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Wi-Fi Security

Aside from providing your guests with an ultra-stable high-speed connection, our most important service is SECURITY! The HIS objective is to strengthen your ability to protect your guests and our proven best-practices take care of business. Our gateway continuously evolves its encryption and other security protocols, to fend off the latest threats to online security.

As news of online security vulnerabilities and data theft continues to resurface repeatedly throughout the hospitality industry, our security platform serves as a vital line of defense against the increasing scale of network attacks. Engineered by programmers with decades of experience in the security industry, our platform is unique in its capabilities to shield customers during the most sensitive of data transactions, such as when guests provide personal credit or banking data to hotels.

This is accomplished, by the platform’s ability to analyze weaknesses that have been exploited by hackers in the past, and revising its programming accordingly. We take it a step further by anticipating potential factors and vulnerabilities that may lead to a future online attack, and taking steps to prevent them.

The HIS Wi-Fi Platform really raises the bar on what hotels should demand and expect from their IP and voice network providers, when it comes to effective security. Not only is the solution PCI compliant, it is an application layer, transport layer and IP layer firewall, allowing finite control of every packet and its destination. Combined with exact, and security conscious, installation standards, the platform was designed to ensure that each network segment is strictly segregated and off-limits to all other traffic. For example, hotels that use our solution are confident that administrative data is kept completely separate from guest data traffic, and therefore the risk of sensitive information being unintentionally shared or falling into the wrong hands is eliminated.

For an added layer of security, the HIS Wi-Fi Platform creates a private network for each hotel guest, this feature allows guests to log in, enter passwords and use personal devices with complete peace-of-mind.

Our “at home experience” feature provides guests with a virtual network that allows them to securely access their devices from anywhere throughout a property. Guests visiting the pool area for instance, are able to print documents remotely by sending a request to their printer located in their guestroom and connected to their personal network. A guest that inadvertently left a device behind in their guestroom may also be able to retrieve vital documents by initiating a secure file transfer. The service can also shield properties from unauthorized guest activities, such as illegal downloads. Instead of running the risk of having online access turned off by an Internet Service Provider, hoteliers can automatically prevent illegal activity in a manner that is both highly effective and considerate of guest privacy.