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Due to its highly transient population, timeshares require a special level of service and monitoring. Not all Wi-Fi networks are alike and neither are the installation companies. Hotel Internet Services prides itself on our high level of customer service. Our objective is to provide your guests with the most sophisticated yet bullet-proof network available. We know you do not have time to waste on guest services and system monitoring – we can provide you with a turn-key package that provides you with not only the best Wi-Fi available with sufficient bandwidth for your guests and minimum downtime and dropouts but the guest and system support you require.

The number one amenity demanded by guests is W-Fi. Don’t gamble on outdated systems and yesterday’s technology. Today’s guests are more technology savvy than ever before, carrying numerous devices and want to be connected. That connection better be reliable or you will hear about it – fast!

We Deliver Wi-Fi to Timeshares:

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• World-Class Customer Service


• Professional Expertise & Reliability

Hotel Internet Services specializes in timeshare installations with around the clock monitoring and service. Call today to schedule your timeshare’s complementary network assessment and evaluation.