Thank you for joining us at HITEC 2023 in Toronto!

It was great to see all of our customers and meet so many wonderful people!

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Advanced WiFi Systems by HIS continue to set the industry’s standard in high-performance and high-speed connectivity. With its expertise specifically dedicated to the online needs of hotels, HIS ensures that a property’s network infrastructure can conform to the latest guest expectations while maintaining a top priority on data security and privacy.

An official provider of the Ruckus IoT Suite, HIS empowers industry businesses with a converged internet network for all of their IoT device and system needs. Using a single interface and online infrastructure, hoteliers and their employees can sidestep the headaches and complications of managing multiple, often conflicting wireless networks for their various IoT-enabled services.

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Casting is what your guests are asking for!

With the award-winning GuestCast, provide your guests with an affordable casting platform that nonetheless comes equipped with the latest in in-room entertainment technology. Engineered specifically for hotel environments and recently named in-room entertainment solution of the year by the TravelTech Breakthrough Awards, GuestCast ensures seamless and hassle-free access to personalized content on guestroom televisions. At the same time, and thanks to its advanced security capabilities, GuestCast maintains heightened confidence and trust by always keeping guest information and privacy safe.

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