Security Surveillance Cameras

Security Surveillance Cameras

For hotels and resorts, maintaining a safe environment not only means being able to swiftly respond to security threats but also preventing them from occurring in the first place. With potential liability, legal fees, and reputations at stake, today’s hospitality-based businesses are in need of technologies, like indoor and outdoor cameras, that can act as their eyes and ears and which by simply being present, can dissuade those seeking to do harm.

With the wide range of modern security camera options now available, arm your business with a crucial edge in real-time crime prevention and deterrence. Able to be installed virtually anywhere, effective and easily visible security camera technology is your ultimate tool for 24/7 protection and for preventing criminals from viewing your business as an easy target.  

Hotel Internet Services: Your Trusted Source for Enhanced Hotel Security

With Hotel Internet Services, sidestep the guesswork of selecting the right security camera solution for your property by leveraging our decades of dedicated expertise. Our technicians have the necessary knowledge and experience to install security camera solutions in a way that guarantees complete real-time surveillance and the proactive prevention of crime. 

While the underlying technology may change, Hotel Internet Services recognizes that the mere presence of a security camera can do much to discourage would-be intruders, and can install multiple cameras to maximize their visibility as needed. With access to the industry’s most advanced security camera technology, Hotel Internet Services can also provide effective solutions for when surveillance needs to be discreet, yet nonetheless able to capture and record events in unmatched detail. With Hotel Internet Services, gain the confidence you need to select the right security camera for virtually any type of hotel area, including:

  • Building entrances
  • Lobbies
  • Bar areas
  • Fitness centers
  • Swimming pools
  • Stockrooms
  • Hallways
  • Kitchens
  • Parking lots
  • Delivery entrances
  • And much more!

Providers of the Industry’s Latest Security Camera Technology

From facial and license plate recognition to the receiving of alerts indicating the presence of a fire, security camera technology has come a long way in recent years and solution options with Hotel Internet Services continue to reflect the latest capabilities. That said, Hotel Internet Services nevertheless focuses its efforts on only deploying surveillance camera technologies that are necessary to achieve a property’s specific security goals.

Looking to simply deter building intrusion or theft? Selecting from our range of bullet camera offerings can provide more than sufficient warning to potential criminals that you are professionally monitoring their actions all without breaking the bank. 

Interested in capturing as much detail as possible in the event of legal proceedings? Our varifocal lens cameras can zoom in on the tiniest of details while still ensuring a clear, crisp, and un-pixelated image. 

For properties with busier environments, Hotel Internet Services security camera options even include the ability to automatically track an individual as they move throughout the premises. Suspect behaviors that would otherwise go unnoticed can be identified and addressed before any lasting harm takes place. For hotels featuring high-value amenities such as works of art or luxury design furniture, more advanced theft prevention can also include security surveillance cameras able to alert staff if an object is moved without permission.      

While other security camera providers may try to convince customers to purchase the latest and greatest, at Hotel Internet Services, we take a more sincere and transparent approach to meeting customer needs and expectations. At every step of the process, our technicians always work hand-in-hand with a property’s team members in order to identify and implement the best-suited solution at an affordable price. 

Security Cameras to Suit any Need or Budget

At Hotel Internet Services, we recognize that building security priorities can vary significantly depending on a range of unique property factors. That’s why our line of indoor and outdoor security camera offerings is as extensive as the diverse needs of our customers. From state-of-the-art camera technology to simple surveillance and everything in between, our range of camera solutions includes:

  • Dome Cameras- Able to be installed in virtually any location, as an indoor or outdoor camera, and provide additional protection against tampering, vandalism or, environmental elements. Dome cameras can also be tinted to prevent criminals from seeing which way a camera is facing.
  • Bullet Cameras- Offering high-quality video resolution while serving as a visual reminder to those seeking to do harm that their actions are being recorded.  
  • Eyeball Turret Cameras- Provide enhanced visibility along with the ability to be mounted horizontally or vertically. Turret cameras can also often require less cleaning and maintenance than other security camera options.  

Work with the Industry’s Leading Experts to Ensure Your Hotel Security Needs are Met

Whether you need a wireless security system, outdoor security cameras with infrared night vision and motion detection, battery-powered cameras, indoor cameras, or the latest surveillance technology with smart features, Hotel Internet Services has you covered. Our technicians have the decades of experience necessary to seamlessly install and support a variety of wireless and wired surveillance systems.

Ready to provide your hotel business with the enhanced security surveillance it deserves and needs? Contact Hotel Internet Services today and discover why we are hospitality’s security camera provider of choice for major hotel brands and independent properties alike.