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Kasa Sunset Los Angeles Case Study


A 52-unit aparthotel situated within the heart of Hollywood, Kasa Sunset Los Angeles provides travelers with a comfortable and convenient living environment that mirrors feelings of being at home. Aiming to cater to any modern preferences and needs, the property features fully equipped kitchens for each of its units while modern amenities such as a virtualized front desk cater to growing demands for instant service. Yet regardless of if their guests stay for business or leisure, Kasa Sunset Los Angeles strives to address the universal need for seamless internet access.


Although serving a diverse array of families, single vacationers and business travelers, Kasa Sunset Los Angeles recognized how each demographic shared a priority for reliable access to high-speed WiFi. To ensure maximum guest satisfaction while minimizing any potential need for troubleshooting, property leadership sought out network solutions provider recognized for its ability to implement a WiFi service capable of supporting the latest online behaviors. This would include being able to support content streaming, file downloads, video conferencing and other bandwidth-intensive activities without affecting the experience of other users.

After considering several network solution providers, Kasa Sunset Los Angeles sided with Hotel Internet Services as a provider with an unmatched reputation in delivering high-quality connectivity for hospitality-based properties and other large-scale building environments. Leveraging HIS expertise and the company’s access to the latest in network technology, including Ruckus access points, the aparthotel was able to extend both fast and consistent WiFi signal coverage to all units as well as the property’s lobby area, fitness center and meeting space.

“From the pre-planning stage through to installation and coordinating with third-parties to ensure that any required infrastructure was in place, Hotel Internet Services ensured a stress-free experience while fully delivering on intended results,” said Daniella Powely, Program Coordinator at Kasa Sunset Los Angeles. “The WiFi quality has been excellent throughout our property and not a single complaint has been received since completing the upgrade. With HIS personnel also monitoring network performance and swiftly correcting any arising issue, we are completely confident in our ability to keep each guest fully satisfied whether they are video conferencing, downloading files or simply enjoying streamed TV.”

Daniella Powely Program Coordinator at Kasa Sunset Los Angeles

Both employees and guests of Kasa Sunset Los Angeles also benefit by being provided with access to 24/7 HIS support. Staffed by experienced technicians, HIS support personnel can be relied on to swiftly resolve virtually any troubleshooting concern in order to maintain high rates of guest satisfaction.


  • Upgrade WiFi network abilities to cater to the latest online guest behaviors and needs.
  • Ensure that online experiences consistently remain high quality while eliminating any potential troubleshooting issues.


  • Leverage HIS resources and expertise to implement an advanced WiFi network capable of ensuring a strong, fast and reliable connection throughout the entire premises.
  • Provide guests with access to 24/7 HIS support in order to swiftly resolve a wide array of online-based issues without involving onsite employees.
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