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An Intimate Look at Hospitality Wi-Fi


Hotel Internet Services is well-known for installing uncompromising Wi-Fi networks to the hospitality industry. Per recent surveys of the hotel industry – Wi-Fi is the most important amenity for guests and can actually determine whether a guest will stay in your establishment or not. Truly, Wi-Fi is no longer an amenity, it has become a utility, as important as running water and electricity. In order to keep our finger on the guest pulse, we recently conducted a survey of over 500 hotel guests to determine how significant a role Wi-Fi was in their travels. We wanted to know what devices they traveled with, their Internet habits and desires and what they needed as well as wanted from their digital hospitality experience. This included the importance of streaming for guests with its native need for increasing bandwidth, which of course leads us to a more robust W-Fi network.

At the core of today’s guest experience is connectivity and the quality of that connection. Guests no longer are stationary with their laptops. They have become moving targets with their smartphones, tablets and coming advances in smartwear. What was workable two years ago is no longer acceptable. Antiquated Wi-Fi networks account for the majority of today’s user complaints with dropped, weak or inconsistent signals.

At Hotel Internet Services we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver installations that keep our clients a step ahead of the competition in terms of using cutting edge technologies and equipment to deliver world-class service.

While we were surveying guests, we also wanted to get the hoteliers take on the current and future of Wi-Fi. Therefore, simultaneously, we surveyed some 200 hoteliers to determine how the industry was responding to guest needs and wants when it came to Internet access. Where possible we include both results in order to demonstrate the similarities and differences regarding cares and concerns of each.

Wi-Fi is the conduit for the myriad of services, connections and communications we do every day. Here is the intimate story of Wi-Fi for today and tomorrow.

The survey was conducted in May of 2015.




A Study of Guests and Hoteliers

“At the core of today’s customer experience is connectivity...”

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