing Options: Choose a payment method that works best for you! Properties can either incorporate their existing Property Management System (PMS) or utilize a hassle-free credit card payment service maintained and managed by HIS.
  • Dynamic VLAN: Few things are more important to your guests and customers than your ability to guarantee that their privacy and data is always secure. With its dynamic VLAN platform, HIS can provide each guest with their own private/secure connection (Guest Private Network), mirroring the quality of online network protections that they experience in their own home. Maintain the trust of your guests and customers by demonstrating your commitment to implementing the latest in data encryption and private network technology!
  • HIS Property Dashboard: To guarantee that guests always find the high quality hospitality WiFi experience that they seek, properties must always be able to monitor network health and quickly identify any problematic issues as soon as they arise. HIS with its proprietary portal provides clients with an unmatched ability to analyze all components of a network in real time, while also providing direct control over every aspect to ensure optimal internet performance. These abilities are further enhanced by the HIS commitment to offering 24/7 support 365 days a year.