Network Monitoring

24/7 Network Monitoring

Leave HIS With the Work of Ensuring That Your WiFi Service Continues to Perform to Guest Standards


With hoteliers already having to balance an array of operational responsibilities, monitoring and managing the performance of a complex WiFi network can be a daunting task. Yet the guarantee of a reliable and fast hospitality WiFi service is one of the most critical goals that hoteliers must achieve in maintaining guest satisfaction and property reputations. For hoteliers, it is therefore vital to partner with a reputable hospitality WiFi provider that is equipped with the resources to oversee and identify any network issues at all times. As the industry’s leading provider and by understanding the full needs of its customers, Hotel Internet Services provides all clients with 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of their high-speed internet networks. Such abilities include the real-time monitoring of access points, switches, modems, gateways, bandwidth lines and much more! 

Our expert team of HIS support technicians are able to continuously monitor and inspect your wireless network’s health via the internet so that you never have to!. Should an equipment failure or a drop in the bandwidth occur, HIS can immediately identify the issue and notify the property. HIS technicians can further administer troubleshooting support before any issue has time to affect guest satisfaction.   

Do not let sudden dips in WiFi performance stand in the way of providing your guests with a continuously seamless online experience! Contact HIS today to see how our unmatched network monitoring services can guarantee that guests are always satisfied with your hospitality WiFi service!