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The Crossings at Winter Park – FL


A luxury student housing community ideally situated between several of Central Florida’s leading college campuses, The Crossings at Winter Park seeks to provide its residents with all the comforts they need to create the ideal home away from home. Each of the property’s 21 units include modern kitchen setups and fully furnished living rooms, as well as access to the property’s swimming pool and sun patio. As a community predominately catering to a younger demographic, The Crossings at Winter Park also aims to cater to modern needs and expectations for high-speed and reliable internet access.


When it comes to WiFi connectivity, The Crossings at Winter Park understands that today’s college students more than ever require high-performance internet access in order to complete course assignments, stay in touch with family and friends or simply for entertainment purposes. Yet despite paying a substantial fee for its WiFi service, residents of the community continued to encounter slow speeds and signal disruption that only led to frustration. The community therefore sought out a new network provider with an established reputation for ensuring high quality WiFi service at an affordable price. At the same time, The Crossings at Winter Park sought to partner with a provider who could also bolster community security by providing access to advanced surveillance camera technology.

After performing a complete site survey and thanks to its access to the latest in network technology hardware, MDU Internet services was able to devise a cost-effective strategy for guaranteeing high-speed WiFi connectivity that can effectively reach all onsite areas. This included the strategic installation of fiber optic and access points able to bypass common obstacles such as thick walls that often reduce WiFi signal strength. Since the recent upgrade, The Crossings at Winter Park has experienced none of the WiFi service quality issues previously reported by its student residents. As a full service provider of online-based technologies, MDU Internet Services expertise in IoT innovation was even able to provide the property with a customized exterior cabinets featuring smart temperature control abilities.

“Guaranteeing fast and reliable WiFi access has essentially become a requirement for any accommodations-based setting, but for student housing, the issue is all the more crucial as we typically cater to a younger age demographic that has grown up relying on the internet for many daily needs and tasks… We’ve been very pleased with the results from MDU Internet Services, and with its 24/7 support services, can ensure that our WiFi service capabilities consistently reflect the high quality connectivity our residents seek out. By partnering with MDU Internet Services, we have also simultaneously been able to boost our community’s level of security with the installation of surveillance cameras allowing staff to maintain a watchful eye on any safety risk requiring immediate attention.”

Nicole Smith of The Crossings at Winter Park

With MDU Internet Services offering access to a wide range of industrial-rated security cameras, The Crossings at Winter Park was able to adopt a solution allowing property leadership and employees to view real-time camera footage remotely. From laptop computers to smartphones and tablets, property personnel can effortlessly ensure that security-related issues are always swiftly addressed regardless of an employee’s physical location and before resident safety is placed at risk.


  • Implement a cost-effective network upgradeable to resolve community challenges with slow WiFi speeds and dropped connections.
  • Identify and install an effective surveillance camera system that allows property staff to keep a continuous watchful eye over potential security risks.


  • Leverage MDU Internet Services network design expertise to strategically deploy Ruckus access point and fiber optic, ensuring high-performance connectivity at an affordable price.
  • Deploy an advanced security camera system that allows the community to monitor video footage in real-time using personal devices such as smartphones or laptops.
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