24/7 Guest Support

When it comes to delivering Wi-Fi, problems are bound to occur. From login difficulties to weak signals, ensuring your guests can seamlessly access the internet is not always a simple proposition.

How you are equipped to handle such problems is key and central to our mission of providing users with the very best and most robust Wi-Fi experience. In delivering this objective, HIS not only provides hoteliers with always available client support & monitoring services, but also ensures that guests themselves are able to benefit from industryleading expert advice the moment it is needed. Our expert support staff are available to your serve your guests’ online needs twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. From facilitating the seamless connection of  guest devices, to ensuring that their browsers and email clients are always easily accessible, you can always count on HIS to help your guests get online and stay online!

24-7-365Guest Support Services

The HIS Guest Support Service for hotel guests is provided by our 24x7x365 call center and can accommodate an array troubleshooting needs that include:

  • Basic WiFi Card Driver Assistance – The HIS Call Center can determine if the end-user has a working WiFi Card that is able to locate a wireless signal using expert guidelines created for the most prevalent types of WiFi Cards.
  • SSID configuration –HIS Call Center staff will verify what the correct SSID is for the location that an end-user attempting to access, as well as verify that the end-user has the correct SSID set in their network connection. This is achieved using guidelines developed for the most frequently used  operating systems and WiFi cards.
  • Addressing Login Difficulties – The Hotel Internet Services Call Center will work with your guests in swiftly identifying and overcoming any login issues. This can include reviewing the correct format for the username on login pages with the End-User. The HIS Call Center can also verify that the correct settings are enabled in the end-users browser, and can verify that the end-user is not using security software that may be blocking access.
  • Location Specific Coverage Issues –HIS Call Center staff can verify the location details of the hotspot that the end-user is accessing, and will direct the end user to any specific coverage location(s) that is listed in the database.
  • Email – The HIS Call Center can provide end-users utilizing commonly used email services with the settings needed to send and receive email over a wireless connection.
  • VPN issues – The HIS Call Center can assist an end-user in setting up a new VPN connection using accepted industry The Call Center can further direct the end-user to their own network administrator for any settings on an existing VPN that the end-user is attempting to access.

For more information on how our 24x7x365 call center support services can fully cater to the online needs of your property and guests, please call HIS at 855-999-8110 or send us a message.