Installation Spotlight


Located a block away from Times Square, ROW NYC Hotel serves as a modern and trendy property that due to its renowned location, caters to a diverse international guest demographic. In keeping with its chic reputation, the property offers a range of popular amenities that include a fitness studio, a beauty bar as well as a café and lounge area. With hotel leadership also understanding the importance that guests now place on service personalization, enhanced connectivity and communication, ROW nyc further aims to provide the latest technological advances that can fully cater to such needs.


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Recognizing that each of its guests have distinct television viewing preferences, ROW nyc leadership sought out an advanced platform that could provide a hassle-free casting experience, allowing guests to view virtually anything of their choice on a larger screen. Significantly, the property wanted to implement a solution that while capable of casting a multitude of mobile-based apps, could also ensure a seamless implementation process and a user-friendly experience for first-time users. With internet speed and quality playing a critical factor in implementing a successful casting service and with guests expecting a seamless Wi-Fi connection for their personal devices, the hotel further desired to partner with a provider that could install a network infrastructure capable of accommodating the most bandwidth-intensive of online behaviors.

By selecting HIS and BeyondTV GuestCast, the property was able to implement a cost-effective solution specifically designed for the hotel environment. BeyondTV GuestCast for example, is able to sidestep complex integrations by being fully compatible with virtually any television and network used by hotels today. Significantly able to mirror the same level of functionality that guests have become accustomed to when at home and now increasingly expect from their hotel stay experience, BeyondTV GuestCast further provides ROW nyc guests with the ability to cast more than 1,000 mobile-based apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Pandora. Properties utilizing HIS’ WI-FI services are also able to ensure that guests can instantly connect their devices and begin casting their favorite apps without requiring any additional steps or assistance from hotel staff. With guests frequently concerned over data privacy issues, the solution also stands apart thanks to eliminating the need for guests to enter in personal login information as well as its device isolation capabilities that prevent content from being cast to other guestrooms.


“Hoteliers are frequently faced with having to cater to an array of different interests and this is especially the case when it comes to guest entertainment where age or country of origin can play a vital factor in addressing expectations… Partnering with HIS and implementing its industry-leading casting technology has provided us with the ability to place in-room entertainment options firmly within the control of each guest, ensuring that they can obtain an experience that is guaranteed to fit their preferences. As a comprehensive provider of internet-based solutions, HIS was further able to ensure that guest demands for a fast and reliable internet connection for each of their devices can be obtained in any area throughout our hotel. Since implementing the new network, we have in fact noticed a substantial decrease in Wi-Fi service complaints and have even seen an increase in our guest technology scores.”

Anna Levine

Marketing Manager at the Row NYC Hotel

In upgrading ROW nyc’s Wi-Fi infrastructure to meet modern guest needs for a seamless online connection, HIS leveraged its expertise to implement the latest in Ruckus access point technology within strategic areas throughout the hotel. This ensures that guests are able to locate a strong and consistent signal regardless of where they are located on-site and despite the number of devices connected to the network at any one time.

Project Requirements

  • Provide guests with distinct tastes in in-room entertainment with the ability to select and view their own content on guestroom televisions.

  • Ensure that an advanced Wi-Fi network is in place to provide a seamless casting experience and to guarantee that guest devices are always able to access a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal regardless of where they are on-site.


  • Leverage BeyondTV GuestCast’s hospitality-based design to ensure that guests are able to access virtually any streamed content that they desire without the need for hotel staff assistance.

  • Utilize HIS expertise and the latest in Ruckus access point technology to ensure a fast, strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection throughout the property for casting purposes and for online surfing from personal devices.