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Guestroom Entertainment Survey

Guestroom Entertainment Survey Download Whitepaper Guestroom Entertainment Survey Download Whitepaper When it comes to guestroom entertainment and convenience, few will have missed the effect that smart devices and IoT have had on guest expectations and perceptions of value. Based on feedback conducted on 565 guests and 207 hoteliers across the...

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Bringing Hotel Wi-Fi Up to Speed with Guest Expectations

How in-room access point technology is proving that a fast and seamless online experience is not just about bandwidth. Ask hotel guests today what is most important when it comes to hotel amenities, and more often than not you will find that the presence of guest Wi-Fi ranks highly among responses. Since the enormous surge of personal mobile...

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Hotel Guestroom Entertainment for Today’s Tech-Savvy Travelers

Providing a seamless, secure and personalized guestroom TV experience that increases guest satisfaction and maximizes profits. The sudden and explosive growth of BYOD and online streaming services has been nothing short of revolutionizing when analyzing how today’s consumers seek out and acquire entertainment, either when at home or traveling....

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Wi-Fi Management

A Primer for Providing Effective and Secure Internet Services Across Multi-property Hotel Portfolios As many professionals specializing in the hospitality industry are no doubt aware of, the explosive rise in personal devices and online streaming has forever changed the landscape of how hotels provide services and interact with their guests....

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