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Hilton Plantation Beach Club Case Study


Plantation Beach Club at Indian River Plantation in Stuart, Florida, serves as a luxury timeshare destination promising the ultimate tropical beach getaway. Consisting of 30 fully furnished units and managed by Hilton Grand Vacations, the resort serves as the ideal setting for those aiming to obtain a home-away-from-home experience while enjoying their tranquil surroundings. To cater to the expectations of today’s guests seeking maximum relaxation and enjoyment, Plantation Beach Club offers a range of experience-enhancing amenities, including a heated pool, BBQ grills, golf, tennis and an extensive recreation program. Recognizing that modern guest standards now universally require access to the internet, the property additionally strives to provide the highest quality in online connectivity.


While Plantation Beach Club could boast a reputation of providing its guests with ultimate relaxation and convenience thanks to enticing features such as in-room kitchenettes, the resort at the same time suffered from an underperforming guest WiFi network. Hampered by the presence of thick concrete walls, WiFI signal strength could often be disrupted and cause service quality issues such as slow speeds and dropped connections. Resort network infrastructure notably also could not keep pace with modern online behavior and the multitude of devices simultaneously seeking internet access.

To resolve these issues, Plantation Beach Club leveraged the industry-leading network technology expertise of HIS to design and implement a WiFi service upgrade capable of living up to modern guest standards. To ensure uninterrupted WiFi signal penetration across all onsite areas, HIS technicians worked to install fiber optic cabling and high-powered Ruckus access points within strategic areas, eliminating the potential for dips in service quality previously caused by the concrete walls, while keeping installation costs down. With the adoption of HIS’ FUSION gateway platform, the resort also gains a range of advanced network features that function automatically to provide each guest with a reliably fast and secure online experience. These include the deployment of bandwidth usage quotas, which prevent guests from using more than their fair share of available network resources and ultimately affecting the online experience quality of other guests.

“We recognize that today’s guests consider fast and reliable WiFi access to be a top priority, which can either make or break their overall stay experience,” said Christopher Arndt, Resort Director at Plantation Beach Club at Indian River Plantation. “Having benefitted from a relationship with Hotel Internet Services for more than 15 years, we were fully confident that their experience and commitment to customer service could provide our resort with a cost-effective solution to deliver the type of WiFi performance that today’s guests need and expect. Since the recent upgrade, we are proud to report an extremely positive reception from our guests, as well as the elimination of WiFi signal dead spots.”

Christopher Arndt Resort Director at Plantation Beach Club

In addition to installing a network capable of keeping pace with evolving technology, HIS is further credited with providing Plantation Beach Club with effective 24/7 support that can swiftly address and correct any performance-related issue. To ensure uninterrupted satisfaction, HIS troubleshooting and support is also available to guests who require assistance with connection issues.


  • Eliminate recurring issues with WiFi signal disruption and dead spots that result in dips in guest satisfaction.
  • Ensure fair access and use of network resources for each guest in order to guarantee a consistently reliable high quality online experience.


  • Leverage HIS expert technicians to strategically install Ethernet cabling and high-powered Ruckus access points, bypassing thick concrete wall issues and ensuring a strong WiFi signal throughout the premises.
  • Deploy FUSION gateway solution to automatically allocate an equal amount of available bandwidth to each guest, preventing abusive users from negatively impacting the online experience of others.
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