Don’t Settle for Anything Less Than the Best When it Comes to Hotel Business Cabling Needs

With over 18 years of proven success in installing Wi-Fi and Low Voltage cabling, there’s a reason why HIS continues to serve as a trusted Radisson preferred provider for new construction and renovation projects alike.

Let our hospitality-specific expertise provide you with the technology and experience needed to ensure the highest industry standards in cabling infrastructural design.

Other services we offer:

Wired & Wireless Guestroom Access

Hotel Internet Services offers wired and/or wireless service throughout meeting facilities, guestrooms and common areas designed to fit your specific requirements. Offering the highest standards in network design, internet performance monitoring and data security encryption, HIS’ advanced technology and expertise is the industry’s first choice in meeting even the most demanding of online guest expectations.

24x7x365 Support Services

  • Login difficulties
  • Location specific coverage issues
  • E-mail & VPN issues
  • 24x7x365 monitoring of your Wi-Fi networks including your access points, switches, modems, gateways, bandwidth lines, etc.

Maintenance Services

HIS technicians are familiar with the many technologies which may be employed at your property such as Cat5 wired, Wireless, Powerline, Coax, VDSL, mesh networks and more. We can provide our expert maintenance services for your existing network.

Hospitality Iot

When it comes to managing your hospitality business, keeping track of all aspects of your operation is essential to reducing costs and ensuring financial success. With IoT for Hospitality by Hotel Internet Services, guarantee the seamless management and monitoring of all IoT-based devices or systems from a single user-friendly interface. IoT for Hospitality uniquely provides real-time remote management capabilities over a wide range of smart technology platforms, including HVAC systems, staff panic button devices, asset tracking solutions, and more. Its flexible integration abilities also provide hoteliers with instant actionable alerts for predictive maintenance and leak detection, preventing simple repairs from devolving into a costly nightmare.   

Contact us today and see how HIS can provide your business with the professional service it needs to guarantee cabling installation success! Call: 855-738-0184

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