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24/7 Guest Support

When it comes to delivering Wi-Fi, problems are bound to occur. From login difficulties to weak signals, accessing the internet is not always a simple proposition.

How you handle those problems is key and central to our mission to provide users with the very best and robust Wi-Fi experience. Guest devices, their browsers and email clients are all supported by our expert staff twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are here to help your guests get online and stay online!

24-7-365Guest Support Services

Hotel Internet Services’ Guest Support Service for hotel guests is provided by our 24x7x365 call center and consists of troubleshooting steps such as:

  • Basic Wi-Fi card driver help – The HIS Call Center will attempt to determine if the End-User has a working Wi-Fi Card that is locating a Wireless Signal using guidelines set for the most common types of Wi-Fi Cards.
  • SSID configuration – The HIS Call Center will verify what the correct SSID is for the location that an End-User is accessing as well as verify that the End-User has the correct SSID set in their Network Connection, using a basic guideline developed for the most common operating systems, and the most common Wi-Fi cards.
  • Login difficulties – The Hotel Internet Services Call Center will review with the End-User the correct format for the username on the log in pages. The HIS Call Center will attempt to verify that the correct settings are enabled in the End-Users Browser, and verify that the End-User is not using security software that may be blocking access.
  • Location specific coverage issues – The HIS Call Center will verify the Location details of the Hotspot that the End-User is accessing, and will direct the End User to any specific coverage location(s) that is listed in the database.
  • E-mail – The HIS Call Center will provide the End-User with the settings needed to send and receive email over a wireless connection using the most common email programs.
  • VPN issues – The HIS Call Center will help an End-User set up a new VPN connection using the most common guidelines. The Call Center will direct the end-user to their own Network Administrator for any settings on an existing VPN that the end-user is trying to access.
For more information on 24x7x365 call center support services, please call us at 855-999-8110.