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Capstone at Barton Chapel – Augusta, GA


Located in Augusta, Georgia, Capstone at Barton Chapel is a 100-unit apartment complex catering predominantly to families. Originally constructed in 1975, the complex has recently undergone an extensive renovation with residents now able to benefit from new flooring, cabinets, bathrooms, windows and appliances. A redevelopment project featuring a collective partnership with multiple organizations including The City of Augusta, Capstone at Barton Chapel aims to provide its residents with the comforts and conveniences that reflect today’s expectations for a modern home.


As part of its renovation, property leadership determined that a priority should be given to addressing widespread needs for fast and reliable WiFi access. With the overwhelming majority of residents seeking online connectivity for a range of daily needs, Capstone at Barton Chapel sought out a new WiFi service capable of supporting multiple devices and bandwidth-intensive behaviors such as streaming, file downloads and video conference tools. To gain a competitive edge, property management also set itself the goal of providing internet access across its premises in order to accommodate mobile-oriented lifestyles and residents who may wish to gain WiFi access from the property’s gym, BBQ area and business center.

By partnering with MDU Internet Services, the property was able to benefit from an extensive network site survey determining precisely where and what kind of hardware needed to be installed to address WiFi upgrade goals. This included deploying the latest in Ruckus access point technology and installing each unit within optimal areas to maintain adequate WiFi signal coverage.

“WiFi connectivity is universally essential for today’s tenants who often consider it to be as important as electricity, so the ability to directly provide it as a value-added service that eliminates complications for our residents is something that certainly gives us a competitive edge,” said Seth Hamilton, Vice President, Asset Management/Information Technology at The Banyan Foundation, Inc., which operates Capstone at Barton Chapel. “We look forward to providing each tenant with the high-speed internet access they need to work, communicate, manage daily tasks, and otherwise fully enjoy their at-home experience.”

Seth Hamilton Vice President, Asset Management/Information Technology at The Banyan Foundation, Inc.

To maintain resident satisfaction, WiFi networks installed by MDU Internet Services are backed by the provider’s 24/7 performance monitoring and support. This advantage ensures that any suddenly arising troubleshooting are adequately addressed.


  • Ensure reliable WiFi access to each resident within their apartment units as well as throughout the premises.
  • Maintain consistent high quality online experiences in order to preserve resident satisfaction rates.


  • Utilize HIS expertise to perform a site survey and install network hardware such as Ruckus access points within strategic areas in order to provide reliable WiFi signal coverage at minimal expense.
  • Provide access to 24/7 HIS support in order to swiftly address any network performance or troubleshooting issues that may suddenly arise.
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