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Shephard’s Beach Resort Case Study


An upscale property featuring breathtaking views that attract travelers from across the globe, Shephard’s Beach Resort serves as the premier entertainment destination on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Situated on nearly three acres of prime real-estate, the Clearwater-based resort boasts its own personal beach in addition to a salt bar & tap room, soak pool and even an onsite Wave Night Club located at the resort’s world famous Entertainment Complex. While providing each guest with a wide range of amenities and activities to create their own ideal stay experience, Shephard’s Beach Resort nonetheless recognizes that total satisfaction and enjoyment can only be achieved by guaranteeing a safe environment able to promote peace of mind.


Shephard’s Beach Resort was in need of enhanced onsite security in order to ensure guest safety at all times and within all areas. Due to its substantial size, the resort’s staff could not be realistically expected to be physically present whenever a potential threat materialized. This ultimately meant prioritizing the adoption of a surveillance system that could act as reliable eyes and ears for employees. Essential to success was identifying an effective solution that could provide widespread area visibility while also serving as a deterrent that alerts would-be criminals to the fact that their actions are being recorded.

Previously partnering with Hotel Internet Services to deploy state-of-the-art guest WiFi and in-room entertainment, resort leadership was already well acquainted with the provider’s proven expertise and its ability to supply the latest advances in hospitality industry technology. Leveraging its decades-worth of experience in deploying surveillance camera technology for hospitality-based businesses, HIS technicians immediately went to work on identifying the best hardware to install within specific resort areas. This included the installation of bullet and turret cameras, with bullet cameras serving as an easily recognizable sign that a location is being actively monitored, while turret cameras provide resort staff with enhanced control in order to gain added coverage visibility for specific areas.

“We are a very busy beachside resort with many outlets, so keeping an eye on all things that may arise across the property can undoubtedly be a challenge which is why we partnered with Hotel Internet Services to finally improve our surveillance operations,” said Paul Andrews, General Manager at Shephard’s Beach Resort. “We previously struggled with several other surveillance companies that failed us miserably, but HIS, through their expertise and access to the latest in technology, has brought us into the 21st century. Not only is their system solid, but it is also very user-friendly for our staff. The installation process was also seamless and their employees are always professional and efficient. These days, businesses need to rely on a good camera system and we now have that. Our insurance company wanted us to maintain several months of footage and Hotel Internet Service accomplished that for us. Hotel Internet Service has given us peace of mind with a reliable camera system, and outstanding service.”

Paul Andrews General Manager at Shephard’s Beach Resort

As a leading provider of connectivity-based solutions for hotels and resorts, HIS and its solutions are further backed by the industry’s leading support services. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, HIS support personnel are reliably on hand to provide Shephard’s Beach Resort as well as other customers with immediate assistance the moment a performance issue arises.


  • Deploy a security camera system able to offer widespread visibility over surveilled areas while also acting as an easily visible crime deterrent.
  • Ensure compliance with insurance company security camera recording requirements.


  • Leverage HIS expertise to strategically install turret cameras where the ability to expand coverage visibility is required, while installing bullet cameras where they can best serve as a clear warning that an area is being actively monitored.
  • Minimize potential liability while addressing insurance company mandates with HIS-deployed camera system’s ability to automatically record and store several months of footage.
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