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A modern and high-end property situated on the corner of West Broadway and Chambers Street, Smyth Tribeca is the ultimate place for travelers and locals alike to be surrounded by epicurean treasures and cultural riches, with iconic museums and accessible transportation just steps away. The hotel features a wide range of luxurious amenities, including oversized marble bathrooms for each of its 100 rooms as well as an onsite creative cocktail bar. As a property that caters to a substantial number of leisure and business travelers, Smyth Tribeca also aims to address modern guest needs with access to amenities that include workstations and high-speed WiFi.


Despite featuring unbeatable views of the New York City Skyline, Smyth Tribeca ultimately recognized a vital need to keep up with evolving guest standards when it comes to WiFi connectivity and service quality. Property leadership determined that an upgrade was required to keep pace with the trend of guests traveling with more devices and to accommodate bandwidth-intensive behaviors such as online streaming.

Opting to partner with HIS as an established and trusted network solutions provider for hotels, Smyth Tribeca was able to leverage both the latest technology and industry expertise to design a cost-effective network capable of high quality performance. To guarantee anticipated results, HIS technicians utilized state-of-the-art network hardware technology, with solutions such as Ruckus access points installed within strategic locations in order to maximize WiFi signal coverage and performance while keeping upgrade expenses down. Since completing the upgrade, Smyth Tribeca has credited HIS and the new network with eliminating virtually all online related guest complaints.

“A hotel’s WiFi service is just as important, if not sometimes more so, than any physical amenity that a property may offer its guests,” said Dale Saferstein, Community Curator at Smyth Tribeca. “As a location aiming to provide the best possible stay experience, making sure that our WiFi service could meet the highest expectations was a top priority that HIS fully delivered on. From the initial planning stages all the way to project completion, HIS made sure that the installation process was quick and seamless, and we have only heard good things from our guests since making the switch to a more modern network infrastructure.”

Dale Saferstein Community Curator at Smyth Tribeca

To ensure that service quality remains consistently high, Smyth Tribeca is also backed by 24/7 HIS network monitoring and support services. This ensures that any performance or troubleshooting issue is always swiftly identified and corrected before any dips in guest satisfaction are experienced.


  • Identify an effective and cost efficient solution to upgrade property network capabilities that addresses modern online needs.
  • Maintain a consistently high-rate of WiFi service quality that eliminates dips in signal strength or online speeds.
  • Ensure that all staff and guests are able to swiftly address any suddenly arising troubleshooting issues.


  • Utilize HIS access to advanced technology and industry-leading expertise to install a network upgrade capable of delivering high-performance within budget.
  • Leverage HIS network performance monitoring services to proactively address any issues that may affect service quality.
  • Provide all guests and staff with instant access to 24/7 HIS support services, ensuring that any troubleshooting needs are always swiftly resolved.
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