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Wi-Fi is the number one sought after amenity in the hospitality industry. 90 percent of guests agree!

According to USA Today, 65 percent of guests attempt to access a hospitality Wi-Fi connection within seven minutes of arriving at a hotel. With 76 percent seeking to connect more than one device to access an array of Wi-Fi consuming services, guests are understandably demanding greater speed, more bandwidth and a stronger signal from hospitality professionals. 

 Not just in guestrooms, today’s guests further expect such enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity to be available throughout a hotel facility so they can log on anywhere and be connected. Hotel reviews regarding Wi-Fi reliability are on the rise and can mean all the difference to hospitality business reputations and revenues. Significantly, more guests are turning away from a hotel if their Wi-Fi is poor, with more than 75 percent describing such experiences as a deal-breaking issue.

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Click here to access detailed survey results from more than 670 hotel guest respondents on what is now expected from today’s hospitality Wi-Fi networks.

As the industry’s leading provider of hospitality Wi-Fi services, Hotel Internet Services delivers robust Wi-Fi connectivity in abundance to help improve online experiences within your facility and ensure all guest needs are met. From catering to growing hospitality Wi-Fi demands for content streaming and casting, to ensuring that each guest device is consistently able to obtain a seamless internet connection, HIS is ready to enhance your property’s existing network or install a new state-of-the-art system!

Hotel Internet Services uses only the best-of-breed equipment such as Ruckus, Zebra and Cisco as well as our own Fusion Gateways to not only build you an affordable yet dynamic wireless network, but one that is ultra-secure to protect guest information. We can even provide guests with their own guest private network to take their security to an even higher level.

From the initial consultation, site survey, and completed installation, we back up our hospitality Wi-Fi services with 24×7 support and monitoring. Your system will be taken care of so you can focus on your core business, while we handle your network and any guest difficulties. With over 150,000 guest rooms monitored and supported, you are in great hands.

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