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WiFi Survey Full Report

In the global hospitality industry, Wi-Fi services have become one of the most crucial amenities that hoteliers must make available to their guests during their stay.

With the skyrocketing increase in bandwidth-hungry guest devices present at a hotel during any given time period, and with the growing diversity in online features that guests expect to access during their hotel stay, today’s demands on Wi-Fi networks are greater than ever before. Such trends can only be expected to continue as demonstrated by the increase in guest responses since 2015’s survey, and with many pre-existing networks originally designed for one device per guestroom no longer able to keep up. Yet unlike other technology-based areas where the hospitality industry traditionally lags behind the consumer market by a number of years, the need for enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity is among the highest concerns of today’s guests. With significant majorities suggesting that they will base their booking decision on a property’s Wi-Fi reputation, hoteliers simply cannot afford to overlook the vital importance that keeping networks up-to-date can have on future revenue and business success.