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Wired & Wireless Guestroom Access

From to U.S News & World Report, survey after survey shows that WiFi is the number one amenity that your guests want!  To many guests, it is more important than room service or even free parking. Yet just as important is the ability to provide a satisfactory hospitality WiFi experience, with 80 percent of guests admitting that they would never return to a hotel that provided poor connectivity. Today’s guests additionally travel with more devices than ever before: from smartphones to tablets and laptops as well as wearables. Your guests expect a fast and reliable WiFi connection for each of their devices as they experience when at home. With the growing presence of such high-powered devices on your property, your wireless network must therefore be capable of providing the bandwidth that each device requires and that your guests demand. With its many years of catering to the hospitality WiFi needs of hundreds of properties throughout the US, Hotel Internet Services has the experience and expertise you need to implement an advanced yet cost-effective network solution that can fully accommodate a multitude of devices and even the most demanding of online activities.

Additionally, HIS believes in future-proofing our installations so that they meet the needs of your guests today and tomorrow. Whether you need a completely new installation or an upgrade, Hotel Internet Services will provide you with latest technologies and equipment to ensure all guest online needs can be met long into the foreseeable future. Our scalable network design also ensures that any later need to add new services or abilities can be accomplished with minimal expense and interruption to existing systems.  With each hotel and guest often requiring different needs from a hospitality WiFi service, HIS also provides alternative tiered bandwidth options and a billing system that can help to offset costs.

Investing in a robust Wi-Fi network is consistently proven to be critical in obtaining satisfied guests and in ensuring that you meet their standards in being able to deliver the ultimate hotel stay experience. Maximize your potential to earn your guests’ loyalty and future visits with Hotel Internet Services while also boosting your online reputation on review sites such as TripAdvisor, Trivago and Yelp.

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Let HIS Manage Your Network So You Don’t Have to

Hotel Internet Services offers a powerful web-based application that performs the arduous back-office tasks necessary to operate and manage a seamless internet access experience for your guests. Key features include:

  • Billing
  • Content Filtering
  • Provisioning
  • Monitoring
  • Authorization and Usage Tracking
  • SSL Certificates for Encrypting Information
  • Authentication
  • Revenue Reporting
  • User Statistics

Operating all aspects of a hotel’s WiFi network to ensure continuous guest satisfaction can be a complex task. Let Hotel Internet Services simplify your operations by allowing us to oversee all network management functions for you, providing you with more valuable time to focus on what matters most: your guests! HIS offers options for wired and/or wireless service throughout meeting facilities, guestrooms, and common areas to fit your specific requirements. Our expert technicians always utilize best-of-breed hardware and software to manage the entire service and to ensure that your network is always equipped to handle the latest online demands.

Partner with the industry’s leading hospitality WiFi provider to maximize your guests’ online experience and your bottom-line!