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IoT technologies are taking the hospitality industry by storm, and for good reason. From smart devices like thermostats and lights to motion sensors and digital key platforms, IoT technology is revolutionizing what it means to operate an efficient, adaptive, and profitable hotel business. 

With the Internet of Things, hoteliers are also discovering how they can cater to the now widespread guest expectation for experience personalization. From the moment they first arrive, guests visiting an IoT-enabled hotel can look forward to enhanced experiences including instantly personalized service recommendations, guestrooms with ideal temperature and light settings, faster and easier access to hotel amenities, swift responses to requests or queries, and much more.   

Yet for the unwary hotelier, trying to ensure a successful IoT adoption strategy does come with its fair share of potential complications. Far from being a simple plug-and-play, consumer IoT devices require the support of an adequate online infrastructure before they can even begin to provide the anticipated results that hoteliers intend. 

Whether a digital key service provides guests with convenient room access via a personal device or a sensor responsible for maintaining refrigeration temperatures, the ability of IoT solutions to communicate and share data seamlessly is critical to achieving a successful deployment. Anything less inevitably results in slow performance, system crashes, and ultimately, inefficient hotel operations that lead to higher costs and frustrated guests.

Ruckus IoT Suite

Ruckus IoT Suite

With the vast majority of IoT-based platforms, therefore, requiring a fast and reliable online connection in order to function correctly, Hotel Internet Services with the Ruckus IoT Suite ensures that hoteliers can adopt a single network able to consistently provide high-performance quality for all their IoT platform needs. 

Capable of supporting a vast range of devices and systems, the Ruckus IoT suite utilizes cutting-edge network technology that can effortlessly accommodate a multitude of platforms while still delivering high-speed communication abilities. The suite is notably capable of being scalable as hoteliers add new devices or seek wider service coverage.

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

IoT-based solutions able to be seamlessly supported by the Ruckus IoT suite include:

  • Door locks and door sensors
  • Motion and occupancy sensors
  • In-room thermostats, lights, and blinds
  • Staff panic buttons and badges
  • Asset location beacons
  • Refrigerator/freezer temperature and humidity control
  • Water and gas leak detection
  • Alarms and electric plug sockets

Designed as a flexible platform able to adapt to a property’s existing infrastructure, the Ruckus IoT Suite can be deployed either by using WiFi 6 access points or by attaching a USB IoT module to pre-WiFi 6 access point hardware. Either option ensures that internet-connected devices are able to seamlessly transmit and collect data without running into weak signal issues. 

With the Ruckus IoT module, hoteliers can effortlessly sidestep issues with disparate IoT platforms using different communication protocols and can leverage both Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Zigbee for endpoint connectivity. 

Ruckus IoT Controller

With the Ruckus IoT Controller, hoteliers can easily monitor and manage IoT performance for non-Wi-Fi-connected devices. A platform that allows for the enterprise IoT management of all IoT-based solutions, the Ruckus IoT Controller serves as a single user-friendly source for maintaining alignment with property IoT service goals, while also offering simplified abilities to add new services and devices as the need arises. 

Hoteliers can also take advantage of open APIs to ensure the seamless integration of devices and services with IoT cloud services and analytical software. With this advantage, the Ruckus IoT Controller ensures that hotel businesses can always keep an active pulse on the success of their IoT strategies while benefiting from high-value insights indicating how strategies can be further refined and improved.

Enhanced Cybersecurity

As hotels become increasingly interconnected environments featuring a wide array of online devices and systems, the need for enhanced cybersecurity has become even more crucial to safeguarding guests and business reputations. 

However, with the Ruckus IoT Suite hoteliers and their guests can put such concerns to rest. The solution comes equipped with a multi-layered approach to preventing virtually any type of cyberattack a hacker may attempt to perform. This includes radio and application-level encryption that protects in-transit data between devices and access points. 

Other security-enhancing features include traffic isolation and the use of digital certificates to further address and eliminate potential online security vulnerabilities.   

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Undertaking an IoT adoption strategy can often overwhelm hoteliers who have little knowledge of which, out of the multitude of available devices, makes the most sense for the needs of their business.  For hoteliers requiring assistance on which IoT devices and services fit the needs of their business, experienced Hotel Internet Servives technicians are also on hand to provide guidance and ensure that a selected platform is able to deliver anticipated results.