Convention Services

Meeting planners require reliable and customizable wired/wireless internet access for their conferences, seminars, and meetings. Ensure your ability to fully cater to all of their needs with HIS!

Attracting conventions and conferences is one of the most profitable decisions that a hotelier can make, with 85 percent of such meetings within the US taking place in a hotel setting and generating more than 275 million room nights annually. Yet to be successful, hoteliers must be able to fully cater to the needs of convention and conference planners, with 94 percent citing reliable WiFi as a requirement. As the industry’s leading provider of wired and wireless network solutions, Hotel Internet Services has the expertise and tools you need to meet any convention online connectivity demand, maximizing your ability to attract such business and ultimately boosting revenues.


HIS can cater to an array of convention planner requirements, including requests for dedicated internet bandwidth, WiFi or wired connectivity, enhanced security with the use of virtual private networks, as well as a host of other services that may be sought out. HIS can even provide its dedicated team of IT specialists during the course of a convention to ensure a seamless online experience for all and to cater to any specific requests that planners or attendees may have at any point.


Companies around the world are increasingly seeking out hotels that can ensure a reliable and customized hospitality WiFi experience for their off-site meetings. Contact Hotel Internet Services today to learn more about how you can boost your ability to attract one of the industry’s most profitable ventures!