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Give your guests a voice in guestroom service and entertainment…and increase your revenue!

Enhance guest service NOW with affordable voice control & casting

BeyondTV by Hotel Internet Services is the hospitality industry’s most advanced In-room entertainment and casting system, which also features industry leading Amazon Alexa voice control and so much more! Set your property apart, increase guest satisfaction and maximize revenue with the unique features of BeyondTV, including:

•   Mobile casting of thousands of guest apps

•   Guestroom temperature and lighting controls

•   Complete log-in and password security

•   In room dining and hotel amenity ordering

•   Amazon Alexa voice controls for TV, concierge and other amenities

•   Streaming Hollywood movies

•   And many other advanced features!

In a recent article by Hotel Business reviewing HITEC 2018 called, “Voice dominates HITEC Houston” Voice Control in-room technology was the Hot Technology.

Hotel Internet Services’ Beyond TV platform added voice control functionality via Amazon’s Alexa to control the television and room amenities;…

… Still, while some may be wary about voice technology today, keynote speaker Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, a global consultancy on designing companies for the 21st century, made this point: “Think of the people who are actually going to live [in the future].”

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What Chromecast®, Apple TV®, Roku® and Amazon Fire TV® bring to the home, guests can now enjoy in their guestroom. BeyondTV is also a natural medium for local and national advertising providing your establishment with additional revenue!

The BeyondTV platform provides the industry with a cost- effective solution that allows properties to recreate the same advanced TV entertainment functionality that many consumers have become accustomed to in their own homes, and is increasingly being sought out by hotel guests, when traveling.

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Sales: 855-999-8110

Corporate and Support: 866-265-7575

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